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Moon Foam

The stuff of fairy tales, historically prized by Morocco’s witches, Moon Foam is a legendary power-substance that captures the essence of the New Moon. It can:

  • Enforce a husband or lover’s fidelity
  • Cure or prevent impotence
  • Repair […] fertility
  • Instill mad, crazy passion for whoever uses it

Obtaining Moon Foam entails a complex ritual, a little more difficult than the Thessalian Trick, although there are some suggestions that indicate that similar results were expected from the older spell.

  1. Approach the cemetery gates at the New Moon and undress completely.
  2. Fill a basin or pitcher with pure spring water and place it in the light of the moon.
  3. Mount an oleander branch and gallop around the perimeter of the cemetery counter-clockwise seven times, chanting a “special” incantation as you circumambulate. (The incantation, of course, is a well-kept secret. Either find an old wise witch to whom you can apprentice yourself, or improvise.)
  4. Ideally by now your actions have succeeded in attracting the attention of the moon’s guardian spirits. If all goes as it should, following the seventh circle around the cemetery, a lunar spirit will manifest herself to you and request that you reveal your desire. Tell her that you want Moon Foam. She will not be overly willing to give it to you.
  5. You’ll have to negotiate. Make various offers; see what works. If the negotiations are successful, the moon will literally drop down into your water.
  6. Eventually the water will contain visible silver foam. Strain it off carefully, like oil from water or scum from soup.
  7. Take it home and reserve for future use.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

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I had played a spellslinging game against you at Worlds 2011, and I spent a good portion of the time voicing disappointment in the recent decision to end the Magic Player Rewards program. I immediately regretted it, and still do to this day, because that time could have easily been spent talking about positive things. Either way, thank you for always listening and being patient with us. I hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday, and hopefully I'll meet you again someday!

To our reunion! : )


can I just get a video of mickey screaming when yuuri hugged him playing over and over? it is the embodiment of my feels right now

Crafter’s Log 05.24.17:
So, I haven’t really worked with polyurethane foam (soft upholstery foam) before but here are some fun observations I have made this evening while shaping some for a mask:

1) Like many other types of foam, polyurethane is very subject to static (understatement of the year).

2) DO NOT SING while shaping this stuff because you will accidentally inhale or ingest a chunk of it and have a hilarious coughing fit (or, you know, be sensible and wear a freakin’ dust mask or something 🙄).

3) Those static-y little slivers seem irresistibly attracted to glasses. Fun times.

4) I wear too much black to work with bright pink and yellow foam that gets all over everything. I know I’ll somehow find little confetti-sized foam bits on me for weeks until I have rounded them all up after repeated vacuumings around my work/dinner table. :/

5) Despite all of this, I’m kind of loving the chance to sculpt something besides clay. I may have found a new medium to explore beyond just this particular costume piece.




Fires in large, open spaces like aircraft hangers can be difficult to fight with conventional methods, so many industrial spaces use foam-based fire suppression systems. These animations show such a system being tested at NASA Armstrong Research Center. When jet fuel ignites, foam and water are pumped in from above, quickly generating a spreading foam that floats on the liquid fuel and separates it from the flames. Since the foam-covered liquid fuel cannot evaporate to generate flammable vapors, this puts out the fire. 

The shape of the falling foam is pretty fascinating, too. Notice the increasing waviness along the foam jet as it falls. Like water from your faucet, the foam jet is starting to break up as disturbances in its shape grow larger and larger. For the most part, though, the flow rate is high enough that the jet reaches the floor before it completely breaks up. (Image credit: NASA Armstrong, source)


turn vol. up, this play foam has a unique crunch :)


Lightning Farron Leg Armor mini tutorial !!!

So I don’t really know if I’m the best person to be giving advice about anything armor related, but if you wanna get armor that looks like this, here’s a simple way how to.

1. Make a pattern on your leg with normal paper by wrapping your leg in surround wrap and tape and drawing it where you want it.

2. Cut patter off and Copy the pattern onto foam.

3. Use a heat gun to form the foam into the shape you desire it to be.

4. Use elastic, hot glue, and small clips to attach a band to the back of the foam. This will hold it up when you’re all done. I bought small clips off of amazon for cheap.

5. Add whatever details necessary with more foam.

6. Prime foam with modge podge!

7. Paint with acrylic paint.


9. Add a final coat of modge podge !


Hope this helped people? Maybe? Kinda? Not at all? WELL! I’m always here to help if you have questions on how I do something or whatever !


Slow motion wave, California Coastline