foam pro

Literally, pro-lifers on "choice."
  • Pro-Lifers: Everything is a choice! We won't treat things as punishments. If you ever feel uncomfortable, at any point, you have the option to stop.
  • Person: If I'm already having sex, can I stop mid way?
  • Pro-Lifers: Of course!
  • Pregnant person: Hey, I'm already pregnant, can I stop?
  • Pro-Lifers, foaming at the mouth: BUT THE CHOICE WAS ALREADY MADE WHEN YOU HAD SEX, YOU SLUT!!!! *SLUUUUUUT!!!!*
  • Pregnant person: But they said it may endanger my life.....
  • Pro-Lifers: Oh! Yeah, we'll let you have the choice!

A couple people had been interested in seeing a run down of my craft foam armor vs my worbla armor, so I made an armor making introduction video while I was waiting for some glue to dry.

It covers craft foam and worbla, the pros and cons of each, when and why I’ll choose them, and which cosplays I’ve made with them.

Hopefully it’s helpful to someone!