Queen Chrysalis Plush For Sale!

Helping a friend to signal boost after a trolled e-Bay listing (seriously that’s three people this month I know who’ve had fake bidders)
They’d like to sell their Chrysalis plush- the details are as follows:

“She is made out of super soft and cuddly minky fabrics, with machine embroidered eyes. She stands 65 cm from the hoof to the top of the horn and foax leather (crown). Has wired in her wings and lots of satin stitches everywhere! She is 25” (62cm) high to the tip of the horn and approx. 21" (53cm) long.“

She is super pretty and a real gem for anyone who loves to collect Chryssie or MLP in general.

The email to get in touch with is There is a phone number if you’d like to send a text, I can provide you with the phone number!

Reblogs are appreciated, Chrysalis would love a new home! :)


antique shopping again !!!

here’s some of the stuff I got:

- another copy of mona lisa
- a v old scrap book
- a book about flowers🐝
- two newspaper clippings from “Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine” from Philadelphia, July 1863
- two old polaroids
- and a bouquet of foax flowers💐


Micah had practically begged his two older brother’s both to let him borrow their car’s but both had said no repeatedly. He wasn’t sure why his siblings had hated him so much and normally he didn’t pay much mind to the fact, but moments like these, he couldn’t help but notice. He brushed the feeling off though. Luckily, his mom had let him borrow hers, she being the only person in his family that really liked him, or well as most saw it “tolerated” him. He knew he was annoying but wasn’t family supposed to be the bunch that accepted you the most? 

He finally arrived at Anna’s place, parking in front and walking up to her door, knocking lightly, dressed casually. Sure, his shirt was a foax tuxedo shirt, but it was mainly to make her laugh.