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Wig Hack Wednesday #7!

So, many of you guys are probably familiar with the wire+tape method to make drill curls in wigs. But did you know you can also use wire+tape for spikes? You can get more natural-looking spikes that won’t flop over time with this method. And you won’t have to spend hours glueing hair down on a foam core. This method is good for long spikes that stick outward like Axel from Kingdom Hearts, or Aigami from Yu-Gi-Oh! In this tutorial, I used a Vegas base wig in Dark Blue from Arda Wigs
Here are the steps:

- Section off hair for the spike. Cut a piece of floral wire in the length you need for the spike plus extra 1 inch (you will know why later). And sandwich the wire between two strips of clear heavy-duty packaging tape. Trim the tape down to long triangle shape
- Divide the hair you parted eariler into two sections and clip them away (make sure the top section has more hair than the bottom). Stick the end tip of the wire into the wig cap and have it poke out below. If you need to, use your shears to punch a small hole in the wig cap so the wire can poke through
- Bend the end tip of the wire up into the main wire to create a triangle leg that will help support the wire’s position. Hot glue part of the wig cap to the wire inside the leg to secure it
- Tease the inner layer of hair from each half of the spike with a teasing brush or fine-tooth comb
- Comb out the outer layer of the spike to clean it up. Put glue on the wire and press down the top section of the spike first
- Do the same for the bottom section of the spike
- Trim more layers near the tip of the spike to create more dimension
- With a flat iron on medium heat, flip the end of the spike to shape it, hold until it cools
- Comb the outer layer of the spike, spray it in place with Got2B spray, and use Got2B glue or Tacky glue to secure the tip

And that’s it! Enjoy your cool spikes with minimal effort. I hope this was helpful to you guys. :D


This assignment was for us to design houses with a secondary shape influencing the interior details. The Crit on Monday specifically said that I was on the right track, but I should spread them out more in terms of the shape language. I had fun though!! 

Anyways - more work to come!! 

I’ll be working with Foam core this week and you should see some fancies AND CHARACTER DESIGNS !!

Project: Female Guardsman Cosplay (Part 6 - Making the Laspistol)

Neither of us have ever built prop weapons before so we decided to start with a laspistol. We might built a full size lasgun in the future. As with the rest of the cosplay, we started with some research;

Laspistols are built on pretty much every planet in the Imperium with a manufactorium and although the rough design is similar the specific shape can vary (even within the same planet).

This gave us a lot of freedom to create our pistol as it didn’t have to be a perfect copy as long as it captured the core elements of a laspistol. That being said our main inspiration was the image from the core rulebook;

The design is very boxy and simple (like most Imperial design) and the only challenging shape was the trigger and grip. For this we used a broken Nerf gun from a charity shop.

To decide the size I created a basic line drawing of the weapon and scaled it so the grip matched the size of the Nerf gun.

The only piece we needed from the Nerf gun was the trigger and grip. The barrel was too thick so we removed the chamber and then used a saw to cut the gun down to just the grip and trigger.

Using foam board (sometimes called foamcore) we carefully designed a housing for what was left of the Nerf gun and began to box it up into a laspistol shape.

We continued to add elements using PVC piping for the muzzle and scope. For the cylindrical element at the rear of the pistol we use a PVC joining piece. Holes were cut into the foam core to slide the muzzle into. PVC is tough to glue so any extra strength we could add to the join was a bonus.

The edges of the foam board left exposed foam which doesn’t take paint. To fix this we carefully measured and cut out a thin card casing to cover all the foam board parts of the gun. This also added strength.

The final assembly was undercoated with black spray paint and then dry-brushed with a metallic acrylic. The casing has been base coated.

We may come back for a better paint-job, but this was sort of a practice weapon so we may just go straight to a lasgun and leave this pistol as a prototype.

Next time we will be painting the armour. Almost finished!! See you soon.


my March for Science sign ideas

I am a designer IRL and I wanted to share some sign ideas with the world. Since different approaches work with different people, I tried to cover the gamut between directions that are alternately jokey, serious, philosophical, and pointed. You might hate some, you might like some.

If you see something you like: steal it — make your own version of it — improve on it. Or, if you think all these are crap, come up with an kickass idea of your own that make these look pathetic in comparison.

But if you want to use these as-is, be my guest. You can find PDF versions on Google Drive. These are all sized to 20” x 32”. (My thought was that 40” x 32” is a common foam core size so dividing it in half would be a good way to optimize material — 2 signs per sheet).


Casca (Golden Age) -2017-

This cosplay was a collaboration between myself and my fiance @chuggeyartandcosplay of the character Casca from the manga series Berserk.

The Armor is made primarily from EVA foam and brass paper clasps. the armor was then coated in plasti dip to seal the foam, painted with silver spray paint, and weathered with black acrylics. the Band of the Hawk Cape pin was my first time casting. the master mold was made using a foam core box and an original model made of EVA foam sealed in plasti dip. the mold itself being cast in Smooth-on Oomoo. The final casting was made using cooper powder to coat the mold and smooth cast 300. while the casting was still liquid i placed a safety pin into it so it could act as a pin. other fabric parts were sown from cotton fabrics and fux leather and the sword was constructed with poplar wood eva foam, black cord, and painted in the same manner as the armor.

SS2 Goku (Dragonball Z) wig commission

Base wig used: 2 Malinda in Pale Blonde from Arda Wigs, with added hand-ventilation for the lacefront hairline

This is my first time styling a lacefront DBZ wig and it was certainly a challenge! No foam core was used, only lots wig hair and lots of teasing. It’s pretty light weight though. :)

Wig commissions are open! Please email to for a quote


American Gods came to SXSW 2017, and I (happily) lost my shit.

I was part of multiple amazing events over the course of the last two days, and even though I didn’t get a seat for the premiere screening of the first episode, I feel like I had an even more memorable time at the Nerdist interview and the Lionsgate Lounge party.

So here are a few details: despite a 3 hour line campout Saturday morning, I missed the cutoff to get into the premiere screening of the first episode. :( I found out that the cast would be doing a Nerdist interview later that day, however, and I made it into that!

Sunday there was another exclusive Q&A, which I also managed to get into, and Bryan recognized me! He greeted me even! I had come prepared on Sunday, since the weather was better – I brought an original ink drawing of Will and Hannibal by amazing artist Robert Bruno, and had it in a foam core sandwich on my lap during the Lionsgate Q&A. After the panel, without me even trying to get his attention, Bryan motioned to me from the stage and asked if I had something I wanted him to sign. YES YES ALL THE YES, BRYAN

Bryan Fuller is the kindest and most genuine person on this earth. He loved the drawing too! As an (admittedly small) thank you for all the wonderful content he’s given us, I gave him the “Will, Hannibal, and assorted puppies” sticker from the Raw fanthology book I helped support on Kickstarter. He was so appreciative, and we saw him take it out at the White Buffalo pop-up later and put it into his inner suit pocket!

I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience all of this in person. I’m on cloud nine! You should definitely watch American Gods when it premieres on STARZ in April!

black_rain_union So here it is…Ravens space suit! The monster mammoth build from Season 4 of @cw_the100 build by myself, @arkis1 @emmafaymorgan @forward_on .
Here are a few progress shots from start to finish of the construction. We started with a full size 3D print of @linzzmorgan so we could match to her exact dimensions. Then mocked up the design in foam core. After we had the look down, we started the fabrication progress in metal. It took a few attempts to get the exact look and fit. Once that was locked, we added the air flow system, lights and painted the finishing touches. Super proud of how it turned out! More pictures and videos to come.

Build a BioShock Plasmid Sign

Not only are we sharing our favorite community DIY projects based off of different games that 2K publishes – we’re building some as well!

Let’s kick this off with a project that’s great for beginners, really easy to build and is a fun way to bring BioShock’s Rapture to the walls of your room: A faux-neon Plasmid sign.  

You ready?

This project uses string lights called electroluminescent wire, or “El Wire” for short. It comes in a ton of colors and can run off batteries. Best of all, the lights are inexpensive, and dead simple to use.

Watch the video here.

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A current photo of my entire Fallout prop collection. All made by me minus some official merchandise and 3D printed doodads. Most items are just common household items, craft foam, insulation foam board, Foam core poster board, sintra and trash. I try to spend as little as possible and it has taken 7 years to get to this point. Now if only I can finally get back home from this out of town job I have been on for over a month and start pumping out some new props.

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I'd like to make a Victor S . Court (from Bravely Default) cosplay. Do you have any advice for the wig (how to make the spikes) and the staff, in particular the top/lower parts? Thanks in advance!

HOLY BEEJUSSUS this guys hair is an ORDEAL. 

After the base wig, your gonna need to buy a ton more wigs and create a base. 

Ryoko demon has an amazing write up to a similar proces for how she made her Jesse wig. You’ll need to pattern and frame up his poytails, and stuff the base before covering it in wigs. 

This is how most Platinum cosplayers make her hair too. So you are in good company! It can be done!

As for the spikes of his spear…Foam Core will be your best friend for both ends.