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Build a BioShock Plasmid Sign

Not only are we sharing our favorite community DIY projects based off of different games that 2K publishes – we’re building some as well!

Let’s kick this off with a project that’s great for beginners, really easy to build and is a fun way to bring BioShock’s Rapture to the walls of your room: A faux-neon Plasmid sign.  

You ready?

This project uses string lights called electroluminescent wire, or “El Wire” for short. It comes in a ton of colors and can run off batteries. Best of all, the lights are inexpensive, and dead simple to use.

Watch the video here.

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The production design for Th*r 3 looks like when an amateur cosplayer makes all of their stuff out of foam core and doesn’t know how to weather anything or how to add texture/detail.

Just…why does everything lately look so fucking cheap? They’re making more money than ANYONE right now, can’t they fucking USE it??

abrakillo  asked:

Hi, i'm trying to make a head band for my caeldori cosplay from fire emblem fates, and i'm using foam but it won't stay up. How can I make it better?

If you’re taking about the little wings on her headband, I would attach the foam to a thicker foam core board or non-corrugated cardboard! If you’re trying to make the actual headband, however, I would just buy a plain headband and wrap it with foam or fabric. 

Hope this helps!

- Mod Gigi

Making molds for the lower grip

With most of the molds for cold-casting completed, I’m moving on to preparing molds for the main components of the gun like the grip and front shell. These are fairly complex shapes so I’ll keep using two part molds.

Above you can see one drawback of using Lego for mold enclosures (as opposed to foam core or plastic sheets). The shape of the enclosure is restricted to rectangles which is great for making nice, square enclosures, but for non-uniform or abnormally shaped pieces, a rectangular enclosure is space inefficient, resulting in using more silicone than necessary. 

Despite this, Lego is still my preferred enclosure material due to it’s speed, uniformity, and the ability to build/deconstruct in modular layers.

I was particularly happy with this batch of molds. The interior faces are clean, with both subtle bevels and hard edges coming through the way I designed them. No bubbles, no fused mold halves, and a pretty clean casting overall (once I clean up the lego seams from the sides).

Coming up next is the mold for my biggest piece: the main grip that serves as the structural base for the entire gun.

miguel-klassen  asked:

Hey, I am having trouble figuring out how to make the red star on Richard Rider's Nova Prime helmet. I have tried making it a few times out of foam but it never turns out right. The helmet itself is made out of foam. Any ideas about how I can go about making this? Different material? Certain techniques? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would make it out of a couple of layers of foam core board or green/blue foam! So, I would get a couple layers stuck together, draw out the star pattern, and then carefully with an xacto knife carve out the sections you need to make it slant a bit.

Personally, I would look at some sword tutorials to seee how to get that stiffness and slant without using worbla. Here are some that might help!

Hope this make sense, and that it helps!

- Mod Gigi


FoamCore! project

I hate it with a passion. 3-D is NOT my forte. but i gave it a shot anyway.  I’m not going to let this assignment weed me out with the other puny wanna-be graphic design students.

so we had to make anything…but could not cut any part of the foam board away. it has to stay intact! WTH? Meet Dill. :)

I’m so glad this part of the crazy journey will be over at 6pm tonight. no more impossible foamcore project! on to the next psycho assignment…will post when I have something.


My third design project. Objective: cut foam core and make a sculpture with intersecting planes.

I hated this project with a passion. Foam core is the most God awful material I have ever used in my life. It is flimsy, fussy, and frustrating. I got to the point that I literally just started gluing shit together, and as you can see there is a point were I should have just stopped. I literally laughed till I was crying when I took the final gander at this project. I lost my mind. I spent so long on it to make a huge piece of crap which is what made it so funny. Oh, the irony!

I titled it “frustration to the core”. In the end my final thought was “Fvck this. I no longer care. This is it. Done!” I restarted and recut pieces so many times it was ridiculous. I never want to touch a piece of foam core again in my life. When I get it back I think I am going to smash it was a hammer or baseball bat and then stomp it into pieces and then as a final note of hatred, set it on fire. :D If I get a good grade on this I am going to laugh.

This is the scenerio I imagine when I look at it: Stay at home mom watching Martha Stewart’s christmas special and here is Martha making this badass sculpture thats perfect and the stay at home mom is like “Yeah, I can do this. Easy!”, grabs some hot glue and foam core and goes to town, then half way through is like “this sucks”, gets frustrated and says a bunch of dirty words that she would never say in front of her family, drinks a few glasses of wine to calm the nerves, says “fvck this” and starts gluing on more and more sh!t and then wraps it to give to her mother-in-law for christmas, who will then put on a fake smile and say “oh its beautiful, how sweet…what do you do with it?”, display it as a kind gesture and then later laugh at it with her husband, and then throw it in the trash or use it for firewood. The end. :D