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What's been your favorite pair of headphones/earbuds?

Oh boy. You really know how to ask the hard hitting questions!

Probably my Beats in-ear ones and I bought the squishy foam earbud covers that form to my ears and make them stay in while I run. They’re awesome.


Lightning Farron Leg Armor mini tutorial !!!

So I don’t really know if I’m the best person to be giving advice about anything armor related, but if you wanna get armor that looks like this, here’s a simple way how to.

1. Make a pattern on your leg with normal paper by wrapping your leg in surround wrap and tape and drawing it where you want it.

2. Cut patter off and Copy the pattern onto foam.

3. Use a heat gun to form the foam into the shape you desire it to be.

4. Use elastic, hot glue, and small clips to attach a band to the back of the foam. This will hold it up when you’re all done. I bought small clips off of amazon for cheap.

5. Add whatever details necessary with more foam.

6. Prime foam with modge podge!

7. Paint with acrylic paint.


9. Add a final coat of modge podge !


Hope this helped people? Maybe? Kinda? Not at all? WELL! I’m always here to help if you have questions on how I do something or whatever !

A love of ice and thunder

Pairing: Loki x Thor x Reader.

Warnings: Smut and LOTS of it; a bit of drama too. There’s a lot of everything going on here so you might pick your blanket because this is also long af.

Summary: When Jane leaves Thor, in your heart you know he should stay with you, but as time goes by, his brother realizes that there is more to it.

A/N: I need Jesus, and when you finish reading this, you’re gonna need him too. My characters know they need Jesus, so that should tell you something. Feedback? It won’t hurt!

You poured some shampoo on your hand and gently started to massage your scalp with it. “So,” you started feeling the soft foam form in your hair, “I got a call from your brother yesterday,” you let the warm water run down your soapy self as you awaited for your boyfriend’s answer.

“Really? Thor knows how to make a phone call?” Loki snickered from the toilet seat. “Well, that is quite the surprise,” he shook his head.

“The thing is that he broke up with Jane just a few days ago and even though it wasn’t a lot, she’s given him some time to move out,” you casually said trying to elicit some kind of reaction from his uninterested being. “He’s really bummed, y’know?”

“I bet,” Loki pondered, “I’d be utterly destroyed if you dumped my ass,” he conceded, “but why are we talking about him anyway?”

“Well, I’ve been doing some thinking about it and… I wanted to ask you if he could stay here for a while,” you stuck your head from the end of the curtain and looked at him innocently. “I kinda owe him that…” you bit your bottom lip.

“How so?” He ran his fingers through his ebony hair.

“When SHIELD first sent me to the States I ended my renting contract with my landlord and I moved there, and when the agency died after the whole Winter Soldier thing I realized I had no home to go back to; Jane was still there and when your brother came to earth he stayed with her, so he asked Jane if I could live with them until I got my own place…” you sheepishly said as you rinsed the shampoo from your head. “I stayed there with them for like 4 months, so maybe he could stay here for that same time too, if you don’t mind,” you broke it down. “Can you pass me the towel, please?” You reached out your arm and he handed the soft cloth.

“What about our life?” He asked in a concerned voice. “I mean let’s face it, love; we are not the quietest ones and Thor isn’t either; he snores like a chainsaw,” he pointed out.

“Yeah, but we’ll have to be a bit more quiet and just… hold on?” You drew back the curtain and got out with Loki’s help. “Let me return him the favor, it’ll be for just a little, okay?” You looked at him with puppy eyes, it always worked with him. “Can we?”

“You’re gonna be the death of me,” he shook his head and unmade the towel, making it fall onto the humid tiles. “I might consider it,” he effortlessly lifted you in his arms, making you wrap your legs around his waist, “but only if you bribe me,” he mischievously smiled and headed for the room.

And just a few days after that, Thor was setting up this few belongings in the spare room of your apartment. He was really embarrassed for having to ask you that. He knew he was invading your privacy and your couple life with Loki, but he really didn’t have much choice or friends in the United Kingdom.

“It’s okay, big guy,” you placed a hand on his shoulder when he sat on the bed in defeat. “I know it hurts and all, but… you’ll be fine eventually, give it some time and you’ll see how things turn alright,” you shrugged lightly, “besides you’re living with us now, we’re gonna have fun!” You smiled widely and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He rested his head on your chest and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Now come, and we’ll ask for something to eat for dinner,” you said.

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(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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Grimm Skull Walkthrough

Back when I was making my Grimm costume from RWBY, I had a terrible time deciding how to make the skull portion without getting my hands dirty with bondo or resin casting. So, here is a step by step of what I did-

First, I bought some plasticine from Walmart. It’s a type of clay that does not dry out and it’s pretty cheap and reusable.

Next, I used a foam head and began layering the plasticine to create a skull shaped that I liked. I went through a lot of nitpicking for a couple weeks, but the great thing about plasticine is that it is considerably forgiving. It’s incredible easy to add more to it or take some away. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this progress point.

After completely my model, I added a thin layer of paper mache and let dry. Once completely dry I took a sheet of Worbla and formed it over the model.

It was my first time working with Worbla so I had some rips, but a layer of fast mache took out any imperfections.

Note : fast mache doesn’t exactly bond with Worbla. It sticks some, but I ended up sanding and then smoothing area’s with a mixture of water and wood filler. It worked rather well all together though.

Please use a mask, respirator, or be outside when sanding!</b>

It seemed like forever before I was done sanding! After a layer of wood filler and sanding with a high grit sand paper (grit 180-220), I sprayed on a layer of primer/filler paint to help me see any holes.

I repeated the process of filling, sanding, and priming until I was satisfied. Then, I used some paper clay to make the fangs. Paper clay is easy to sand, easy to use, and quick drying.

From there I continued adding teeth with paper clay and sanding down the edges as I went along. A few teeth popped off while sanding so I used some gorilla glue to attach them back on.

Once those are secured, I dremeled out some grooves in the skull and coated the entire thing in white Plastidip. This sealed everything in a coat of rubber and made it less likely to be damaged.

Here, I had painted in the red lines, stretched black spandex on the inside of the eyes, and added ears. The spandex allowed me to see rather well without being seen underneath, it also allowed the installment of LEDs to light the eyes. The ears were cut from 5 mm craft foam and were easily formed with a heat gun.

Finally, I added a bottom jaw from worbla, teeth from more paper clay, and furred it! The back of the head, I used some green upholstery foam to help the form by the cheeks. Duct tape was used to make the pattern for the ears, jaw, and back. That’s about it!

I hope this is able to help!

Those who are Broken | Prologue

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 972

↬ I should really stop writing…

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

She sat on the rickety, wooden chair in silence. Her head down with strands of blonde hair falling loose from the bun it was in. The great hall filled with around three to four dozen people, all murmuring to one another as they waited for the headmaster to enter. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t scared.
All these people, every single one of them looking at one another like they were either the enemy, or they were prey. Any second now one of them would leap out of their chair and attack someone for no reason.


Because they had that look of pure hate in their eyes. But not her though. No. Not her. She makes one mistake and she ends up here with everyone else. A mistake she made without really thinking. A mistake she would do again if it meant—

A red-haired girl next to her scoffed, catching her attention. “I cannot believe we are in the same room as them,” she said, a look of disgust on her face as her blue eyes scanned the room.

A brunette on the other side of the redhead leaned forward in her seat. “I know,” she agreed, an eager look on her face as if she wanted praise from the blue-eyed female, but she received nothing.

The blonde looked forward again, her hand immediately going to her wrist where the inked name would be. Out of nervousness and fear, her thumb began to rub over the name. It was calming, but not enough.

The read-haired girl spoke again, “This school should separate us from them. They’re not worth the space anyway. They’re nothing but low-life dead beats who don’t deserve to be in the presence of someone like us.”

The blonde’s eyes scanned the room. Everyone looked the same—no one looked different. However, she knew better. Somewhere in this crowed there were people that were different. People who had different fates compared to her. People who were…

“They’re Broken. People like them don’t deserve to exist,” the redhead said, shaking her head.

“I feel bad for them,” the blonde quietly confessed, only to immediately regret ever letting those words escape past her lips.

And much to her displeasure, the two girls next to her heard. “You feel bad for them?” The redhead derided in disbelief. “They deserve what they got. You know the story, don’t you?” The blonde said nothing, trying to remember what story the girl next to her was talking about exactly. The girl sighed in disbelief. “Every Broken did something horrifying in their past life to end up like they are now. Destined to die alone.” The redhead leaned back in her seat, crossing her olive-skinned leg over the other. Her black skirt rose higher. “People like us, the non-broken, did nothing wrong. That’s why we have these.” She lifted her left arm up, revealing the black inked name on her inner wrist. “Soulmates.”

“But,” the blonde began, her mind telling her to shut the hell up, “doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?”

The two girls laughed. “You’re joking, right?” When she said nothing again, the red-haired girl leaned towards her. “What did you do?” she asked, her voice laced with curiosity.

“Excuse me?” she asked, leaning back a bit by the sudden closeness the redhead gave.

The redhead eyed her questioningly. “Everyone in this room did something bad to end up here, so what did you do?” After several seconds of the blonde fidgeting in her seat, and the two girls eyeing her, the redhead spoke, “You attacked her, didn’t you?”

The blonde froze, and that was all the redhead needed. Laughing with excitement, the redhead leaned back into her seat. “You attacked your soulmate’s girlfriend.”  

“Ah,” the brunette whispered in understanding.

“You realized that your soulmate was dating someone, and you couldn’t take it. You knew he was your soulmate, but you probably weren’t his.” The redhead eyed the blonde. “You couldn’t take the thought of knowing that your soulmate was dating someone—whether they were his soulmate, or not. That’s why you’re here.” She shook her head, laughing. “He may not be your soulmate, but be glad you’re not Broken.” She lifted her inked arm. “Welcome to Cross Academy.”

A gasp was heard, and the murmuring grew louder, drawing the blonde’s attention away from the two next to her. A small group was growing, people looking over one another to see what was happening. The blonde got up and walked towards the gathering crowd. Pushing herself through, she made it to the front. A gasp escaped her lips.

On the ground was a young girl. Her body spasming, eyes wide and practically white. Foam forming at the mouth. She continued for several minutes while people around her did nothing but watch. Finally, she went still.

The group dispersed, as if what they saw was nothing horrifying. The sound of tongue clicking came from next to her. Turning her head, she watched the red-haired girl cross her arms over her chest, shaking her head. She had no remorse for the now dead girl.

“This is why you should never associate with a Broken. They’re not worth the air you breathe, or the time they have left.” The two girls walked away.
The blonde looked around, and finally she discovered the difference. The difference between a Broken and people like her.

The Broken remained at the circle—every single one of them either frightened, angry, or both. These people were Broken. These people were the ones with the countdown on their wrist. The others who left were the ones with a soulmate—the ones who got to live.

With a bit of hesitation, the blonde left the group of Broken.

Don’t bother with the Broken. They’re going to die anyway, she told herself.

public high school gothic

It is the dead of winter, and they will not turn the heat on. They say it costs too much money. The windows are coated with frost, your fingertips are blackening, the teacher is slumped at her desk, yet the thermostat remains constant. Your classmates are frozen to their seats. A boy walks into class late, and he is wearing basketball shorts.

The words on the whiteboard do not make any sense, they are jumbled and written in a different language. Around you, classmates take notes, oblivious to your distress. You are the only one who does not understand. You beg the teacher for help, and he babbles at you in an alien tongue. There will be a test.

A girl sits in the desk in front of you, and you see she is wearing shorts that do not cover her knees. Her knees are too bright, they are naked, they are blinding you, they are all you can see. You try to concentrate on schoolwork, but you cannot. Her knees are too distracting. Foam forms on your lip and your vision darkens as her bra strap creeps down her shoulder.

The teacher refuses to let you go to bathroom. “You have to wait until the person before you comes back,” she says. The person before you left hours ago. The teacher will not meet your eyes.

You must not talk during the standardized test. You must not mark the page outside of the bubbles in their neat rows. You must not write outside of the box. You must not use scrap paper. You must not have your phone on you. If you do, they will invalidate your results, they will destroy your test booklet, they will take your loved ones.


character: park woojin

genre: fluffy + angst

style: paragraph

summary: woojin wants to ask you to the dance but someone asked you before he could because he was too nervous and he gets jealous/upset (inspired by hotshot’s jelly)


Woojin looked up from his phone and saw y/n walking towards him with a smile. She was so beautiful to him, especially in her simple plain red top and jeans.

“Hey!” Woojin greeted her with a bright smile that showed his snaggletooth.

“I’m so sorry for being late,” y/n apologised with her smile turning into a pout. “I’m not usually like this. I accidentally overslept. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just arrived a few minutes ago,” Woojin lied, not wanting her to feel bad.

“Oh, really? That’s good then,” y/n said with a relieved sigh and let out a little chuckle that made her smile reappear. “I would feel bad if I made you waited for so long.”

“Anyways, I already bought your favourite,”  Woojin changed the topic and gave y/n her chocolate cheese drink.

Y/n’s smile brightens even more as she saw the drink and happily took it from Woojin. “Thanks! I’ve been craving for it for days!”

As y/n drank her drink, a small foam of cheese formed on the top of her lips. 

“This is so good!”

Woojin couldn’t help by laugh at her because she looked adorable.

“What are you laughing at?” y/n asked Woojin in confusion.

Woojin pointed on the top of his lips, making y/n lick the cheese off her lips.

“Oh.” A giggle left her lips and drank the drink again. “Did you get one for yourself?” y/n asked after drinking.

“Yeah,” Woojin answered. “I already finished it.”

Again, lying. The boy didn’t even think of buying it for himself.

“Oh, you must have drunk it real fast,” y/n said with her smile still there.

“Yeah, the drink was so good, I drank it so fast,” Woojin lied while letting a chuckle leave his lips.

He didn’t want to buy the drink for himself because he was scared that he wouldn’t have enough money to pay for their meal later.

“Here, drink this then,” y/n offered her drink to Woojin.

“Oh, no, I bought it for you.”

“Park Woojin. Just drink it,” y/n commanded with a voice that imitated Darth Vader, which gave the two a good laugh.

“Okay.” Woojin gave in, using the same Darth Vader voice that y/n made earlier and nodded before taking the drink.

“You’re sure?” Woojin asked in his normal voice, making y/n nod eagerly. Woojin then drank the chocolate cheese drink and immediately his eyes widen by how delicious it tasted.

“Woah, that’s actually really good,” Woojin mumbled to himself.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing! Here, you should drink the rest,” Woojin said not wanting her to hear him. 

“A-alright, don’t have to get all worked up,” y/n said with a giggle. “Anyways, shall we get going?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

It’s amazing how her smile can make him all jelly inside…

“I can’t believe they ditched us.”

"Same.” Woojin took the ribbon that was on the floor and passed it to y/n who was about to climb the ladder to hang the decorations for their school’s prom night.


Woojin watched as y/n tied the ribbon with the balloons and stuck them on the walls, while he was setting up the tables for the food.

“At least it just the two of us,” y/n said trying to brighten up the mood. “I like it that I’m stuck with you rather than the others.”

“Same,” Woojin agreed with a smile.

His heart was beating so fast by her words.

The others were supposed to come and help as well, but they all had "excuses” so it was only the two of them.

“I hate them,” y/n joked as she stuck the last balloon and let out a faint laughter.

“Same,” Woojin agreed and laughed along.

“Oh, well, at least we finished most of it,” y/n said. “We only have the to do the sound check and we’re good.” y/n then stepped down from the tall ladder.

“Yeah, let’s set up the tables and we’ll just put the rest of the balloons-”

Woojin was interrupted by y/n’s screams as she slipped from the ladder because of the laces from her shoe.

Both of their hearts stopped for a few seconds, thinking that y/n was going to injure herself terribly, considering that the ladder was pretty tall.

But, Woojin immediately ran to y/n and managed to catch her, bridal style, just in time before her body could crash onto the floor.

Y/n’s eyes were closed shut when she thought that she had reached the floor, but, she smelt Woojin’s familiar scent.

“I got you,” Woojin whispered to her. “I got you. You’re safe.”

Y/n immediately felt tears falling down from her eyes due to the shock, giggles followed after.

“Oh, my god,” y/n softly spoke with giggles leaving her lips. “I-I thought I was going to die.”

“Why are you laughing?” Woojin asked who couldn’t help but laugh along.

“I-I don’t know, I just thought I was going to die and all, you know?”

“But, you didn’t,” Woojin assured her with a smile.

“It’s all thanks to you,” y/n said and smile brightly at him. “Thank you,” she said in a whispering tone.

Their faces were so close, Woojin wanted to kiss her. He almost did.

It’s amazing how being so close to her can make him all jelly inside…

“Thanks for saving my life again, Woojin,” y/n thanked him as they walked back home.

“Not a problem,” Woojin answered. “Glad I could be your superhero for a few minutes,” Woojin joked.

“I’ll treat you to some friend chicken, okay?”

“Whoa! Fried chicken? Alright!” Woojin snaggletooth showed.

Y/n’s heart was melted by his adorable smile.

There was a silent atmosphere between the two, but it wasn’t the awkward kind. It was calming kind.

Woojin was going to ask y/n something, but he was stopped by y/n phone ringing.

“Sorry, I have to pick this up,” y/n said before answering her phone. “Hello?”

Woojin’s lips were pressed together. He was going to ask her if she had a date for the school dance.

“Yeah, I’m on my way home with Woojin, now. Why?”

He wanted to dance with her. He wanted to be her date to the prom. He wanted to be hers.

“Oh! Really!? Alright! Thanks, mum!”

As y/n places her phone back into her bag, she apologised and explained.

“I’m sorry, my mum called.”

“It’s alright. Must be good news, huh?” Woojin asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah, my mum said that my dad’s present for me is here.”

“Woah, that’s great! Any idea what he got for you?”

“Not sure. It’s usually something cool. My dad’s low-key cooler than my mum. I hope it’s that huge fluffy bear that he took a picture of last week, though. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I just need to hug it.”

Woojin liked listening to y/n talk. The way she talked was so pure and adorable. The way her voice sounds like an angel.

“But, honestly, as long as it’s from him. I’m happy,” y/n ended with a smile, child-like smile.

“Then maybe I should get you a teddy bear for your birthday since you like teddy bears,” Woojin joked.

“Would you?” Y/n asked with a smirk.

“If you wanted to, I would,” Woojin answered.

“What about balloons? Purple balloons?”

“If you want, sure~”

“Awww, you’re the best Woojin!” Y/n said and gave him a light fist bump on his shoulder.

“I know. I’m the best,” Woojin bragged. “Do I at least get a hug?”

“A hug!? Of course!” y/n exclaimed and hugged him, allowing her head to hit his chest.

Woojin’s face turned red and his heart was beating fast. Y/n could hear it, and she couldn’t help but smile either. 

Woojin hugged her back and rested his cheeks on her head. 

It’s amazing how her hugs can make him all jelly…

“You didn’t ask her? YOU DIDN’T ASK HER!?”

Woojin was welcomed by an angry Daehwi.

“What?” Woojin asked in confusion.


“How do you know I didn’t ask-”

“She’s talking about it with the rest of the girls,” Daehwi interrupted him. “Yesterday was supposed to be your day to ask her. You had an entire day! The rest of us purposely didn’t go so you could spend time with her. And this is the result you gave us?” Daehwi scolded him. 

“I’ll ask her now, then,” Woojin said confidently and walked towards y/n’s table.

Y/n saw Woojin walking towards her and, immediately, she smiled at him. But, she didn’t get the chance to say anything because someone else walked past Woojin.



“Come with me.” The boy grabbed y/n’s hand and pulled her out of the classroom making everyone except for Woojin and Daehwi, squeal.

“Is he going to ask her to the school dance!?”

“Oh, my god! Y/n’s so lucky!” 

“Yah! Park Jihoon! Where are we going!?” y/n’s excited voice can be heard and giggles leaving her lips.

“I thought she was going with Woojin.”

“But I think Jihoon suits her more.”

Woojin immediately looked at Daehwi, who felt sympathetic for his best friend.

“I thought she was going with Woojin because we ditched the decorating thing for them to hang out and spend time together.”

“Woojin, didn’t you ask her to the dance?”

Woojin clenched his fist before leaving the classroom to follow y/n and Jihoon.

He stayed at a proper distance so it wouldn’t be obvious that he was following. Daehwi tagged along, of course.

“Woojin, I don’t think it’s a good idea-”

“I know what I’m doing,” Woojin interrupted Daehwi in an angry tone.

Daehwi couldn’t help but only sigh and followed the boy.

“We’re not supposed to be here, Jihoon,” y/n said with a giggle as they reached the school rooftop garden.

“Don’t worry, nobody comes here,” Jihoon assured her with a heart-warming smile.

Woojin and Daehwi hid behind the window that was beside the door they entered.

Woojin watched as y/n and Jihoon were talking and giggling. It reminded him of the time they were together yesterday.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” Woojin heard y/n said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you,” Jihoon assured her and took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist.

The two then began dancing and giggling. Woojin couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, but his eyes were starting to water.

“I could teach you too,” Woojin whispered.

All of the sudden, y/n almost slipped because of the laces of her shoe, but Jihoon managed to catch her. Just in time, before her head could reach the floor.

Suddenly, the Jihoon and y/n’s faces were so close, that they could almost just kiss each other.

Unlike Woojin, Jihoon did kiss y/n, making Woojin’s heartbreak in pieces and tears fall down his eyes.

A kiss from y/n was definitely better than a hug from y/n. 

He could have gotten the kiss.

Being y/n’s date to the dance was definitely better than spending an entire day with her. 

He could have brought her to the dance.

Instead of being jelly by y/n, he was jelly of Jihoon.

Woojin immediately ran away, leaving Daehwi to follow after him.

“Woojin!” Daehwi called out to him, but Woojin couldn’t hear anything.

He felt disappointed in himself. 

He felt like a failure. 

All his confidence disappeared. 

All his love gone.

“There has to be another way,” Daehwi informed him.

“There’s no other way,” Woojin answered in a monotoned voice. 

“There is another way,” Youngmin said without looking up from his plate.

“There is?” Daehwi asked, making him, Woojin and Donghyun look up at Youngmin.

“Yeah, no guarantee that it’ll work,” Youngmin answered and looked Woojin. “Do you want to try it?”

Twilight Princess Au where everything is the same except-

(with every bullet being a separate au*)

  • Ganon’s shoes squeak and honk when he walks.
  • Zelda is played by the impeccable Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Any of Zant’s audio tracks consist entirely of startled chicken noises. 
  • Midna’s hair/hand is just a poorly taped on sports foam finger.
  • Link’s wolf form is, instead, a Chinese dwarf hamster.
  • Ganon and Link have switched clothes and the sizes are not adjusted.
  • All the shadow beasts’s faces are replaced with Tingle’s face.
  • Agitha is supreme overlord of only bees. Thousands of bees.
  • The Yeti are all now various cereal mascot costumes.
  • Ilia’s and Malo’s roles and personalities are swapped.
  • The Hero’s Shade is played by Simon Cowell wearing a bed sheet.
  • Careless Whispers plays every time Shad makes an entrance.
  • The entire soundtrack is now kazoo renditions.
  • The Gorons’ awkward rock hard nipples spin like tassels.
  • Every time you die the Mario death sound plays.
  • Link’s weapons are all bedazzled.
  • Every sword is replaced with pool floaties.
  • Every time you collect a rupee it lets out a tiny scream.
  • Epona is a segway covered in strobe lights.
  • Rusl’s intro speech is in the style of My Immortal.
  • The Mirror of Twilight is now this:

Your Hair is Stupid

Klance Fanfiction

2926 Words

Completed Oneshot 

Fluff! With a lil angst cause I couldn’t help myself. 

Summary: “After years of living alone in the desert, this is the most beautiful thing he’s seen. Then Lance is racing over the dark sand, grains of it flying up behind him. He turns around and waves, motioning for the others to join him. Never mind what he said earlier, this is the most beautiful thing Keith has ever seen.” (Alternatively a beach getting together fic with a lil bit of hurt/comfort)

[Note: whenever there is a ‘—’ the fic switches between what character it focuses on.]

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@the-queen-of-thedas submitted this: “ A Titan from Greek mythology in our modern day/ era.” Which I thought was pretty swell!

I thought I’d fill it (though I’m not entirely sure it was a prompt, haha)

The world is filled with untold stories, Rhea knows. She’s one of them, walking through downtown Chicago like a human, winter coat barely able to stave off the chilling breeze. If she is a story, untold or not, she would be a closed one. She has pressed her covers together, hiding her contents, and welded her spine shut.

Some of the humans think that they’ve lost Gaea to asphalt and concrete, steel and iron, industry and pillaging. They’re not wrong, but they’re not right either. Rhea can feel her mother thrumming under her feet just fine, just as her father still shines bright and silent above. 

Magic is not gone, it has evolved, it has become elusive to the ways of Titans. Rhea is fine with that. She’d lost the right to the world a long time ago.


Her name is Rhea in this new age, Rhea again, Rhea always. They don’t know the stories anymore (hers is untold even in the divine) and there’s no risk.

So her name is Rhea and she is as human as someone like her can be.

She works in a coffee shop.

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Five

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2003 

↬ I am dead tired. Did I reread it? No. Possible errors? Hell yeah.

Chapter list

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You watched as the unfamiliar stranger lie on the floor. His eyes rolling back into its sockets, foam forming at the mouth, and his body jerking uncontrollably. As if he was having a seizure.

He was built, so capable of taking care of himself—taken on anything because of how strong he looks. However, he wasn’t winning this battle. He was losing, all because his time was up. He was dying. His time was up, and you could see the fear in his eyes when he first fell to the floor.

His body went still. Lifeless.

You felt numb, all the sounds around you blocked out by a ringing noise. You wanted to get out. You had to get out—needed to get out. You were walking, rather quickly, somewhere—anywhere that the dead body wasn’t. Somewhere where you could just disappear. Where you could forget what you had just seen. The white eyes, the foam, the lifeless body.

You were struggling. You couldn’t breathe, think straight, or even see what was really around you. Trying to find a way out, you ran into several people, unable to apologize. You were desperate to get out.

Were you next?

Was this the beginning of your death? Suffocation first then falling to the ground like that one guy? Not even having your clock time begin its countdown, and just die?

You were next.

You were going to be the next Broken to die an unfair death.

You were going to die—to die in this shithole alone.

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Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 5323 (Act V)

A/N: The [extended] conclusion to a five-act miniseries. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks (I’ve been informed it got kinda angsty – so, uh, yay, something for everyone?!). All mysteries and roads converge in Clifton Springs, NY – whither will they lead from there? Here’s a hint about the roads – there is a 100% probability they all lead to a mountain of fluff.

Previous chapters:  Act I,  Act II, Act III , Act IV - Part I, Act IV - Part II

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Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”


The familiar rumbling whisper thundered through your pounding head with the boom of a freight train. You groaned in response.

“They’ve left for the moment,” the whispered onslaught continued, “there was a heated argument. Mrs. Kinlay did not want to miss bingo night at the senior center despite Mr. Kinlay’s wounds. Evidently, a Mrs. Reynolds recently returned from an extended cruise which was in reality a cover story for obtaining plastic surgery and the so-called botch job isn’t to be missed.”

You groaned again.

“Are you hurt?”

More discombobulated yet distinctly incensed syllables somersaulted from your tongue. You meant to say: “Bingo? Seriously? Well at least something about those impostors stinks of being geriatric.”

Cas took the irate tone of your incoherent groans as confirmation you were unharmed save for the diminishing effects of the cataleptic drug in your system, “They intend to perform some sort of ritual. We appear to be central components. Fortunately, it seems important to them that we remain largely unharmed.”

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#4 - “It was worth it if it meant I got to keep you safe” - Bucky Barnes One Shot

Summary: You and the team are celebrating a successful mission in a restaurant, when your drink is poisoned by Rumlow (though you are unaware of his identity) who is aiming to eliminate the most powerful avenger, i.e. you.

Pairing: I’ve tagged this as a Bucky Barnes X Reader, but not necessarily in terms of romance. There is a section written in Bucky’s P.O.V. and he does come across to be protective of the reader, but it’s not meant to be romantic - it’s just meant to establish the caring, protective side to Bucky’s character. 

Warnings: Not many. Suppose poisoning/spiking drinks, references to murder.

A/N: Okay so it’s a little long and it’s probably not that good, but it was fun to write. It’s set after Civil War, but of course in an au where Rumlow didn’t die. (I also had to put in a little Tony x Bucky “bonding” moment because I thought it would be cute.) Remember you can send requests in here, and I write for 5sos, Arrow and The Flash as well as for Marvel :) Enjoy!


You enter the Italian restaurant alongside Steve and Bucky to find that everyone else invited to this meal are all already there. They jokingly taunt the three of you for being late, but you just shrug it off. You’re only late because Bucky had forgotten where he’d put his wallet and couldn’t find it. It hadn’t took you too long to find it had fallen down the side of the sofa. Thanks to your quick thinking, you had texted Tony that you were going to be late and passed on your orders to him to order for you. It wasn’t long after you got there that they began to serve the food. 

“I must say you guys…” Tony begins, taking a bite of his pizza, “That mission was easily one of our best.”

Everyone nods in agreement as they eat their food, when he continues. “And I also have to say, that the star of the show was definitely this little lady to my left.”

Knowing he’s talking about you, you blush and shake your head. “Please, I didn’t do anything.”

Sam furrows his eyebrows at you, “Are you kidding me? You were causing obstacles for the bad guys left right and centre. You had our backs out there (Y/N), and I think you need to show yourself some appreciation.”

You laugh, “Thanks Sam but, literally all I did was control their mind for a second or two.”

Sam waves his hands at you, “You are a miracle worker. And I still can’t believe someone with your abilities would agree to work for our team.”

You giggle, not quite knowing what there is to say to that. Truth it, you’re the most powerful on the team, based on the fact you possess a number of the most powerful mutations there is out there. Usually, a mutant would only be born with one particular mutation, but you were born with a defect. It sounds stupid to call it that when you were born with a mutation anyway, but it’s just how it was described to you. You could read minds, control minds and people’s actions, get the truth out of people with just a swift tap of the temple, and you have also recently become aware of being able to manipulate the elements - which you’re currently working on improving at.

“Personally…” You begin, “I think we all did pretty well.”

“As do I” Steve agrees, smiling to you from across the table.

Once the waiters have collected your empty plates from the table after you finished your meal, you stand up and head to the bar to get a drink. While you’re standing there, waiting for the bar staff to hand you your drink once you’ve ordered it, a guy sitting up at the bar slides over to stand next to you. You glance at him as he’s about to say something.

“Hi.” He says awkwardly, “This is going to be so awkward but, I saw you when I came in here and…you are gorgeous”

You glance at him, holding yourself back from rolling your eyes, “I know.”

He looks at you and smirks, “So, you’re confident, huh?”

You shrug, “Not particularly”

“Oh…Okay, I get it” He speaks up, nodding his head back and forward.

“Get what?” You question.

“You’re one of these girls who thinks you’re too good for compliments” He says.

You laugh, “No, I just like to promote a positive attitude. I don’t need to be told I’m gorgeous to know that I am already.”

He grins, and nods his head. The sound of a glass hitting the bar glass sends your attention back to the bar staff. “That’ll be $4.50 please”

You reach into your purse to pull out a $5 note, but the guy you’re stood with gets their first, “I’ll pay”


“Who’s (Y/N) talking to?” I speak up at the table, noticing (Y/N) stood at the bar with a guy I don’t recognise.

Tony shrugs, “Why? You jealous?”

“No.” I object, “I’ve just never seen him before.”

“Maybes it’s just someone she knows” Steve suggests, shrugging his shoulders at me. 

I keep my eye on them, seeing as nobody else seems to be too bothered. I don’t know why it’s got my back up, something just doesn’t seem right. 

“Bucky, seriously…” Natasha suddenly says, “(Y/N)’s a big girl, she can handle herself”

“I know. It’s not her I’m worried about.” I tell her.

I watch as he pays for her drink, holding a note over her drink. It should look innocent, but I can see something pouring into her drink. My eyes widen, “He’s just poured something into her drink.”

The group turn to face the bar, and Sam sighs and shakes his head, “You are paranoid. Why are you so worried about (Y/N) and that dude? She might be having fun with him.”

“It doesn’t look like it” I remark.

I stand up and, despite the others protests, I walk over to (Y/N) at the bar. I smile at her as I approach her, and she smiles back. “Is everything okay here?”

“Yeah” She nods, “I was just about to come and sit back down”

I hold my hand out to her for her to take, so that I can lead her back to the table but then she looks at me funny. She leans in closer to me and whispers in my ear, “Chill alright? I’m fine, he’s not hurting me.”

Sometimes I forget she can read minds. Sometimes I wish she couldn’t. 

“Have you tried reading his mind?” I whisper back to her.

She looks at me funny, before turning to face the guy who doesn’t look like he’s got a clue as to what’s going on. She looks at him, frustrated, before turning back to me. “It’s all…clouded.”

“Doesn’t that tell you something?” I ask her.

She smiles politely to the guy, before attempting to dismiss herself.

“But we were getting along so well?” He complains.

She laughs, “Well, I’m here with friends so it would be rude to keep them waiting.”

She then absentmindedly takes a sip of her drink. I wait for a second to see if anything happens, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to. Is Sam right? Was I just being paranoid? 

But it’s when we’re walking back to the table that I realise I wasn’t just paranoid. Her legs begin to collapse underneath her, and she falls to the ground, her drink falling to the ground and the glass smashing in front of us. I crouch down beside her, and watch as foam begins to form in her mouth. 

“(Y/N)?!” I shout, getting the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

Sam, Natasha and Steve are by our side in a second. I look at them, “I told you there was something up about that guy.”

Natasha nods to Tony, who makes a phonecall. Presumably he’s calling the tower to let them know they need to detain a guy, and also for medics to see to (Y/N).

“She’s been poisoned” Natasha announces, “Make sure no-one comes near this spot. It needs to be fully decontaminated for the sake of the restaurant, and we need to use it for evidence.”

“(Y/N), stay with us.” Steve says calmly to (Y/N) who is now lying flat on her back and convulsing. 

“What about the guy?” Sam asks.

We look behind us but we can’t see him anywhere. I search the entire restaurant with just my eyes, and I can’t see him anywhere. But then (Y/N) tries to say something. All that’s coming out is mumbles, but she’s lifted her arm up and is pointing towards the door to the kitchen.

“I’ll go.” I tell the team.

“I’ll come with you.” Steve tells you.

I shake my head at him, “I’ve got this. You stay here with (Y/N). She needs all the help she can get.”

I run into the kitchen and stop one of the chefs.

“Have you seen a guy about six foot, wearing a hoodie and blue jeans?” I ask him.

He nods, “Yes. Out the back.”

I find the back door at the back of the kitchen, and step out of it. I don’t expect to find him there, but he’s stood there…as if he was waiting for me. 

“So we meet again” The guy says, smirking at me.

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean? I don’t know you.”

He grins, “Yes you do.”

He taps the side of his head gently, and then takes down his hug. I watch as the details on his face change into a different one. He takes off a fake nose and a wig, and I look at him. At first look, I know I recognise him. And then the flashbacks come back in a hurry. Memories of him torturing me, being there when I was…that guy. Laughing each time they wiped my memory. Rumlow. 

“You.” I say simply, “What do you want?”

“What we always wanted; to re-take S.H.I.E.L.D.” He replies, “It’s something you used to want too.”

I shake my head, “No it wasn’t. It was what Hydra wanted and I was their weapon. No-one ever asked what I wanted.”

Rumlow laughs, “Shame.”

I clench my jaw and my fists tightly, “What do you want with (Y/N)?”

“Getting a little…protective there, I see?” He taunts, “Does the Winter Soldier have a little crush?”

I take a deep breath, I know I need to deal with this as calmly as I can. “(Y/N) is a good person and doesn’t deserve this. If you’re here for me, take me. You didn’t have to hurt her in the process.”

“Aah but, you see, I’m not here for you.” He laughs, “I said I’m here to help Hydra re-take S.H.I.E.L.D. And the only way we’re going to do that successfully, is if we eliminate the Avengers. So we’re starting with the most powerful member of your little superhero squad, which just so happens to be your little girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” I tell him, angrily. 

“Whatever. I don’t give a damn who or what she is.” He shrugs. 

“You won’t get away with this Rumlow” I warn him.

“And what are you going to do?” He questions, “Huh? You gonna kill me?”

I grit my teeth as he walks closer to me, until he’s stood with his face only a centimetre away from my face, “Tell me Bucky…how the hell are you able to live with yourself working on a team alongside the man whose parents you killed…for us?”

All of a sudden, he’s blasted into the wall of the next building along by something stood to my right, and is immediately knocked unconscious. I turn around to find Tony stood there, holding out his fist which is covered in an iron glove. I glare at him, and he glares back. “What? Did you seriously think I was going to let him speak of my parents like that and get away with it?”

When I don’t reply, he gestures back to the restaurant.

“You should get back inside, kid.” He says to me, “I have a feeling there’s someone in there who wants to thank you.”


“Come on, we’ll get you back to the complex. You heard the nurse, you need plenty of rest.” Natasha smiles to you softly, as you’re sat on one of the chairs at the table.

“I need to see Bucky” You argue, “Let’s just wait a couple of minutes.”

“Bucky could be anywhere looking for this guy right now. You know what he’s like once he’s set himself on something. He could be hours yet.” She replies, “Anyway…Tony’s gone out looking for him.”

You sigh, nodding your head in defeat, “Okay. I guess I can catch him tomorrow.”

Natasha helps you up and begins to guide you towards the exit, but that’s when you see Bucky entering the restaurant from the kitchen. 

“Bucky!” You yell.

He walks up to you and smiles, “Hey…are you okay?” 

You nod, “I will be. They managed to counteract the poison by injecting me with some…neutral enzyme or something.I just need a lot of rest and I should be back to my normal self in no time.”

He nods his head, “Good. I’m glad.”

“Did you…catch the guy?” You ask him.

He sighs, “Kind of. Tony…blasted him with his portable iron glove thing.”

“So who was it?” Natasha questions, “What did they want?”

Bucky’s about to answer Natasha’s question, when he’s left distracted by the kitchen door swinging open. Two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are leading a cuffed Brock Rumlow out of the restaurant, with Tony following behind. 

“You okay, kid?” Tony asks you.

You nod, not being able to hide your confusion over Rumlow being the one who poisoned you, “Yeah…yeah…I will be.”

Natasha leaves you with Bucky so that she can speak to Tony, so you smile up to him. “Thanks for trying to warn me, and then for going after Rumlow. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”

He shakes his head lightly, “I don’t think that’s true. I only did what a friend would do, right?”

“You did a little bit more than what a friend would do.” You shrug, “It must have been difficult for you to be face-to-face with Rumlow again after everything.”

This time he shrugs, “It was worth it if it means I got to keep you safe.”



Request:  Dear Tesla (aka life ruiner), can you please write me Bucky x reader, where poor sweet Bucky is having a hard time sleeping, so the reader does cute things to help him get back to sleep (mostly playing with those luscious locks because, yes)? I trust you to add other fluffy things that will sink me deeper into the pit. xoxoxoxo

Word Count: 1,121

Contains: Fluff. So much fluff.

A/N: For my dear Kait, @winchesterenthusiast! Hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by grabiajulia

Bucky absently chewed on the beef jerky, his mind blank as his eyes remained trained on the television screen. Sleep had avoided him once more. He could have sworn that they were nemeses. Exhaling loudly through his nose, Bucky glanced up as he heard footsteps approaching, his body unconsciously preparing to defend itself.

He relaxed when he recognized you, a smile dancing across his lips. You were wearing his red shirt, the one that you loved on him but wore just to have the scent of him surrounding you.

“Can’t sleep?” you questioned, walking up to him.

Bucky pouted childishly and nodded, pulling you close by your hips and resting his head on your stomach. You grinned and stroked his hair back before tapping his shoulder.

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“I should have noticed.”

“It’s not your fault you know.”

He shook his head at the statement.

“No. I should have known.”

Chuuya stared at the glittering name next to the entrance of the hospital room.

Dazai Osamu

He turned away and lowered his eyes to the polished floor.

“We were partners for so long.” The executive let out a bitter laugh. “He may have left the Port Mafia, but I never truly managed to get rid of him. What an irritating bastard.”

The contradictions between the redhead’s words and actions intrigued Kunikida, but he decided against pushing the matter any further.

After all, those brilliant blue eyes conveyed Chuuya’s unspoken feelings for the brunet better than words every could.

A complex connection. A mutual understanding? No, more like something that words couldn’t describe. Something akin to that of fate and its red string that tied people together.

The two always danced around each other, firing insults at every given opportunity as the physical distance grew between the. Growing apart in that sense, yes, but never truly separating.

Neither party would allow such a thing.

Kunikida had long decided that was the best way of explaining the nature of Dazai’s mysterious relationship with the short man next to him.

Something nearly tangible. Like sea-foam formed by a crashing wave. Visible, but at the same time, untouchable.

An awkward silence fell between the two, their sole connection being the very person whose absence was felt much too strongly.

Finally the detective spoke.

“Dazai and I have been partner for four years now. Nobody at the agency noticed either.” The blonde pushed up his glasses. “This isn’t solely your responsibility.”

Biting down on his lip, Chuuya clenched his hands into tight fists; the faint outline of a ring visible beneath the black material.

A heavy sigh extinguished the flickering sparks of light in the redhead’s cerulean eyes as Chuuya turned his attention towards the other.

“Yes it is.”

anonymous asked:

15. “I swear to God if you don’t dance with me I will break up with you.”

(also for my love @robertisbisexual  and another anon who requested this, i hope it’s okay! 💞)

Theres a loud thumping drilling into the side of Aaron’s head. He feels sticky, hands clammy and the air is humid; made worse by the swell of people pushing around him, crushing into one another as he tries to squeeze through the small gaps in the crowd. He can feel the beer in his left hand dripping over the glass, splashing onto his fingers as he keeps hold of their drinks.

They’ve come to London for the weekend: Aaron, Robert, Vic and Adam, Vic’s idea. They don’t spend enough time together, especially not as a whole group, one of them always too busy to make time to meet in the pub, or go into Hotten. It had been planned for months, three days in the capital full of shopping in places Aaron knew they couldn’t afford, pulling Robert away from the entrance of Harrods, cheap drinks and more laughs than Aaron ever remembered having, his stomach still in pain as he remembers Adam almost fainting at the top of the London Eye.

Vic and Robert are on the dance floor, Robert’s hands wrapped tight around Vic’s arms as they move, his shoulders jerking out of sync with the music. Aaron glances over to the pair as he places down their drinks and laughs, Adam howling as he films the siblings. Robert’s drunk enough that he won’t remember this until Adam shows him the video, nursing his hangover over a cheap full English in the hotel the next morning.  

“You do realise, he’s going to kill you for filming that?”  Adam’s still chortling as he puts down his phone and grabs his pint, a layer of foam forming at his top lip.

“Yeah, but it’s worth it. He still won’t delete that video he took of me dancing at the scrapyard, think of this as payback, my friend.” Theres a glint in his eyes that makes Aaron roll his, the silly feud between his husband and best friend never ending. Vic had to stage an intervention, when Robert had let himself in at theirs, swapping Adam’s protein shake with a special ‘mixture’ of his own, Robert still swears he didn’t know Vic had joined in on his programme, nor did he mean for her to miss out on several days of work.

“He’s just going to carry on messing with you, ya know. I can’t always stop him from acting like a prat.” Aaron had received the full force of Vic’s anger, what with Robert being at meetings in Leeds when she had recovered, it’s not his fault he married an idiot.

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While Angela and I were stuck in a two-hour traffic earlier from Makati to Boni, our Uber driver was telling interesting stories, and to be more specific, about alcohol because he used to be a bartender at Valkyrie, and Alamat.

Here are some pointers that we have learned:

  1. Beer should be served chilled. Do not put ice because the water compound would definitely affect the crafted compound of the beer, which, in return, would compromise its components, thus, affecting its quality drastically.
  2. Beer foam is a good thing. It is not correlated with being drunk or whatsoever. Actually, if the beer forms foam upon pouring, it means that it is fresh.
  3. There are three kinds of beer based on how it is stored, namely:
    1. The Sun Soaked: beer that has been exposed too much under the sun that it started to lose its flavor.
    2. The Opened Bottle. Some bartenders just recap the crown into unconsumed beer bottles. You could spot this when the beer doesn’t form any foam upon opening.
    3. The Perfect serving. Stored and chilled. End of story. Gulp.
  4. Never use powdered juice as a chaser. It causes severe hangover. Instead, mix rum or other alcohol with Sprite (which should not be cold). Upon mixing, chill the cocktail then serve.
  5. Lambanog can be a good substitute for rhum mixes. I’ll try this soon enough.
  6. The border between getting drunk and getting totally wrecked and wasted depends on proper phasing.
  7. Every cocktail has a story. Bartenders can sell their newly developed mixes based on two factors:
    1. Its profitability. Meaning, the owner and the consultant like it and they think that it would sell
    2. Its backstory of the cocktail mix and name. Of course, it has to be interesting. Also, creativity and ingenuity fall here.

So, there you have it. Some good old pointers from kuya Uber. Haha. Actually, we didn’t feel the long ride because he was delivering his stories comically. Good job!