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Monsta X Reaction to: Bathing With You

I wasn’t sure if you meant this (bathing with you) or them bathing together, anon! Sorry if I guessed wrong :p

Shownu: Would be the most chill. He would comfortably cradle you to his chest, strong arms wrapping around you. Talking may be nice but he’s just as happy to bask in the ambiance, unwinding after the hard day with his baby.

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Wonho: Depending on his mood, he’ll either ravish you in the tub :^) or do silly things to make you laugh. He’ll stick out his tongue and make foamy beards, heart melting at the sight of your smile. He misses it when he’s away which makes him appreciate it so much more when he’s around.

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Minhyuk: Uses this as an opportunity to make up for lost time when he’s away. He’ll wash your hair, scrub the parts of your back you can’t reach and have deep conversation. “How was your week, jagi? Did anything interesting happen?”

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Kihyun: Tries (and fails) to be sexy. Instead of turning you on he makes you cry from laughing after he almost slips while “seductively” climbing into the tub and hits his balls off the handle.

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Hyungwon: ”Fine, I’ll lay in dirty water with you but only if you wash my back!” Pretends you’re a perv for the suggestion but actually loves the scented candles, the foamy water and getting to relax with you. He’s just too tsundere to admit it lol.

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Jooheon: Wondering, ‘Can I look or not?? Is it considered rude? But why would I be invited in if I COULDN’T look?’ He overthinks the moment, not sure of your intentions.

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I.M: Would be soft and shy. He’s not able to make eye contact, instead staring at each bubble in the tub. He feels like he’s going crazy. There’s so much he wants to do to you but all the romance is gone the second the tub squeaks when he moves. “Oh my goodness,” he groans.

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Grease pt. 1

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: OMG ok can you do a sirius x reader that’s like kinda based off grease where like basically the reader is super sweet and innocent and Sirius is Sirius (let’s be real here) but like they’re perfect for each other and through a little work everything is perfect and cute and yeah (maybe a little more grease related than i just described, if that makes sense?) this request might be a mess, I’m sorry. I trust your brilliance to make it great though!

A/N: 1) I was running out of inspiration but I’ve been sitting on this request forever so I wanted to get something out

2) idk why I used this gif of ben but he looks delicious so

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Sirius peers over his tinted glasses at the foamy water rising up and down the soft sand, enjoying the feel of the warm sun beating down on his already tanned back. He had managed to find a relatively quiet stretch of beach, free of loud families or screaming children. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, reveling in the silence.

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infinitemisfit33  asked:

Can you do a scenario where everyone (( including searan )) walking in and seeing s/o naked in the bath or shower by accident 😂😂


  • So Yoosung was playing LOLOL and you had mentioned you were going into the shower and he kind of dismissed it with a “yeah” and went back to gaming, not really hearing you
  • But whatever it’s not that important ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • You were humming softly to yourself, washing some shampoo out of your hair while standing under the shower and you didn’t notice you forgot to lock the door
  • But Yoosung, trying to multitask by eating Honey Buddha Chips at the same time as playing LOLOL and noticed his fingers got really greasy 
  • Yoosung told his guild he’d be right back and took off his headphones, idly walking towards their shared bathroom, making a face as he looked at his hands
  • The blonde grabbed the handle and twisted it, hearing a faint sound, but dismissed it. He walked in the bathroom, blinking once, twice.You were in front of him, showering peacefully, water dripping down your nude figure, making it seem almost like a deity
  • Unfortunately for him, he gave away his presence by gasping
  • And then proceeds to apologize for being there
  • “Ohmygodohmygod I’m so sorry (Name)!! Please forgive me I’ll leave right now-”
  • The poor baby tries to leave but bumps into the door
  • You stared at him before laughing, opening the sliding door and walking out, skipping to the red faced Yoosung quickly before he left, gently tugging his hand before latching onto his arm, a mischevious grin on your face as you soaked his hoodie. 
  • “Superman Yoosung~ There’s a special once-in-a-lifetime mission! Will you accept it?” You teased, giving him a wink
  • Yoosung almost passed out. You were so close.. breasts and other… body parts touching him nearly drove him crazy. “U-Uhm..” He gulped loudly, licking his buttery lips. “I accept-”
  • You grinned and pulled him into the shower, closing the sliding door while Yoosung continued to stare at your naked body, himself being incredibly embarassed while you teased him, poking his red cheeks while he stood under the water.
  • “Come on~ Take off your clothes! We’re showering together now!”
  • “U-Uwaaaah! (Name)! Don’t- Ah! I got it, I got it! I’m taking it off now!”


  • He’d come back from rehearsal a bit later than usual’ tired of waiting you decided to relax and take a shower. Of course while doing so you decided to turn on some music. 
  •  Zen came back exhausted, quietly he walked inside the house, thinking you’d be asleep by now. Arriving near the bathroom he’d heard the music, wondering what could possibly be going on her opened the door “MC” he called slowly.  He immediately froze, seeing your naked body through the shower glass, the water slowly pouring down on your body, giving it a shiny texture. 
  • “Oh Zen” you said turning to him. Zen blushed from head to toes, he turned away apologizing a thousand times while closing the door, his heart racing. 
  • “I-I am so sorry!!” He stood in front of the door, holding his face between his hands. 
  •  Teasy as ever you decided to wrap a towel around your body, and sneak up behind him, hugging him from behind. “Welcome home, Hyun~” you whispered softly into his ear. It immediately sent a shiver down his spine, he loves it when you called him by his real name, even thought he’d never admit it before. 
  •  “How lucky am I to come home and see the love of my life being so affectionate hmm?~” he smiled turning around and hugging you back gently. 
  • Eventually you’d drop the towel to tease him, he would back away really flustered. “I- swear I didn’t see anything!” He’d said turning away. You’d chuckle and push him against the wall before pressing your lips on his. Both of you would head to the bedroom and have one happy night ;)


  • You tried to wait for her in the dining room but eventually realized you should take a bath yourself, since it was already past midnight.
  • This girl is so stressed when she got home giVE HER A BREAK JUMIN PLEASE and like all she needed was a nice bath while… working…ugh
  • She went to the bedroom and stripped, putting her glasses on the bed and wrapping a towel around herself, honestly like half asleep. 
  • You gently swished the warm water around you, a childish smile on your face until you heard the door open, a tired Jaehee appearing just then
  • “J-Jaehee! You’re home! But..” Your face turned a dark red. 
  • Jaehee rubbed her eyes, furrowing her eyebrows, trying to wake herself up a bit and then she realized. “O-Oh my, I’m so sorry (Name)!”
  • “Wait, Jaehee, you look really tired.” You said, putting an arm over your breasts. “Uhm.. maybe… I could take care of you in the bath?” You asked, a scarlet blush on your cheeks. “Please, you need to relax.”
  • Jaehee honestly wanted to hug and cry right now?? 
  • Give this woman some love please
  • After a minute of back and forth of “are you sure”s and “yes!!” Jaehee finally gave in and slowly began to sink into the water, the foamy bubbles nicely laying on her breasts as she sighed blissfully.
  • You were super flustered by being naked with Jaehee, though forced yourself to remain calm as you helped her bathe
  • At one point, Jaehee began to blabber on and on about Jumin’s bad habits of pushing things onto her, ranting on and on while you sat behind her, massaging her shoulders tenderly to relieve some of her tension.
  • “And then he deci-Ah~”
  • Your eyes went wide
  • Woah did Jaehee just moan because of the massage 
  • Oh okay good to know
  • “Feels good?”
  • “A bit to the right, please.” Jaehee breathed, blushing a bit, but she really loved feeling your hands work on her shoulders like that just imagine what it is in bed ;;;;;;;)))))))))


  •  You had woken up early this morning, Jumin was still asleep next to you, shirtless. Both of you had had a wonderful night (if you know what I mean ). 
  • Silently you headed to the huge bathroom, while doing so Elizabeth the 3rd would Miao at you. “Shhh” you’d replied. Finally you made it to the bathroom without waking him up, or so you thought. 
  • You had started the shower and stepped in directly since you were already undressed. The water felt a little cold on your burning body, you still felt Jumin’s heat. 
  •  After relaxing for about ten minutes under the shower, you had wrapped a high quality towel around your body and were about to head outside the bathroom. 
  •  When you opened the door, you saw Jumin, wearing a bathrobe half opened in front of you, his morning hair always amused you, it made him look incredibly sexy. (Not that he isn’t too sexy already)
  • “Oh I’m sorry did I wake you up Jumin?” You said softly. “Hmmm taking a shower without me huh?” He said with a raised eyebrow. “I - hmmm” you mumbled without finding what to say.
  • He took a few steps forward, making you step back and before you knew you were back inside the bathroom. He smirked slightly “Im guessing you’re going back in the shower, how kind of you MC” he replied. 
  • You blushed fifty shades darker (I did not intend this) and nodded. “Yes, jumin” you replied. He’d leave a soft kiss on your collarbone, while slowly removing your towel. 
  • After dropping his robe to the ground both of you had stepped back in the shower, he’d pin your arms over your head and passionately kiss you while the hot water filled the room with steam. (And the rest is censored ~)


  • Seven had been working for unholy hours now, dying of boredom and after reading three books, watched two movies and finished three seasons of your favorite show you decided to go relax in the bathtub. 
  • You poured yourself a warm bubble bath you’d step in after tying your hair up. You closed your eyes letting a small “hmmm~” as the warm water wrapped your entire body. 
  •  Tired, Seven finally stood up to go clean his face in the bathroom. He hadn’t noticed your presence when he stepped inside. He turned around sighing, exhausted. 
  •  “Heya seven” you said with a smile. “Oh hey there MC” he replied. A silence filled the room for a moment. “MC ?!?!?!?!” He said holding himself onto the wall, shocked. “I am so sorry I didn’t know you were here!?” He said flustered. 
  •  You couldn’t help but chuckled at his childish like behavior. “Seven zero seven, defender of justice, I have a mission for you! ” you said with a serious tone. “It seems that I have lost something in the water, could you find it for me?” You said with a tiny smirk. 
  •  “A-a mission…!? I, the almighty seven will find your lost item!” He said regaining his usual behavior. He stood in front of the tub, scanning the bubbles and attempting not to shove his hand into a part of the water that would lead to you body. 
  •  He slowly, searched the water, with a twinkle in your eye you violently pulled him inside the water, hugging him. “Ah! God 707! You’ve found what I lost!” You said with a chuckled. Seven blushed but couldn’t resist your embrace and hugged you back. 
  • “What am I going to do with you, I’ve told you before… I’m dangerous~” he kissed you lips. (I seriously need to stop with shower/bath sex ideas, I mean some young people could be reading right???)

(Kylie and I wrote this, since we aren’t familiar with all the mm boys yet. It’ll happen often, she’ll do Yoosung, Jaehee and probably Saeran while I do Zen, Jumin and Seven)

Unknown under the cut! (to see on the mobile app, use the airplane and copy the link, then open it in your browser!)

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Cutie Pie You Make Me Smile

To celebrate my 500 Followers I wrote this fluffy One-Shot for you. Enjoy and thank you all for supporting me ♥♥♥

Summary: You’re having a bad day and Bucky makes it his mission to cheer you up.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pure fluff

Word Count: 1729


You hate feeling this way. From time to time the depressions take the upper hand and you just felt like shit, but Bucky was the best boyfriend you could have wished for when you’re having one of those bad days. He was caring, understanding and did everything he could to make you feel comfortable, loved, and most of all not alone.

First when you started a relationship with him, you tried to hide your depressions from him, feeling ashamed of being weak and misunderstood. Bucky, as an ex-assassin, quickly found out about your condition and showered you with love and affection. Promised you he would always be there for you, not matter what. He told you he fell in love with you from the very first time he led eyes on you and he loved you wholeheartedly, all of you.

You woke up this morning feeling depressed, not even thinking of getting out to bed. You only wanted to hide under the blanket and stay in bed all day. You were just about to turn around, pressing your face into the soft pillow, when suddenly strong arms, one flesh, one metal, cuddled you against a firm chest. “Good morning, love.” Bucky’s still sleepy voice made a smile appear on your lips.

You only hummed, pressing your body more against the warmth of Bucky’s. He peppered your face with kisses, rubbing your back soothingly, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

It was simply amazing that he always knew when you would have one of your bad days. He made sure to shower you with affection, making it his mission to bring a smile on your face. Last time he prepared a picnic in Central Park for you, took you out for a romantic dinner afterwards and lay with you under the night sky, on the roof of the Avengers Tower, for star-gazing.

“How about you sleep for a while longer, love. I’m gonna wake you up when breakfast is ready.” Bucky gave you a kiss on the lips. You gripped his shirt, kissing him a second time, before he could move out of the bed. “I love you, Bucky.” You mumbled against his soft lips. “I love you too, baby girl.”


You were slightly shaken awake by Bucky placing a loving kiss on your forehead. “Time to wake up, sleepy head.” He gave you a cup of freshly brewed coffee, served in your favourite cup. The one he bought the first time you celebrated your anniversary as a couple. He actually bought two cups, because they were supposed to be for couples, two perfect fitting counterparts. Along with the cups, he even got you matching couple sweatshirts, because you always stole his and this way you would proudly wear your own all the time.

On your sweatshirt written was Bucky’s girlfriend, while on his was [Y/N]’s boyfriend. Bucky totally was into the whole matching couple stuff, which you found incredibly cute. Who would have thought the former Winter Soldier was in reality a giant big hearted teddy bear?!

“Come on, sweetheart. Breakfast is waiting in the kitchen. Aaaand…” Bucky smiled with glowing eyes, clearly happy and excited. “…after breakfast we’re gonna make some cupcakes!”

You almost choked on your coffee. “Bucky, you never made cupcakes before and me neither.” “I know!” He cheered. “This is gonna be so much fun!” You couldn’t help but smile at his good mood.


Baking cupcakes with Bucky was indeed fun, but it all ended in a disaster. When you both finished decorating them all and were about to try each one of them, you spit everything out you had in your mouths. “Bucky! You mixed up salt and sugar!” You screamed, face twisted  in disgust, the taste still evident on your tongue. Bucky’s face was priceless. It was a mixture of a kicked puppy and a distasteful grimace. You bursted out laughing and Bucky followed your example straightaway.

“I’m sorry, doll. I really didn’t mean to screw up the cupcakes.” You kissed him on the cheek, putting your arms around his neck. “Don’t be. You distracted me and made me forget about my depression. You’re the sweetest boyfriend.”

“So, you’re not mad at me?” Bucky asked pouting like a little child. “I could never be mad at you, Bucky.” You responded sincerely. “Luckily for me, baking cupcakes wasn’t my only surprise for you today. Give me a few minutes.” Bucky was already walking hastily out of the kitchen. “Babe, you don’t need to.” You yelled after him.

“You know I would do it anyway, doll.” He hollered back. “Yeah, I know.” You muttered thankfully only for yourself to hear. You wondered everyday, what you did to deserve such an astounding man. You knew with all your being you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You would be the luckiest, most happiest girl in the whole wide world, walking down the aisle to marry Bucky, starting a family with him, growing old together.

Before you got the chance to sink further into daydreams of your future with Bucky, he came back. He gripped your left hand with his metal one, blow a kiss onto the back and guided you through your shared bedroom into the bathroom.

The bathroom was only illuminated by candles, evenly distributed around the bathtub. Red rose petals were floating in the foamy water on the surface. The bathroom smelled like vanilla, making you instantly relax at the familiar scent.

Bucky kissed your neck and was just about to leave the bathroom, when you stopped him by grabbing his elbow. “Where do you think you’re going?” You asked curiously. “Well I thought I would leave you alone to unwind properly.” “Strip, dork. You’re getting in with me. No back talk!” You turned around, discarding your clothes in no time, not even looking behind you, if Bucky did the same. You stepped into the warm soothing water, sitting down, a pleasured sigh leaving your lips.

The water swashed slightly, as Bucky got into the tub behind you. He pushed your back close against his muscular chest, putting his arms around you and kissing your temple. You closed your eyes, releasing the tension in every one of your muscles. You intertwined your hands with Bucky’s in the front of your stomach, laying your head on his right shoulder, smiling satisfied.

You and Bucky didn’t exchange a word, you didn’t need to speak to understand the other. This peaceful moment between the two of you was too perfect to be disturbed with talking. You stayed in the bathtub until the water got cold. After you and Bucky dried off, he directed you only wrapped up in a towel to the bed.

“Lay down, [Y/N]. I’m gonna give you a massage.” Bucky whispered in your right ear, letting his lips wander down over your delicate neck, touching your skin only lightly with his lips.

“You don’t…” Bucky muted you with a kiss on your lips. “I want to. I know you can sleep better after I give you a massage. So come on, doll. You know there is no point in arguing with me anyway. I’m stubborn as a mule.” He chuckled.     
Another smile made itself evident on your face as you laid down on your stomach. You folded your arms under your head to use them as a pillow, while Bucky lathered massage oil on your back.

Moans left your lips, every time Bucky kneaded a particularly hard knot out. While Bucky continued the massage, you must have felt to sleep. You woke up when you felt him getting under the covers beside you, cuddling you tight against his side. “Bucky?” You whispered, sleep evident in your voice. “Yes, love?” “I love you so much. How can you still not be bugged by me and my mood swings? Every single time you do everything in your power to cheer me up. You have so much baggage already and still you bother to help me with my depressions. Why?”

Bucky lay his metal fingers under your chin, lifting it up to make you look right into his bright blue eyes. All you could see in them was love. “You know why I bother to help you with your depressions? Because I. love. you. I love you with all your mood swings. I love you on your good days. I love you on your bad days. And I will always do everything I can to make you smile. Because when you smile, [Y/N], you make me fall in love with you all over again. When you smile you make my day brighter. When you smile you push my nightmares a little bit further back. When you smile I know I did something right. That I am still, somewhere inside of me, a good man. The person I used to be. Because when someone as pure as yourself smiles because of me, then I believe there is still hope for me. And that’s why I will keep putting a smile on your beautiful face as often I can. And when it comes to me, I will continue making you smile for the rest of our lives.”

Out of nowhere Bucky held a black square box in his metal hand. My eyes already were full of tears as a loud gasp escaped me at the elegant golden ring in front of me. On top of the ring were three diamonds. A big one in the middle, surrounded by two smaller ones on either side of it. “[Y/N] [Y/M/N] [Y/L/N], I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you. When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together. And when I see your smile, I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Thousand times yes! I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You both kissed passionately, before falling to sleep in each other’s arms. Tomorrow beginning a brand new day with new challenges, but also starting a new life together as one.             

Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it.
Feel free to message me anytime! I love to hear from you ♥♥♥

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fereldenpeach  asked:

♖: Having their hair washed by the other from the nonsexual acts of intimacy prompts (Annabel x Cullen because I love them!)

Thank you so much for the prompt @fereldenpeach <3

SFW - fluff / banter/ domestic - Cullen X Annabel Trevelyan for @dadrunkwriting

(ok this is very similar to my earlier piece, apologies but it really just wouldn’t work the other way around, Annabel would just turn this into shameless smut - so maybe next time? :P)


“I’m fine,” Annabel insists, swatting Cullen’s concern away with the wave of her hand. “I just need some sleep.”

“Annabel,” he states, calmly but firmly. “You’re covered in blood…grime…and…Maker what is that?” He withdraws his fingers from toying with her hair to find them covered in black slime.

She frowns and studies his hand before throwing a shrug. “I don’t know, I killed a lot of demons, ok? How I am I supposed to keep track of which one’s goo looks like what?” She pushes lightly past him to head for her bed.

Creasing his brow his eyes narrow and he grabs hold of her arm. “Bath. Now.”

She stops and tilts her head at him. “Is that, an order, Commander?” One of her eyebrows arches.

“Yes,” he catches the little flare of mischief in her eyes and shakes his head. “But not that kind. You need a good wash then a good night’s sleep. Go,” he’s already lightly pushing her towards the pre-arranged bath by the fire.

“But I’m exhausted, can’t it-“

“No,” he cuts across bluntly. He nudges her back and she grumbles something under her breath that he doesn’t catch as she starts to undress.

Respectfully he keeps his eyes away, not that its anything he hasn’t seen before, but merely because he’s determined to do what is right by her. Bath then bed. If he watched her strip and bathe he’s not certain he’d be able to control himself.

Instead he busies himself at her desk, vainly trying to organise things that she has let spiral wildly out of control. How did she work in such chaos? He hears the soft splosh as she steps in the water followed by a weary sigh.

She had, by all accounts, closed two rifts today, killed a bear and somehow managed to ‘talk’ a stray ram back to its home. It was dark before the party arrived back, fresh from their last demon killing spree, and all looking rather worse for wear. Even Sera lacked her usual chipper greeting and instead had made a gruff ‘noise’ at him then wondered off to the tavern.

Engrossed in sorting the papers it takes him a while to notice the silence. Silence and Annabel rarely go together. His eyes snap to the bath to find her curled up, her shoulders siting just above the foamy water, with her head to one side and eyes lightly closed. Even her lips have opened slightly, the way they always did when she slept. He smiles gently and approaches, rolling up his sleeves as he goes.

Her hair is almost black when wet and is spilling out around her, still tangled with Maker knew what. Kneeling behind the iron tub he rests his elbows against it to simply admire her. Despite the heavy black marks under her eyes, the wild hair and the recent graze on her cheek she is still, undeniably, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He attempts to wake her by clearing his throat, then huffs a small laugh at himself, what was he thinking? He’d seen her sleep through raging storms without stirring. Gently he squeezes her shoulder and her eyes dart open with a muffled cry of alarm.

“Shh, it’s just me,” he reassures her and she shuffles, seemingly realising what’s happened.

“Sorry… I did tell you I was tired…” she mumbles, a yawn escaping her as she rubs the back of a soapy hand across her eye which she seems to instantly regret with crazy blinking.

Pulling her hair gently back he chuckles lightly and pours a small jug of warm water over it. Softly he crinkles his fingertips through her locks to start removing the day’s dirt and grime.

“You know,” he mumbles as she rests her eyes at the pampering treatment. “It’s a good job it’s not the other way around, because unlike, someone, I have a little self-restraint.”

“It’s not my fault you’re irresistible,” she murmurs in reply, cracking one eye open to look at him with her trade mark smirk.

Without warning he leans over and kisses her plump rosy lips, his own highly-regarded self-restraint failing him, as it so often did around her. 

“It seems I’m not the only one,” his voice is hushed against her kiss as he pulls away. He’s still determined to do whats right and not simply what he desires and so returns to running soap through her hair.

“Can I expect to be pounced on in the morning?” she asks lightly, leaning her head back once more to relax into his hands.

Now a dark smirk creeps across his own lips. “Oh, very much so.”


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Little Lessons in Expecting: Chapter 2

Authors’ Note: Hello and Happy Saturday, stunning readers! Last night we caught up with the Barba family as Natalia entered the third month of her pregnancy. Now it’s month four, and Rafael and his girls are about to take a little trip. @vintagemichelle91 and I hope that you enjoy, and we look forward to your feedback!!! :)

           “Mami, when it Halloween?”

           Rafael looked up from his legal pad to see Violetta standing at the French doors, her little nose pressed against the glass while Natalia rinsed off the last of the dinner plates and popped a double chocolate chip cookie in her mouth, chewing quickly and brushing the crumbs from her hands into the trash bin before she joined their daughter and dropped to her knees.

           “Just a few more weeks, sweet pea,” Natalia said with a kiss, looking ready to lift the little girl up. Immediately, Rafael let his pen fall and rushed to her side.

           “Careful now, hermosa,” he gently chided. “You need to take it easy.”

           “I’m fine, Atticus,” she insisted.

           “And I not so heavy,” Violetta chimed in. Still, Rafael carried her back to the sofa, stopping off at the kitchen to get her a cookie of her own.

           “I never said that, muñequita,” Rafael started. “But Mami needs to be extra careful until the two new babies come home.”

           Sighing, Natalia began to draw the curtains, and Violetta folded her arms across her tiny chest, looking frustrated as she ignored her dessert.

           “What is it, sweet pea?” Natalia asked. “You are excited for the babies, right?”

            “Mami, not everything in this world about that.”

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Bubbles and Baubles: Part 2

Obiyuki Week Day 6: Little Mermaid
The one-shot turned into a two-parter and now
we’re going for threeeeeeee sorry! :D

Shirayuki stared down at the stranger with wide eyes, her mind a buzz of questions. Who was he? What kind of person would have the strength, and the nerve, to be able to swim here? She doubted even Mitsuhide could manage it, being so far from the shore and at the mercy of the waves. And just how long had he been there? Obviously he was the one who’d pulled on the lure to wake her, but–

She opened and closed her mouth several times, attempting to speak as his expression became more and more amused. His eyes were glittering, shades of gold and green swirling together in a way she’d never seen before. His pupils seemed almost slit like a cat, catching the light as his smile widened. Staring into his eyes, her frazzled mind finally clunked into place.

“I’ve never seen eyes like yours.”

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Killian Jones Imagine- Pirates Life for Me

When Killian asked you to marry him, never in a million years would you imagine yourself on the Jolly Roger sailing the oceans in search of the fountain of youth. As much as you didn’t want to go, Killian didn’t want to go either. He wants to keep you as far away from the pirate lifestyle for as long as he could but when he was commissioned to do this job, he couldn’t refuse such an offer. Being just married you begged to tag along, a honeymoon of sorts you complied. 

“Captain, we have eyes on another ship.” one of the crew members calls up. 

You and Killian are standing on the top deck overlooking the entire crew. Mostly consisting of young men whose lives are indentured to servitude, your crew is attentive. Killian extends his telescope and looks at the other ship which is gaining ground. 

“We wait ‘till nightfall. Savvy?” he answers his crew. 

Turning to you, he looks intently at you trying to decipher what your thought are. He knew at first that the prate life wasn’t to your liking, but little did he know that it was growing on you. You love the fancy costumes and the constant adventure. It isn’t every day that you get to order around a whole crew of people and search for a hidden treasure. As every day passes he feels more guilty for dragging you out here. 

“What do you think?” 

“You made the right call. From the looks of it they are heading southwest and we want to be going,” you pull out the compass that is chained to your leather jacket  “ Northwest.” 

“Aye.” his jaw clenches. 

Returning back to the open waters as the sky starts to diffuse into radiant colors, you walk down the steps towards the slovenly members of the crew. Whenever you approach on of them they straighten up and refuse to look you in the eye, in fear of upsetting the captain. 

“Boys get some rest, we move at sun down. Higgins please keep an eye out for me. “ you order. 

Turning on the heel of your leather thigh high boots you grin as you trail back up the stairs. Upon entering the wooden doors of the captain’s quarters you sigh and close the doors tightly behind you. When you peer up you see your husband slouched in a chair, swirling a glass of rum with his hand and a distraught expression evident. 

“What’s the matter dear?” you walk over to him and lightly sit on his knee. 

“We have been out here for so long. I never wanted it to be this way.” His pours the liquid down his throat. 

The candles flicker softly as the boat rocks back and fourth on the uneven waters. You could tell that he is tense and worried, nothing that was out of the ordinary. Delicately you snake one of your hands on his shoulder and gently begin to knead the tension away. 

“No need to be so tense Killian, I don’t mind really. I kind of like it honestly.” you place a soft kiss to his jaw. 

He removes the hat that rests crookedly on your head, his calloused fingers brushing against your cheeks bone as he moves a stray strain of hair from your face. He would never admit it but his favorite part of you is you eyes. He sees a fire in them that he has never seen in anyone else, a fire so strong that it could warm the heart of anyone you look at. You feel the cold air hit your shoulder as hook slides down your jacket. His soft lips connect with your warm skin, he gently trails up to the back of yours neck. 

“Hook.” you grin knowing that he secretly loves when you call him that. 

You spin around on your feet, taking his hand in yours. His vehement eyes stare back at you behind smudged eyeliner. He follows in your footsteps and stands up right, his gaze never breaking yours. When he kisses you its like an electric spark, all the tension is released the moment your lips lock. You hand firmly rests on his chest, your fingers curling against the trimmed hair. 

“Captain.” you whisper in his ear.

“Yes m’lady.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too (y/n).”

The two of you go back to your from activities. Your chest begin to rise and fell rapidly as you two kiss desperately. Not since you wedding night have you two had a moment alone, and this served as a perfect time to be alone. The floor boards creek underneath your feet as you shift your weight a little. Running over to the bed you bounce on the silk covered sheets, tucking your feet under you as you giggle. Killian dominantly strides over to you as takes another good look at you. Taking in your beauty, he finds the genuine happiness in your life together. His fingers swiftly unbutton the top three buttons of your shirt. 

“Captain!” someone pounds on the door. 

You sigh as he hangs his head in disappointment. He turns around and heads out of the cabin, strapping on his sword on the way you. Collecting yourself you  swing your coat back onto your shoulders. once you open the door you see Killian hunched over a map underneath a burning lamp. The crew awaits orders from their eager captain. Buttoning up your frilly blouse you stand next to Killian pressing your hip into his leg. 

“Where to next captain?” you read the map. 

“You tell me love.” he hands you the map. 

Looking at it you examine the delicate drawings that are printed on the map. Only a few of the details of the terrain could be made out. You rack your memory as to where this could be, that is until you recognize one of the points on the map. When you and Killian first started dating, you met in Neverland. Your first kiss was on a high cliff overlooking a cave. 

“Hook, it’s Neverland!” you gasp. 

“Off to Neverland! Hoist the colors!” he grins, places a kiss on your lips to your surprise.

The crew busies themselves with work as Killian takes his spot behind the wheel. The same fire in his eyes that you saw when you first met is now blazing as he fixes his gaze on the path to Neverland. You stand next to Killian who is steering the ship, you watch out for any other ships that would impede your trip. The stars gleam down upon you lighting up the way. 

“Welcome to Neverland boys!” you call out to the crew. 

Upon entering the island of Neverland, an eerie silence falls upon the crew, Many of them have been lost for years, you could tell by the absentminded stares which ones could hear Pan’s flute. 

“Watch out lads, Peter is bound to be near. Remember, a dead man tells no tales.” 

You stick close to Killian knowing what kind of power Peter has. You were once a lost girl, saved by Killian who is our home. Killian has proved time again that the home isn’t a place but rather a feeling. You grasp the metal hand guard on your sword tightly as you make you way through the dense forrest of Neverland. 

“You have the chalices?” you ask. 

“Higgins has them in his bag.”

“What about the mermaid’s tear captain?” a young boy asks. 

“(y/n) is an old friend of the mermaids.” Hook answers back. 

The lagoon is calm, almost too calm for the shores of Neverland. When you swam here years ago, the waves would always crash above your head. Softly singing, you place your hand into the salty water. Your melodious voice beckons the mermaids to the shore because no matter who is singing, they can’t resist the sound of music. It acts as a universal call for them. The crew quivers in the back as mermaids start to swim up to the shore. These girls ave long hair and shiny tails and scales litter their alabaster skin. 

“(y/n) what brings you to the lagoon?” your friend asks eyeing one of the sailors in the back. 

“Aqua de Vita.” 

“Say no more. “ 

The mermaid disappears back into the foamy water, the sound of the gulls echoing in the distance. The smell of salt fills your lungs as you await the arrival of your friend. You peer back at Killian with assuring eyes, and turn back to the water as you hear a splash. Your friend hands you a little vial and gives you a stern look. 

“Don’t waste it.” she flips back into the water and swims away. 

Returning the vial back to your hopeful husband, he smiles looking at the cloudy liquid. He signals for the rest of the crew to head forward but then stops as he hears muffled whispers from behind the tall palm trees. 


“Everyone quiet.” he calls out drawing his sword from his belt. 

You also draw your sword from the inside of your jacket and told your hat back so you have a better view. Everything is silent for a few seconds before Peter emerges out of the brush. He has his eyebrow raised paired with a cocky expression plastered on his face. 

“Greetings. Hook what a surprise. (y/n) always a pleasure to see you love.” he walks past you. “So what brings you to my island?”

“Can’t a man enjoy an island with a few of his friends?” he jokes. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see one of lost boys inching up to you, a knife tucked away in his hand. Trying to to make any sudden movement, you move your sword toward him signaling him to back off. When he doesn’t get the memo you step closer to Killian who now is clued in to what is happening. 

“Back off the lass would ya!” he points a finger toward the boy. 

After that all hell breaks loose as the sounds of swords hitting each other fill the air. You are faced with your long time foe Felix, and to your back is Killian dueling Peter Pan. 

“1″ you call out.

“2″ he answers.

“3″ you both say as you switch places.

You swipe you sword at Peter nicking his side which causing his to grab the wound. 

“I don’t fight invalids.” Killian sighs shaking his head at the lost boy. 

Hitting his with the butt of the sword he knocks the boy down to his feet and concentrates back to Peter Pan. 

“(y/n)!” she says, concern laced in his voice. 

“Yes?” you huff ducking from a sword that was song above your head. 

He grabs your hand and pulls you into his body, colliding his lips with yours. 

“What was that for?” 

“Good luck.” 

Peter limps off back into the brush leaving your crew mostly unharmed and intact. You open your compass and it points toward Killian, exactly what your heart is looking for. 

“Forward boys!” 

[Author’s note: Hey guys! I thought I would write one that is a little bit longer. I hope you like it! I might do a part two I haven’t decided. Let me know what you think!]

Let Loose (Gray)

Anonymous asked: Hey *waves hand awkwardly* i want to request a scenario with gray. The reader looks very cold and bitchy but they have a fight and she starts crying for the first time in front of him. Way to go on the followers too

    You groaned as your head began throbbing again. You’d thought the Ibuprofen had conquered the headache you’d woken up with and had had throughout the whole day, but apparently not. “Stop bothering me!” you snapped at your dog, immediately feeling bad when he shied away. “Sorry, Petie,” you called after him, but he was already gone. You sighed, setting your forehead on the table. You had way too much stuff to do from work, and you had no idea how to make it through it all in the condition you were in. Sunghwa was living with you for a few days because the plumbing and some of the electrical lines in his apartment building were being replaced, and as much as you usually loved being with him, you weren’t looking forward to it today. You’d rather be miserable by yourself.

    With your head still on the table, you typed another line on the report you were writing on that quarter’s growth, and then deleted it, immediately realizing the low quality of your writing. You retyped it, trying to think of how to make it easier to understand. Better. One sentence down, how many more to go? You had no idea, but you did know that since you’d gotten home from work, you’d only gotten two paragraphs typed, and usually the reports you submitted were close to four pages long.

    What were you doing with your life? The question popped up totally unwarranted and you tried to force it to the back of your head, but you couldn’t. Sunghwa was doing his dream job, working in music with some of the best artists in the country. He loved his job; his work didn’t even feel like work to him. But for you, it certainly wasn’t the same. You trudged through every day at your job; it was like torture each time.

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Chapter 1

A tiny patch of shore shimmered in the rising sun. Tucked between the eastern mountains and the crescent sea, these water-worn stones were as far from human eyes as one was likely to find. It was not, however, deserted. A tiny creature watched the foamy water flow into the shallow basin below him. He blinked away the salty spray and flicked his wings to dislodge the droplets that clung there.

He wasn’t supposed to be here, watching the sea, trying to understand its motion. Elsewhere his cousins and siblings would be searching for him. He would get an earful when he returned to his pond. Chores were waiting, things more suited for a fairy like him. But they could wait. The pond was so small, so still, little more than a puddle beneath a tree far from the shore. The nearest he would come to tasting the sea air back in his home was on the breeze before a storm, before he and the others huddled into the shelter of the weeds.

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 Silver ring? Rhys scrunched his face slightly at the unexpected image, but it wasn’t a bad one at all. In fact, the more Rhys dwelled on the thought of a hand decorated in a pretty, thick silver band rubbing up and down his thighs, the more he liked it. He felt warm and heavy in fantasy, the water wrapping him up like a cocoon and weighing his body down until all he could focus on was the steady touch of his hand and the daydream sinking into his brain as he stroked himself off.

The hand with the ring gave way to a long forearm, bare and corded with muscle, the slight dusting of brown hair crawling up towards the slight bend of an elbow. Soon another hand came into play—this one with a wrist ringed in a blue tattoo Rhys had seen in passing, in shards of memory, and a gasp stole from his lips as he realized just who he was fantasizing about.

badwrong hypnotherapist!Jack AU where Jack has no ethics and Rhys is just trying to survive Jack why do you have to betray his trust like this?

basically jack subconsciously inserting himself into rhys’ fantasies because someone had his fingers crossed while taking the hippocratic oath

un-beta’d cause im tired

warnings for definitely some dubcon and serious manipulation from an authority figure

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