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Hi! I was wondering if you could share your recipe for cabbage rolls?

Ahah, sure? :”D

It’s actually pretty much the same way I make dolma, and the only difference if in one it’s cabbage and other grape leaves.

So! It’s quite easy! First we make a filling

rice (about a cup of it, sometimes more, depending on how much of other ingredients you have), you can steam it in hot water beforehand, or can add it the way it is;

chicken forcemeat.. i use it, about half of the kilogram. you can use any other meat you like;

one carrot and one onion (maybe half, if it’s a big one); you need to grate the carrot, and cut onion in small square pieces. When I’m busier I leave onion and carrot raw, sometimes you might want to fry it. It doesn’t change the taste too much, but fried one will have slightly more oil;

one egg is optional, I use it so the main ingredients kind of glue together better, grandmother doesn’t..depends on your taste;

• pepper, salt, any other spices you like (I use the one for the chicken I love); 

Mix all the ingredients together, make sure it’s all well mixed. 

I always use leaves of sour (I hope that’s the right word) cabbage, you can use raw as well, but they need to be well steamed so they are soft and don’t break. Personally I love a bit of sourness, so! It’s easier to buy those. 

Then you just roll in the filling into the leaves! Make sure to cut out the solid middle part of the cabbage leave (if they are very big, you’ll notice what I’m talking about). Don’t take too much of the filling into one leaf, because rice will swollen with water. I usually do slightly less then a table spoon, but even lesser if the leaves are quite small. To roll in cover the filling from the top, then from the bottom, and then from the sides. Squish it in your hand carefully so it doesn’t fall apart.

The cabbage rolls are better to cook in a cauldron, when you roll them in, put them in the cauldron together as tight as you can, so they don’t swim around too much when they are being cooked. Once you rolled in everything pour some water inside, so it’s covering all of your rolls and there is still some extra on top. Put on a dish inside to press them (that’s quite optional). Cook on the middle fire (so the water boils, but doesn’t foam and spill around everywhere) for around 40 minutes. Last time I cooked for probably around an hour, so if you take more it’s okay as well. 

And ta-daaaa! Add some sour cream and it’s ready to be eaten! Hope it wasn’t too vague! 

Had a bit of an adventure today! Went with a friend of mine to a giant trampoline place. The walls are covered in trampolines and there are foam pits everywhere. Which are surprisingly extremely difficult to get out of.

And apparently I become a demon after crawling out of the Foam Pit from Hell.

Enjoy! I may post another video I took later!

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Hi! I was wondering if you could write something about Jason seeing Dick doing a trapeze act and just being in awe with how talented his boyfriend is?

I was thinking to myself “How do I write this one? How do I approach it?” and then I was reading another fic and the beginning dialogue popped into my head and wouldn’t leave and that’s the glory of writing folks! It’s not that much, but I think it was a cute little drabble?

“You didn’t have to come with me,” Dick said as they pulled up to the warehouse, both of them getting out of the car and Dick slipping a duffle bag over his shoulder. 

“I know,” Jason said as they stepped up to the doors, opening them and stepping into the large space. “It’s just that I’ve never seen you do this before.”

“You’ve seen me do acrobatics before,” Dick said as he signed in at the desk. 

“In the field,” Jason told him, referring to the way he’d seen Dick do acrobatics in combat or while flinging himself between buildings. He’d seen Dick doing some stuff at the gym, but never anything close to what he’d done when he was with the flying Graysons. 

“I can promise you this won’t be nearly as exciting,” Dick said as he walked back into the large space. It looked like a gymnastics gym with some of the same things; uneven bars, a foam pit, mats everywhere. But then there were hoops and aerial silks hanging from the ceiling and a mock tightrope set up. There was a large space in the back half of the warehouse with a net hanging below it, loose and ready to catch anyone that might fall. 

“Sure, Pretty Bird,” Jason replied as he followed Dick to the back of the room. Dick opened his bag and chalked up his hands. 

“It’s not as impressive with one person,” Dick told him. “The hoop or the silks are more for one person than this is.”

Jason was quiet as Dick climbed the ladder. It may not be as interesting, but as Dick gripped the bar and swung out into the air, it became clear to Jason that he was born there. Dick swung out and alternated between holding the bar with his hands and his knees. He moved to the second bar with ease, grabbing onto it and doing the same movements around it before going back to the original bar with a few flips.

Jason watched as Dick swing through the air like it was as easy as swimming and he clapped when Dick landed on the platform with a flip and barely a sound. He climbed down the ladder and when he reached the bottom, Jason handed him a water bottle. 

“See,” Dick said, hair mussed from the wind and a grin on his face. “Not that impressive.”

“It was beautiful,” Jason told him. “And even if it wasn’t, the look on your face is so stunning, I want to come here with you every week so I can see it.”

Dick laughed and gave Jason a gentle nudge with his foot, but Jason saw the blush coloring his cheeks. Jason kissed it, because he could, and Dick kissed him back before he pulled away. 

“Come on, I’ll show you the silks so you’ll know what an impressive performance looks like.”

Jason followed behind Dick and looked at the sway of his hips. “I’m impressed already.”

He caught the water bottle Dick threw at him, and Dick had a smile on his face the entire time he did his silks routine. 

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Foam

I don’t usually write long personal posts but today I fucked up and I fucked up badly. It began with good intentions on a beautiful hot sunny day. “Beautiful” might actually be the wrong word, “humid”, “muggy” and “like a locker room with no ventilation” would all be better descriptions. Still though, I decided today was the day to cut and sand a bunch of foam pieces for my femShep cosplay armor. Here’s a picture of the foam for reference.

Like most people of my overly pale complexion, I decided to slather myself in sunscreen so as to not completely burn the moment the sun even thinks about going near me. Realizing just how warm it was, an idea popped into my head. Why not do all the work in my bathing suit and then as soon as I’m done, I can walk right to the pool a few blocks away. WHAT A GRAND IDEA!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Between cutting with the band-saw and sanding the edges of the pieces, there’s a metric arseload of foam dust flying around everywhere. Since it’s hot and humid I begin to sweat. The sunscreen has also left a film over my entire body that is now making the foam dust stick to me. 

I go inside to put the finished pieces on my table when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My entire body minus whatever was covered by the bathing suit, is now caked in a layer of foam dust. My arms, legs, torso and neck are coated. My skin was now the color of the Greendale Human Being. 

I am one with the foam. The foam is with me.

I run inside being as careful as I can to not touch anything. I toss the bathing suit in the bathroom sink and jump into the shower. Here’s where I truly understood the error of my ways. 


So now the sunscreen is basically acting like a waterproof glue, making it nearly impossible to scrub the dust off my body. I end up taking a pumice stone and get to work exfoliating the fuck out of myself and hoping there’s still a layer of skin left when I’m done. 

Now I’ve gone from pasty white, to gray to red in the span of a few hours. My skin is not thrilled at what I’ve done to it and I am doing my best to soothe it with lotion but at least I’ve finally freed myself from foam hell. LESSON LEARNED. 

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader                                                                                 Prompt:  Wow both your fics are amazing! Could you do something for Captain Cold? Loved your first one. Reader has anxiety and maybe something happens and she has a panoc attack at team flash. Team isnt really helpful/doesnt understand and makes it worse. Leonard calms her down and is really gentle and sweet and confesses feelings? Thank You ♡♡                           Warnings: Panic Attack and mention of death, To be specific, A body being burned alive, hehehe. Reader and Leo are already dating!

“Leo!” (Y/N) squealed and ran to Leonard, gulping him up in a hug. Leonard had a coy smile on his face as he planted a kiss on the top of your head. Behind them, Barry and Cisco rolled their eyes, making gagging sound to each other. Caitlyn elbowed Barry in the gut and motioned to Leonard. He held a hard stare at them, mouthing the words “I dare you” and eyeing his cold gun. Barry and Cisco squeaked and straightened up. “What’re you doing back? I thought you wouldn’t be back here so early” (Y/N) questioned, letting go of their death grip. “Barry needed help, apparently there’s a meta-human with fire spells.  An arsonist.” (Y/N) tensed up, her (e/c) eyes flicked wildly, fear and panicked glazed her eyes. In a split second, it was gone. Their smile was returned and her eyes returned back to her cheerfully state. “Hmm? Arsonist? That’s bland” She mumbled, trying to pace their breathing, (Y/N) turned around and smiled, the one that seemed force. “Fire-Cracker!” Cisco popped the licorice out of his mouth. “His body explodes, and then turns into flames!” Cisco smiled, looking at (Y/N). She smiled, this time not forced. “Yeah, pretty spontaneous” She giggled as she nudges her boyfriend, who rolls his eyes. “Jesus Christ you’re the worst” He mutters, but kisses the top of your head. “I know” She giggles again as she spins away 

(Y/N) hummed a song on the top of her head. She started placing paper weights on the stacks of paper and organized the sticky notes by color coordinating them. Red for flash, Light blue for Caitlyn, Pastel yellow for (Y/N) and an Orange for Cisco. She smiled to her self as she pushed in the chairs, that were also color-coordinated. Barry zoomed in, the paper making a whooshing sound but successfully not flying up. His suit was on fire and he quickly tried to pat it out. “Cisco! I- I need! Extinguisher!!” He shouted, running in circles, but only ended up making it work.

“(Y/N)! Bab-” The older women coughed horribly, her crinkles in her eyes increased, tears filled her eyes from the soot. “Go! Tell the police you-you’re father did this! Stay alive, for me baby? Ok-okay? Please!” She coughed again as she lead the younger girl to the bedroom door. She turned her around and gave her a kiss to her daughters forehead, tears slipping from her eyes onto the girls face, wiping the soot off her face. The mother opened the door that was lit aflame. The fire immediately engulfed her as she let out a ear-wrenching shriek, The little girl raced passed her and ran outside, she dropped as soon as she felt the cool grass around her toes.  

(Y/N) eyes went wide, her breathing mixed and matched as the white foam went everywhere. She stumbled backwards, tears fell down her face as she backed up in the corner, slowly shrinking down. Her arms wrapped around her legs as she pulled them close to her. (Y/N) breathing labored, more tears sprang from eyes as she breathed heavily.Team Flash looked at her as she slowly rocked her self. “AH! (Y/N)! Whats? I? Did I?” Barry sprang forward, getting down on his knees. Cisco dropped the extinguisher and ran forward, sliding on his knees. The commotion brought Caitlyn to peek her head, and her eyes went to straight to you. She ran down, her high heels clicking on the way to you. “What did you baboons do?!” She whispered yelled as she softly hit both Barry and Cisco on the head. “Hey, (Y/N) are you alright? I- whats happening?” Cisco mumbled as he tried to touch your face. (Y/N) let out a blood-curdling scream as dug her face in between her knees. More rivers of tear’s erupted from her. The trio looked at each other, and out of no where Leonard walked in, with two cups of coffee from CC Jitters. His face morphed into confusion when he spotted no one around, but as soon as he spot the group on the ground, he went into panic mode. Leonard placed the two coffee’s down and raced to you, forcefully pulling Barry and Cisco apart. Leo put both of his hands on your cheeks, “Shush baby, It’ll be okay. Just breathe, In and out.” Every time he asked you to breathe in, his thumb moved up your cheek, and every time he said out, he moved it down. Slowly (Y/N) breathing steadied, her tears dried and she looked at Leonard, he smiled slightly, something he rarely does. (Y/N) leaned into him, closing her eyes and listening to his heart beat
“It’ll be okay (Y/N), nothing wont hurt you. They’ll have to get through all of us” He whispered, looking at the trio once more, who all shared a small smile. They got up and walked away. Cisco let out a small laugh and nudged Barry. “Dude! Who knew Captain Cold could be so affectionate! And he actually Smi-” Barry zoomed him and Cisco away towards the wall, just in time for a some Ice to hit the walls.

Lance Week: Birthday

Lance’s last birthday dinner was a memory he treasured more than he’d let on.  His siblings had been annoying, teasing him about getting older while his dad laughed and egged them on.  Lance remembered how his grandparents had smiled happily when he was presented with the small cake they had made for him, and the way his mother’s eyes lit up at every compliment he gave her.  Everyone he loved has been there, smiling, laughing, and just being happy.

This was nothing like that.  Pidge was perched on Hunk’s shoulders, clinging to the taller boy and screaming at Shiro to do something.  Shiro was holding something that was clearly on fire, with his right hand, extending it as far away from himself as possible.  From across the room, Coran yelled in victory before holding up what must’ve been an Altean fire extinguisher.

Glancing back at Shiro, Lance saw Keith groan and grab the extinguisher from Coran, none of them noticing the blue paladin’s presence, and point it at the fiery dish.  Standing in front of the food go dispenser Allura frowned thoughtfully, and side stepped Hunk as he and Pidge fell down on the floor.  Coran squeaked out a word before the space mice climbed on his shoulders, turning his attention away from the fire.

Keith hissed angrily at the extinguisher, while Shiro cringed at the now purple flame in his hand.  Pidge and Hunk sat up, just as Keith figured out how to operate the fire extinguisher, causing a foamy blue substance to explode form the nozzle.  The only problem was that Keith forgot to hold the end of the hose, watching dumbly as blue foam splattered everywhere and on everyone.

Ducking out of the way, Lance held his hands over his mouth to suppress a laugh in an attempt to keep himself unnoticed.  Glancing around the corner, Lance grinned at the sight of his friends.  Keith had thrown the now empty canister to the floor, grumbling as he tried to get foam out of his hair and off his jacket.  Shiro still held the dish with his right hand, but looked like he was trying not to laugh or throw something.

Pidge and Hunk sat on the floor, looking at each other as if they had been personally offended.  Allura stood silently, blinking at what had just transpired, while Coran slapped his knee and cackled.  Stepping out into plain sight, Lance realized just how extensive the mess was before he snickered, earning everyone’s attention.

Not knowing what to say, Lance asked, “What were you doing to make this happen?”

Keith glared at the floor, obviously not willing to answer, while Shiro looked at the others nervously before stepping forward and slipping on the foam.  Biting back a laugh, Lance listened as Coran explained, “Hunk told us your birth-quintaint, was nearing, and we wanted to prepare something for you.”

Glancing at Hunk for confirmation, Lance asked, “So you guys got me a pan of purple flaming food goo and a roomful of fire extinguisher fluff?”

“We were trying for a cake,” Pidge argued, building a small figure out of the foam.

Allura sighed, her hands clasped in front of her dress as she stated, “This was a failure. We ruined your celebration, and for that I apologize.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lance asked, carefully walking further into the room before throwing his arms around Shiro and Keith’s shoulders, “This is awesome!  I’m gonna play with this stuff, and if you really wanna apologize, you’re gonna join me.”

Keith raised an eyebrow, unimpressed at Lance’s attitude he asked, “You want us to play with you?”

Nodding, Lance dropped to the floor and grabbed a handful of the foam, before starting to make a pathetic snowman of sorts.  Glancing up at his friends, Lance stated, “My birth-quintaint, my rules.”

Pidge snickered, scooping the light blue foam up and falling backwards in delight.  Hunk shrugged, trying to form an animal with the blue stuff before throwing it onto Pidge’s head.  Keith and Shiro glanced at each other before sitting down and joining in, while Allura and Coran spoke briefly about cleaning the mess but eventually found themselves on the floor playing with the extinguisher foam.

It wasn’t birthday dinner, and they weren’t his blood relatives, but Lance felt happiness grow in his chest as he saw his friends play and have fun.  Birth-quintaint or birthday, Lance only needed the people he cared about nearby to make it worthwhile.

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How are our heads coming?

You can always message me personally about the progress of them. I’m more than happy to talk to you about it and there’s no need to feel like you are bothering me! ^^

We’re expecting that the “Master Head” for Tale Sans should be done very early June! Fell sans will be built from Tale sans afterwards when a mould is made and shouldn’t take as long than starting from scratch!
It’s just a few things have come up like family issues, frequent trips to the vet for my cat, Vince juggling with the progress as well as getting the rest of his cosplay together for the convention we are going to at the end of the month, plus an unexpected set back of our materials reacting badly with eachother which made the head go from 90% done down to basically 60%… It’s kind of been us jumping through hoops constantly and a bit of a struggle…. With the con closing in so soon he’s been putting a lot of effort into his armor for his Genji cosplay as of late (if anyone is interested in that, I can show some progress pictures of it! It looks amazing!!).
As far as I am aware, no one who has already paid/partially paid needed the heads very soon (one person requested September but they’ll be done MUCH earlier before then) so with quality and precision in mind for everyone I told him it was best if he focused on the armor he is doing at the moment and then putting his all into the rest afterwards when we get back. I want you guys to be completely satisfied with them and although he’s a fast worker I don’t want him rushed and exhausted that would potentially make him sick with more delays (sanding for hours at a time with all of that pink insulation foam everywhere hmmm….)
On my side I’ve been pretty busy finishing things that need to be done, slowly bringing together items I plan on hauling with me to Atlantale and for my future online store. Charms, prints, decals so far.. Doujinshi & Zine making too… It’s been an endless amount of research especially considering how absolutely horrific Canadian shipping standards are. Currently waiting on the test print of my swap sans and swap pap charms to come in and see how they turned out! Super excited!! I will also be going on a short 1 week or so internet hiatus tomorrow so that I can pump out most, if not all, of my commissions I have currently. Passwords are going to be switched and whatnot so I wont have access to Tumblr for that time.

All in all, before our materials hecked up, the head was completely sanded and BOY it looked fantastic!! I wish we took a small video beforehand. We’ll be sure to do that once it’s looking back up to par!!
I’ve talked to quite of few people already about what was going on, but in case there are any other concerns or questions you can definitely message me about it. You guys have been a HUGE help and it was a relief to see a lot of debt off our backs, especially with the health of my cat taking an abrupt turn for the worse.. Really, thank you! Sorry it’s been kind of a long post but there was a lot to say and since I wont be around for the next week or so I thought it’d best to give a detailed answer! (๑•̀ᴗ•́๑)

-Tale sans planned to be done for early June.
-Real life/other things hecked up our scheduled plan on having it done sooner
-One week (or so) long internet hiatus starting end of monday(May 8th) so that I can get work done. I will not be able to be contacted for this time.
-If someone for some reason ABSOLUTELY MUST NEED to contact me within this time you can send a message to @sinvoidsfw
-Thank you bless you have a wonderful day  (˶ ᵕᴗᵕ ˶)

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how do u think it is their mornjng routine? ❤

ahhhhhh yes beautiful ok:

so they always start with cuddles, as previously discussed and then if they have the time and motivation, maybe some lazy morning sex. this is followed by a naked race to the bathroom if they’re well-rested or a slow stumbling if they’re still sleepy. originally, they brushed their teeth before showering but then harry confessed that he preferred to brush his teeth after showering because “it feels cleaner, louis, i swear”. louis rolled his eyes but gave in because his baby gets whatever he wants, and yeah maybe it does feel a little cleaner, whatever. so now they shower first:

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((Both of these came at very different times, and I’m glad that they fit together really well. ))

               MC had made sure that everything was perfect. Saeran and Saeyoung were going to celebrate Christmas together for the first time, and MC wanted it to be memorable. She had gotten a tree, and decorated it with lights, tinsel, ornaments, and a little angel on the top. There was a little electric train that ran around the bottom of the tree, zooming around the miniature village that MC had set up.

               She had gotten stockings for each of them, and they each had their name written on there with sequins. Since Saeyoung didn’t have a fireplace, MC got creative and hung them above a vent. She then went and got the presents that she had wrapped and placed them under the tree. Satisfied with that, she decided to go the whole nine yards. Candy canes were everywhere, and there were Christmas lights strung everywhere, mistletoe above the doorway, and Holiday sweaters were placed on each of the boy’s beds.

               The boys then came home, and saw that MC was in a cute holiday dress, putting holiday decorations around the entire house. The house smelled like gingerbread, and MC ran up and gave both of the boys a hug.

               “Um, MC, what is all of this?” Saeran asked anxiously

               “Christmas decorations! I want to make sure that your first Christmas together is perfect!”

               Both of the boys blushed, and MC beamed happily. Everything was perfect now that the boys were here, and MC wouldn’t have it any other way. She ran and got the Christmas sweaters, and had the boys put them on, and she went and turned on the CD player, putting Christmas tunes on for the boys to enjoy. Saeran didn’t seem to know what to do with all the decorations, but MC could tell that he was enjoying it. Saeyoung was the most ecstatic about the place being decked out in holiday decorations, and went to the fridge and pulled out some eggnog for the trio to enjoy together.

               “So boys, do we want to want Rudolph the red nose reindeer, or do we want to watch Frosty the snowman?”

               They eventually decided on Frosty, and MC put in the movie, pausing the music. They were about half way in, when Saeran began sniffing the air

               “Hey, does it smell like something is burning to you?”

               The trio leapt up, noticing the smoke coming from the tree. Apparently, the stockings got a little too warm, and MC’s had caught on fire. It then somehow jumped to the tree, and the entire tree was on fire. Saeyoung ran into the kitchen and got the fire extinguisher, and when he used it, white foam went everywhere, covering not only the tree and stockings, but everything in the room. Everyone looked like Frosty, and MC began to cry.

               “MC? Why are you crying? The fire is out…were you scared?” Saeyoung asked gently

               MC shook her head no. She tried to explain but she couldn’t get anything out through all the tears. Suddenly, the lights flickered and sputtered out. This made MC cry even harder. Saeran went over and awkwardly held MC as she was bawling. Saeyoung tried to get the lights back on, but it appeared that it was a circuit shortage, and that the power was probably going to be out for a while. Saeyoung then called the power company, and they told him that it would probably be back on in about an hour.

               “MC, the power is going to be back in an hour. It’ll be alright.”

               “N-No it won’t…Christmas is ruined!” MC wailed

               Both of the Choi brothers gave each other a confused glance, before trying to console a crying MC. MC sobbed that she had done everything to make Christmas absolutely perfect for them, but now the power was out, the stockings were burnt, the tree was covered in extinguisher foam, and nothing seemed to be going right.

               “MC…Thank you” Saeyoung whispered

               MC looked up confused, and they explained that just being with MC was enough for them. They didn’t need anything fancy…just the thought of her trying to make it a perfect Christmas was enough for them. MC wasn’t quite convinced, and both of the boys looked at each other and silently nodded, as if telepathically speaking to each other. The left MC, and both boys disappeared into their rooms. They came back with flashlights and badly wrapped presents. They both handed the presents to MC, putting a warm blanket on her shoulders. They then went and unearthed the presents that MC had put under the tree for them

               “To be honest, I kind of felt uncomfortable will all the stuff going on” Saeran admitted

               “Yeah. This is better anyways. Besides, now it looks like it snowed inside!” Saeyoung joked

               MC looked up at them anxiously. She had tried her very best to make everything perfect…but…maybe this was better. Saeyoung was putting the white foam on his brother’s head while Saeran was trying to punt Saeyoung into the sun. MC began to laugh, and the boys stopped wrestling and looked at MC. MC dried her tears and smiled the brightest, warmest smile that the Choi brothers had ever seen.

               “Saeran, you’re right. I did do too much! Let’s just enjoy what we have!”

               Both boys looked at each other and smiled softly. They opened their presents. Saeyoung got a Longcat pillow (A full meter tall! :D) to which Saeran scoffed at. Saeran opened his gift and immediately blushed. He got one of those really cat stuffed animals which purr and have realistic breathing. They both handed MC their presents, and MC opened Saeyoung’s first, revealing a handmade robot hamster, complete with a speaker, voice command, and enough sass to last MC a lifetime. Saeran’s present was much simpler, but still handmade and made with the same care. It was an adorable little robot that when it was tapped in different areas, said different pre-programed things with Saeran’s voice. The lights then flickered on, and the movie began up again, but nobody really noticed. MC hugged both of the boys. They all agreed that this was by far the best Christmas ever.

Accident Prone (a Baldo fic)

Barry added more sodium to the substance he was concocting in his lab. He couldn’t seem to get the consistency right. He opened his notebook to keep track of his progress, and as he did so, he heard the Winnebago door creak open behind him. “Hello, Renaldo,” he greeted his friend without looking up. The school day had been over for almost an hour now, and Barry was actually surprised that it had taken Naldo so long to come over. Usually he and Barry just walked home together, but Naldo told Barry he had to stay after school to talk to one of his teachers, so Barry walked home alone. Sure, he missed Naldo’s eccentric chatter, but it gave him some time to hypothesize about the many experiments he had in mind.

“Hi, Barry!” Naldo chirped, dropping his backpack on the seat of the booth, next to the alien. He took a seat next to his bag, rather than joining Barry over by the counter. Oh well. Naldo seemed fine; he probably was just tired and didn’t feel up to one of their science experiments. Then again, Barry never really knew if people seemed fine or if he just couldn’t read social cues.

“You okay, buddy?” Barry asked, just to be safe. Although he knew Naldo was always okay. He was the most positive person Barry knew. He definitely kept Barry from being down in the dumps pretty often. Without Naldo, Barry probably would have given up on a thousand things by now. But instead he kept on trying, because Naldo believed in him.

“Yeah, of course! I just wish I hadn’t been late getting here,” Naldo replied, standing up and heading over to Barry. His gaze was directed slightly toward the floor, and his hat was lower on his head than Barry remembered it usually being, but Barry figured he shouldn’t push the subject any further. Maybe this was just another Naldo quirk. Or maybe it was just something everyone did from time to time and Barry hadn’t noticed. He really wasn’t very good at noticing human behavior. And on the rare occasions he did notice, it was almost always Naldo’s behavior he was noticing. Well to be fair, the two boys did spend most of their time together. Barry didn’t really ever have a chance to notice anyone else’s behavior. It was just Barry, Naldo, and the life size alien always inhabiting the Winnebago with them.

“Don’t worry about it,” Barry assured his friend, turning to face Naldo more directly. “Did you get to talk to that teacher you wanted to meet with?”

“Yeah, I did,” Naldo answered, still looking downward. He picked up a vial of something and started shaking it. “So, what are we doing today?”

Barry considered whether he should ask for more information, and decided that as a scientist, it was pertinent that he know everything he could. He had to ask. “Renaldo, what happened after school? Are you having trouble in a class or something?” If Naldo was struggling with schoolwork, Barry could understand his hesitancy to talk about it. It was important to excel in school, after all. But Naldo didn’t need to hide his struggles from Barry! Barry could help him improve his grades! Naldo knew that! So why would he want to keep something like this from Barry?

“Barry, no. Everything’s fine. Nothing happened after school. I just talked to a teacher about a test grade and he fixed his mistake and changed my grade. I’m doing fine,” Naldo insisted, shaking the vial more vigorously. Suddenly it exploded and foam flew everywhere, covering the floor of the RV. “Sorry, that was an accident!” Naldo exclaimed, grabbing a cloth from the counter to clean up the mess. As he leaned down to the floor to wipe the foam away, his hat tilted off of his head. Barry thought he saw a red mark on Naldo’s face, and knelt down to reach for his friend.

Barry pushed aside Naldo’s hair to get a better look, and sure enough, Naldo’s eyebrow was bleeding. And now that Barry was closer to his friend, he could see the purple surrounding Naldo’s eye. Barry gasped and pulled his hand away. “Renaldo, what happened?”

Naldo grabbed his hat and stood up, heading toward the door. “Nothing, Barry. I fell. You know me, I’m clumsy.” He placed his hat back on his head and stepped down the stairs, opening the door to the RV.

Barry grabbed Naldo’s arm and pulled the door shut. “No, you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what happened. Are you okay? Who did this to you?”

Naldo sighed and allowed Barry to drag him over to the booth. Barry wet a washcloth and sat himself next to Naldo, gently dabbing the boy’s face with the damp cloth.

“I’m fine, I promise,” Naldo reassured him. “It doesn’t even hurt. I just didn’t want you to know that I got beat up.”

“Why not? You don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s not like I’ll think any less of you. I know you’re an awesome guy, even if someone else doesn’t think so.” Barry smiled softly, but then thought for a minute and frowned. “Wait a minute. Everyone at school likes you. Who would beat you up?”

Naldo looked uncomfortable at this question, and tried to squeeze past Barry to exit the vehicle. But Barry held his stance and wouldn’t let Naldo by. “Naldo, why did you get beat up?” Barry pressed.

Naldo sighed again. “Because I was sticking up for you,” he finally answered, slumping back into the booth in defeat.

Barry’s face fell. “Someone did this to you…because of me?” he managed, dropping the washcloth to the table. He felt like his heart just fell out of his body. He was responsible for this? Naldo was black and blue and bruised because of him? Barry had never felt so lousy. He never wanted to be a reason that Naldo got hurt.

“It’s not because of you, Barry,” Naldo tried to assure his friend, putting his arm around him. “It’s just that some kids were saying mean things about you, and I couldn’t take it. I told them to stop, and they made fun of me for defending you, and then I told them they needed to cool it because you’re a great guy. And they said I was making myself look bad, sticking up for a nerd like that. So I said they were making themselves look like idiots for saying bad things about someone as awesome as you, and then they got angry at being called idiots, and well…this happened,” Naldo finished, motioning to his eye.

“I’m so sorry, Renaldo,” Barry said, putting his arms around Naldo and squeezing him tight. “You didn’t have to say all those nice things about me. But I’m really touched that you did.” He smiled at his friend, who hugged him back.

“Of course I did. I’m not gonna let anyone say anything bad about you,” Naldo rubbed Barry’s back quickly and then pulled away from the hug. “The black eye was worth it.”

“It doesn’t even look that bad,” Barry lied, trying to make Naldo feel better. It was the least he could do. Barry couldn’t believe he was so lucky to have a friend as great as Naldo. He didn’t know where he would be without him. Probably nowhere good. “Hey, Renaldo?”

“Yeah?” Naldo brushed his hair in front of his eye to cover the bruising.

“I’m really thankful that I have you,” Barry said, helping Naldo to adjust his hair. Their fingers brushed as they both pushed Naldo’s bangs across his forehead, and Barry pulled back a bit, but then decided against it. He grabbed Naldo’s fingers with his own and pulled them away from his face. He readjusted their hands so that he was holding Naldo’s whole hand with his own. He squeezed Naldo’s hand quickly and then let go. Just a quick thank you between friends.

“You’ll always have me,” Naldo assured Barry. There was a beat of silence, and Barry just stared at Renaldo, thinking about how wonderful his friend was. Naldo stared back for a second, and then cleared his throat. “Well, uh, we gonna do this experiment or what?”

“Experiment?” Barry asked, his head foggy. He had forgotten everything that came before Naldo assuring Barry he would have him forever.

“Yeah, the thing with the sodium?” Naldo reminded him, lightly pushing Barry out of the booth so they could both stand up.

“Right, of course. Yes, let’s get to it,” Barry agreed, heading back over to the counter. He picked up a test tube from the rack  with one hand, and placed the other on the counter next to Naldo’s. And if his hand inched a little bit closer to Naldo’s as the minutes bore on, well then that was just an accident.

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Chapter 2 here

Chapter 3 here

Grue aimed and fired a stream at him, but Triumph was surprisingly quick in slipping out of the way.

A slippery away-slipper that slips away.

…I don’t know where I was going with that.

As Grue reoriented his aim, Triumph kicked over a cocktail table and grabbed it with one hand to use as a shield against the foam.

Between all these tables getting thrown around with no respect for anything that might be on them, the containment foam being sprayed everywhere, all the things people may have knocked over in their haste to get out of the way and the three car-sized dogs who crashed through the glass ceiling… someone’s gonna have a hell of a clean-up job after this.

That poor janitor.

I tried to scramble to one side, to attack him from another direction, but he opened his mouth and unleashed another shockwave that sent me skidding across the floor, dangerously close to the piles of foam that had the Wards trapped.

Get him from the back with your bugs! He’d have to turn his head all the way around to shockwave the bugs away, and by the time he notices their approach it might be too late for that.

As I tried to raise my nozzle in his direction to spray more containment foam at him, my vision swam and I saw double, and a high pitched whine threatened to drown out everything else.

Is he using ultrasound or something?

I lowered the weapon, sent more bugs his way and focused on regaining my senses.


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hi can i please!!! PWEASE have the second part of the 4 o 15 single parent/teacher au please im dying right here to know what happened just a tiny little one i'm not asking for a long one hahaha just for the close xD

Thank you for enjoying my fic!! Read the first part here~

And here is the second part hehe. I had fun!!

4. teacher/single parent au - yoonmin

The twilight sky is a shade of crimson lavender fading into periwinkle grey, and the chatter in the daycare has mostly died down as parents pick up their children after bidding goodbye to their beloved Mr. Park.

Jimin is exhausted but his heart is light and full. Children are such angels, even the cheeky ones. He scans his surroundings, slotting his hands in his front apron pockets, and finds Min Taehyung sitting quietly in a corner, entertaining himself with crayons and his imagination.

As a teacher, Jimin doesn’t like to play the bias game, but he has a special place in his heart for this little boy, partly because he’s such an adorable and warm kid, but more critically (though Jimin refuses to admit it) because of his suave-looking father, Min Yoongi. Who happens to be latest parent today.

“Taehyung,” Jimin walks over and lowers himself to the floor where the angelic boy is sprawled with crayons strewed all over the floor. He looks extremely cute with his tongue sticking out as he focuses on his masterpiece, which looks like a bunch of colourful squiggly lines, but oh well. “Are you hungry?”

Without looking up, Taehyung replies, “A little.”

Jimin pulls out two pieces of chocolate from his pockets and hands them over on his palm. At the sight of the sweet delight, Taehyung breaks into the biggest smile. “Chocolate?”

“One for you and one for me,” Jimin smiles back, pauses for a second, then adds, “Don’t tell your daddy. he might - uh - scold me. It’s my special treat for you, because you’re such a good boy.”

Taehyung nods his head enthusiastically and fidgets in anticipation as Jimin carefully peels the wrap off and pops the chocolate in his tiny mouth. Still chewing, Taehyung says, “So is this your favourite chocolate in the whole wide world?”

At that, Jimin laughs bashfully, a blush forming on his cheeks as he recalls the awkward show-and-tell session they had a good two weeks or so ago, in which Taehyung had tried to “match-make” his dad and his teacher together. He tries his best to suppress the butterflies in his stomach at the thought of Yoongi calling him ‘pretty’.

“I guess so.” Then, hesitantly, with his voice lowered into a mere whisper, Jimin looks down at his entwined fingers and asks, “So, Taehyung…did your daddy say anything else about me?”

A mischievous grin spreads across Taehyung’s face, a glint evident in his transparent huge eyes. “Yes, he says many good things about you.”

Jimin feels the urge to retract his words, but at Taehyung’s remark, he can’t hold back his wildly beating heart and his eager curiosity as he makes an encouraging noise, prompting the boy to elaborate.

“Once, he called you an angel.” Taehyung presses his chubby fingers on his lips in deep thought. “Oh and he says you look nice when you wear that biiiiiig sweater that swallows up your hands. Daddy also thinks your eyes look like beautiful crechents when you smile.”

“Crescents,” Jimin absentmindedly corrects, feeling a warm tingle in his chest and spreading everywhere.

“Your face is very red, Mr. Park.” Taehyung remarks, pulling him out of his dreamy reverie.

Laughing too loudly and shakily, Jimin presses his fingers over his cheeks. “O-oh my… is it?” Desperately trying to change the subject so the little boy doesn’t get catch onto his intentions, Jimin fondles the chocolate wrapper in his hand and blurts out, “Taehyung, do you know how to make paper hearts?”

“Nope.” Taehyung pops the ‘p’, shaking his head. “But it sounds cool.”

Jimin tousles his hair, reaching over to guide the small hands. “I’ll teach you.”

As they slowly fold the corners of the delicate wrapper, the words fall out of Jimin’s mouth yet again. In the most casual tone he can muster, he inquires, “Do you love your daddy, Taehyung?”

Another vehement nod from the boy. “Uh-huh. Daddy is the coolest guy in the whole wide world. Kookie says he looks fierce and scary but that’s only when he combs his hair back. When he’s at home he’s fluffy like a kitty.”

Jimin giggles, an image sprouting in his mind. “Like…a kitty?”

“Mmhm!!” Eyes still trained on tucking his origami heart to perfection, Taehyung continues with a bright voice. “My favourite game with Daddy is when he lies on the bed under the blankies and I lie on his chest and we pretend to be cats!”

Be still, my heart. Jimin summons his willpower not to let his heart burst with affection. “So how do cats act like?”

Taehyung smiles in that rectangular way, revealing his tiny teeth. “Meow.” he whispers in a high-pitched manner. “And then Daddy will reply with a purr—and he will close his eyes and we’ll rub noses like this,” The little boy is suddenly in Jimin’s space, up close, as he grabs the sides of his teacher’s face and bumps their noses together. “Meow.

“Meow.” Jimin echoes back, hugging Taehyung tightly. “That’s really cute. You’re cute.” And so is your father. 

“Can Daddy have a paper heart too? Can you make one for him? Pretty please?” Taehyung looks up from under this thick eyelashes, batting them innocently.

“Okay, okay.” Jimin complies. He pauses for a second, picks up the nearest crayon to scribble something in it, before expertly folding it up into a little heart, passing it to Taehyung.

“Give it to your daddy when he’s at home okay?” Jimin says with a smile reaching his eyes.

“Because Daddy’s a good boy right?” Taehyung asks for confirmation and Jimin can’t help but agree.

It’s been a long day for Yoongi and he rushes in the daycare centre, panting. In between short breaths, he apologises fervently to Jimin, who steadily avoids his lingering gaze, cheeks rosy and neck flushed as he bows back in awkwardness, eyes downcast.

Later on at night, Yoongi finds a shiny paper heart in Taehyung’s shirt pocket and asks his kid about it.

“Oh yeah!” Taehyung screams in recognition, toothpaste foam flying everywhere. Yoongi scowls and wipes his face. “Mr. Park’s present for youuuuuu.”

“For me?” The frown fades away from Yoongi’s face as he carefully observes the heart, noticing something written underneath.

“Because you’re a good boy, Daddy.” Taehyung replies innocently. 

It’s a phone number imprinted in pretty cursive font and a lopsided heart at the end.

Yoongi suffers from his third meltdown. 

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CEO!Luke Part 13

Warning: Smut

Luke’s POV:

Seeing Y/N get tased make my heart explode with anger. “Hey! Hey! Get the hell off her!” I yell pushing the security guard out of the way. “Step out of my way pal. These two are leaving with us” he says picking Y/N up. “That’s my girlfriend! Let her the fuck go! She is coming with me!” I shout blocking his path. “Sir these two caused a ruckus and even damaged some of the property so please step out of my way before I have you escorted out” the big man said. “She was fucking defending herself you idiot! Just give me my girlfriend back and take that other bitch away!” I yell my blood boiling. “I beg you! Please!” I desperately ask. “What do you want!? Money!? You want money? Fine here you go” I say digging for my wallet in my pocket and pulling out $200. “Take this and give me my girl back now before I blow your face in with my fist!” I say shoving the money in his chest. “Whatever take her” the man said handing me over Y/N who’s passed out. Seeing her in my arms again looking half dead made me think about our first interaction together where April attacked her out of nowhere and here we are again. It all happened so fast. Y/N and I were having a blast dancing together laughing and kissing and then all of the sudden April comes in and pushes her on the ground. When Y/N tackled April, I knew it was going to get ugly. I tried my hardest I really did to find them but they moved so quickly around the club. Glasses and plates shattering everywhere they went. Then out of nowhere came Clara swooping in taking April to the ground but was almost knocked out by a high heel to the head. Michael and I tried to hold Y/N back and I could only feel the anger inside her body just raging wanting to be unleashed. She pushed me away and sprinted towards April again and then they were gone. I made my way through the hoards of people and that was when I saw the security guard tase her which was completely uncalled for! My heart fucking dropped see her body lock up like that. There was no way in hell I was going to let security take her away from me. I don’t give a single fuck about April they can literally banish her from the country and I’d be fine with it. I take a deep breath as I carry Y/N outside the club. “Mikey!” I shout grabbing his attention. “Yeah?” he asks coming towards me. “I need you to take Y/N back to the suite” I say. “Yeah of course I think we’re all done for the night” he says looking over at Clara who’s holding her head leaning on Emily’s shoulder. “Clara you alright?” I ask kindly. “Yeah I’m fine” she says giving me a small smile. “Please take her back and tuck her in bed. I’ll be back later” I say gently place Y/N in Michael’s arms. “Alright man where are you going?” he asks me. “To take care of a few things. I’ll see you later” I smile but my smile fades away seeing Y/N’s body still helpless. A single tear drops from my eye down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly turning back into the club.

I make my way to the back entrance of the club as guards were taking April away. “Wait up!” I say to the driver. “Sir you aren’t allowed to com-” I cut him off by showing him my license then ID I had for work. The driver examines them closely as he realizes who I am. I’m no FBI agent but I do own a very successful company that has colleagues wanting to divest from all over the country and LA being one of the most popular. “Sorry Mr. Hemming’s about that. Please hop in” the driver smiles shyly handing me back my stuff. “Thank you” I say retrieving the two cards and climbing in the back seat. April was placed in the back of a police car and my driver follows the car to the station. The ride wasn’t even ten minutes long and my car stops in the front of the station. I give my driver $20 to stay and wait for me while I do some business. Guards take April in and put her in a holding cell. “Excuse me Sir, I’d like to speak with that woman” I say asking the policeman. “Sure” he says walking over to unlock the cell. “She will wake up in about five minutes or so” he says to me. “Thank you” I respond. I take a chair from the corner of the room and place it in front of the bed but not too close. I sit and wait for about eight minutes. I look at my watch and April stirs waking up. I lift my head up staring at the woman who almost killed my girlfriend. “Lukey is that you?” she asks fluttering her eyes open looking at me. “That isn’t my name. It’s Luke” I state. “Why are you angry baby? It’s okay” she says sitting up. “Don’t fucking call me that” I say looking straight at her. “Aw does someone need some relief down there?” she asks referring to my dick. “You make me sick April. Absolutely sick” I say to her. “Then why are you here and not with Y/N?” she asks smirking. “I am here because I wanted to let you know that if you come near me and or Y/N or Clara or anybody that I am friends with again, I will have you destroyed” I say firmly. “Oh please Luke you don’t scare me. I came back for you because we had unfinished business” she says. “You nearly killed an innocent girl you have never met before in my office!” I shout at her. “She was pissing me off!” she shouts back. “You don’t fucking do that April! You’re psycho! Literally get it through your head!” I yell at her. My blood boiling. “Don’t come here acting like a fucking dick and threatening someone you loved!” she says. “I never loved you. Not one ounce of me ever loved you” I say. “Just like Y/N doesn’t love you” she responds. “You don’t know anything about her” I say. “I do know that she’s a slut that’s for sure” she scoffs. My eyes widen. “Don’t you ever fucking call her that ever again!” I yell standing up. “You know nothing about her and you never will. You will not come near her or me ever again do you understand?. You had no fucking right to touch her in the first place. This is all your fault April and now you have to deal with the consequences” I state firmly pointing a finger at her. I get up and walk out of the cell not looking back. “I never want to see your face again Hemming’s!” she yells hitting against the metal repeatedly. “Lock that bitch up” I say to one of the guards as I pass him walking out of the station. I open the car door to my ride and climb in. “Thank you for waiting. Back to the hotel please” I kindly ask. “Yes sir” he nods driving off.

The kind man pulls up at the front of the hotel and I open the door. “Thank you again for the ride. Have a nice night. Drive safe!” I smile waving. “No problem Mr. Hemming’s” he nods as I close my door. I walk around the front of the car and make my way to the doors of the hotel. I speed walk to the elevator just wanting to see if my girl is okay. I stand in front of the elevator pushing the button. I stand patiently checking my watch and there was still no elevator. “Come on” I groan repeatedly tapping the button. The ding sounds finally came as the doors open. I step inside hitting my floor button. I lean my back against the wall and just breath deeply trying to relax myself but what I have witnessed tonight just makes my body constantly shiver. I practically run to our suite door and swipe my key card as I enter the room. “Hey man” Michael says instantly propping up from the couch. He was in his PJ’s looking exhausted. “Where’d you go?” he asks me. I sit down next to him leaning against the pillows. “I went to give April a piece of my mind and to tell her to never come near us again” I said to him. “She is being locked up anyway and I hope she gets transferred to a mental hospital” I add. “You did the right thing man. I mean that was crazy back there and I honestly hate myself for letting my future wife get hurt like that” He says. “Same here Mikey same here. I just wish I could have picked Y/N up and carried her out of there but she pushed me away” I say. “Her and Clara did do some bad ass damage though” he says. “Speaking of Clara, how is she?” I ask. “She’s alright. I forced her to take some Advil because of her head but she wouldn’t stop asking about Y/N” he says. “Is Y/N sleeping?” I ask getting up. “No idea. I did what you told me to do so I just tucked her in and left” he says getting up as well. “Thanks man. I’m gonna go check on her now. Goodnight” I say. “Night mate” he responds as we hug it out. I pull away. “See you in the morning” I say. “You too bud” Michael says walking to his room. I take a deep breath as I slowly creep Y/N and I’s door open. I pop my head in as I see my beautiful girl sleeping on our bed. I close the door behind me trying not to wake her up. I dim the lights to make the room darker. I unbutton my shirt throwing it on my suitcase. I sit on the edge of the bed and untie my shoes then place them to the side. I get up and head to the bathroom. I dim the lights in the bathroom as well and then walk over to the tub turning the water on. I check the temperature with my hand making sure it’s perfect. After that, I walk over to the sink and open the draw to find a lighter so I can light some candles around the tub. I light about five candles and spread them out evenly around the bath. The hotel provides those cool bath bombs that I heard that make the water different colors. I pick up a purple bath bomb and bring it up to my nose smelling it. It smells like lavender which I think is good for relaxation. I drop it in the water watching it frizz around spreading purple and blue foam everywhere. After I watch it dissolve, I check under the sink in search of any flower petals to put in the water as well because Clara once told me that flower petals in water help hydrate and soothe the skin and I want Y/N to really enjoy this. Thank god that we are in Vegas because the hotel does provide petals as well. Rose petals which are great and very romantic I think. I sprinkle those in the water as well. I take a step back looking at my masterpiece. Now it’s time to go wake my sleeping beauty up.

Y/N’s POV:

I flutter my eyes open to see the bathroom light on thinking Luke is brushing his teeth getting ready for bed. How did I even end up in bed? I see a shirtless Luke walk out of the bathroom heading towards me. “Hey pretty girl” he whispers kneeling down on the side of the bed. “How did I end up in bed?” I ask. “Michael carried you back here and tucked you in” he said to me stroking my hair. “Why didn’t you do that? I ask sitting up. “I had to take care of something so I asked him to do that for me” he says. “Take care of what Luke? What did you do? I thought we agreed on no secrets” I say to him. “Fine” he says hanging his head low then raising it again. “I went to the police station where April is being held in. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind and I did. I told her that she is psychopath and to never come near us again” he says looking me straight in the eye telling the truth. “Luke you didn’t have to do that” I say. “No Y/N please don’t say that. I did have to do that because she hurt you and whoever touches my girl will have to deal with me” he says firmly. “You’re my responsibility and I’m the one who’s suppose to protect you” he adds on. “What you did back there Y/N was-I can’t even describe it” he says. “I kicked her ass that’s what I did” I smirk. “You saved me” Luke says. “It was time for her to taste her own medicine so I gave it to her. Plus, no one touches my man” I say giving a small smirk. “God I’m in love with you” he grins leaning in kissing my lips. I wince a little because my lip was cut by that bitches ring. “Sorry baby” Luke chuckles. “It’s okay” I whisper leaning my forehead against his. “I made a bath for you. Wanna get in it?” he asks me. My eyes widen at the thought of a warm bath right now.

 “Oh god yes please” I giggle standing up. I walk slowly as Luke guides me into the dimmed bathroom. “Very relaxing and romantic” I smile looking at the beautiful set up Luke made for me. “Here let me help you out of this dress Princess” Luke offers. He unzips the zipper trailing it down my back. Once the dress was down to my feet, I step out. Luke comes behind me again and unclips my bra slowly. I slide it off as I toss it to the ground along with my dress. Luke kisses my shoulder then comes back around to face me. He kisses my forehead, then nose, chin, chest, one of my breasts, stomach, as he bends his knees down. He hooks his fingers at the edges of my panties and slides them down gradually. I step out of them as he tosses them to the side. I’m now fully exposed to him as he stands back up. He lifts me bridal style making me gasp a little. I giggle as he gently places me in the bath. My body immediately relaxes as the warm water soothes into my skin. “Ugh this feels so good” I laugh leaning my head back closing my eyes. “Great to hear Princess” Luke says looking at me. I pop one of my eyes open to see if he will be joining me. “Please join me” I beg reaching my arm out to him. “Of course I am baby girl give me a few seconds okay?” he smiles looking down at me fiddling with my fingers. “Okay” I smile as I lean back again enjoying the water. Luke shuffles out of the bathroom for a few seconds then comes back in fully naked. “Why couldn’t you just take your pants off in here?” I giggle. “I honestly have no idea” he chuckles stepping into the bathtub. “Weirdo” I say moving up so he can squeeze in behind me. His long legs slide on each side of my body as he brings me to his chest. “Lemme wash you up baby” Luke whispers grabbing some body wash and pouring some in his hands. He mixes it in his big hands and rubs my shoulders and all over my back. He pours some more and has me lean back against his chest again as he rubs all the wash all over my stomach and around my breasts. My breath hitches as hands glide over my nipples a few times. Luke then takes a cup and scoops the water into it then pours it down my body washing away the bubbles on my skin. He does this a couple times more then places the cup back on the side. I turn around so I’m facing him. I look into his charming blue eyes just admiring his face. He smiles at me as I bring myself closer to him.

“Thank you” he whispers. “For what?” I whisper back. “For fighting my battle” he says. “I did what I had to do Luke. I wasn’t just going to let her walk all over me like that” I say wrapping my arms around his neck as I run my fingers through his hair. “Still Y/N she attacked you when we first met and now she shows up again out of nowhere” Luke says. “We both did our parts Luke and now she won’t be coming near us again like you said” I say kissing his cheek. “I know I know but the thing that really pissed me off was when you got tased. Like there was no reason for that” he says to me. I giggle at him. “Why are you laughing?” he asks. “I mean it stung like a bitch but I honestly don’t care at this point that it happened” I say plainly. “You’re so strong baby” Luke says rubbing my back. “And like I said before she touched you and that pissed me off” I add. “Does anything hurt on your body right now?” he asks. “I mean my body is sore but I’ll live Lukey it was just a cat fight so let’s move on. We still have a few more days here so let’s enjoy them to the fullest okay?” I ask him. “You’re right Princess” he smiles kissing me slowly. I don’t mind the sting coming from my lip because Luke is my man and I love him with all my heart. Our lips move slow as we take our time just feeling one another. He lifts my body so I’m now straddling his legs. I wrap my legs around his back as we continue to make out. Luke’s hands caress my back as he kisses me with passion. I pull away and breath heavily as our foreheads stay connected. I look up at him with innocent eyes just like I did when we first met. “Are you going to make love to me now?” I whisper to him. Luke doesn’t say anything. All he does is nod against my nose kissing me again. We disconnected our lips as we stand up from the water and getting out. Luke grabs two towels and we dry ourselves off getting dry. We tosses them to the side not caring about anything else at the moment. Just us. Luke comes over to me and grabs my thighs lifting me up. I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me to our bed. He lays me down gently on the soft comforter and hovers above me as we kiss again. His lips trail down to my neck as I feel his tongue graze over my skin. I give him more access to my neck as his hands start to roam all over my body. “Luke” I moan needing his touch even more. “What is it baby? Tell me what you need” he whispers still sucking on my neck. “I need you that’s all I need” I whine as I grip the sheets to the side of me. Luke’s mouth comes back up to my kiss me as he softly pecks them. He trails his lips kissing every inch of my body as he slides down to where I need him the most right now. I breath slowly taking in the moment. Luke spreads my legs and kisses all over my thighs making me even more wet. He bows his head down to my heat and takes one swipe with his tongue teasing me. He does it again as I moan at his touch. “You like that baby girl? You like when I tease your sweet pussy?” he asks me. “Yes Daddy I do” I moan looking down at him. Luke attaches his mouth fully on me as he begins to suck hard. He teases me by kissing my clit a few times then swirling his tongue around it. I arch my back in pleasure shutting my eyes. “Someone like that?” he asks deeply. “Mhm” I cry out gripping more of the sheets. Luke’s tongue swirls around my clit again until he sucks hard on it making me gasp for air. “Ugh Luke! I whine reaching my hands down to grip his hair. I grab a few of his loose strands and tug on them as his mouths keeps working on me. “Yes yes right there” I breath out just staring at him pleasuring me. “You taste like heaven every time” he growls into my pussy not stopping. “Fuck!” I groan leaning my head back on the mattress. Luke lifts my legs over his shoulders then dives his wet tongue into my entrance. His big hands keep me from closing my legs from the immense pleasure he’s giving me. “Fuck I love your pussy baby” Luke moans as he flicks my clit with his tongue. He wiggles his head back and forth then side to side just licking all over making me moan louder. I tug harder on his hair receiving a growl from him. “Shit Lukey I’m almost there” I cry out as Luke doesn’t stop flicking and sucking on me. “Shit!” I yell as I feel my release coming. “Cum on my tongue baby” he says to me. “Ugh fuck yes! Ugh!” I scream as my back arches all the way as I feel my orgasm rush through my entire body. My chest heaves up and down as I catch my breath.

Luke raises his head slowly as he looks at me with deep lustful eyes. He doesn’t wipe my juices off his mouth. Luke just leans over me and hovers over my mouth. “Taste yourself love” he whispers as he enters his tongue in my mouth. His lips connect to mine as I take in the taste. Luke pulls away dragging my bottom lip out admiring them. He takes my face in his hands kissing me again. “Such pretty lips” he whispers looking me in the eyes. His eyes scan down to my breasts as he moves down to take my left nipple in his mouth. He sucks on my breast as he gently takes my nipple in between his teeth pulling it up a little. I moan at the feeling as he does the same thing to my other breast. He comes back up to my lips kissing them hard. Luke’s hands roam around my back just wanting to feel my skin against his. I softly slide my hands down his broad chest as I wrap my hand around his hard length. I pump him slowly with him still kissing me. He moans at the feeling. “I need to be inside you now” he growls against my mouth. “Please I need you so bad” I whine as I guide his length to my wet entrance. He replaces my hand with his as he slowly enters me making us both moan. Luke’s hip gradually thrust in and out of me getting into it. He connects our lips together as he bucks his hips into me. “You feel so fucking good baby girl” he moans into my mouth. “Ugh fuck Luke” I moan feeling him fill me up. His skin brushes mine as he kisses down to suck on my neck then up behind my ear making me feel butterflies in my stomach. “Ugh Luke faster please” I beg as I grab his hips with my hands trying to get him deeper inside me. “Alright baby alright” he whispers pulling out completely then whipping back in. I gasp making me lunge forward. He catches my head with his hands as he brings our lips together. Our tongues battle for dominance but I just let Luke take over my body. His hips buck into mine at a fast speed now making us moan as we try to hold on to each other as much as we can. “Shit baby you’re so beautiful so helpless underneath me” Luke whispers looking at me. “Just let it all go Luke. I’m yours, give it all to me” I say to him. Luke suddenly lifts my body up hoisting me up against the wall of the bed. The headboard of the bed was made out of cushion so it was comfortable. I wrap my arms around his neck while my legs grab his hips. He thrusts up into me making the new angle feel very incredibly good. “Ugh fuck!” I moan loudly. “Oh shit baby I’m not gonna last” Luke moans kissing me. “Give it to me Luke” I cry out holding his face. Luke thrusts into me a few times then lays me back down against the bed. He snaps his hips into me so fast I swear I saw stars in my eyes. “Ugh fuck yes Luke” I moan throwing my head back. “Baby look at me” Luke demands as we stare into each others eyes with out mouths open feeling all the pleasure in the world. “That’s it baby that’s it you gonna cum?” he asks me still looking me in the eyes. I nod my head crying out. His cock hits my g spot every thrust he gives me. He shuts his eyes tightly as he comes close to his release. I grab his face kissing him hard. Luke punches the headboard above us as the pleasure is overwhelming him. I scratch down his back digging my nails into his skin. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” he moans loudly punching the headboard again. I grab his face. “Cum with me” I whine out staring at him. He nods as he kisses me with all his passion. “Cum on 1..2…3!” he hisses at me as we both let go. “Ugh fuck yes!” I yell throwing my head back. “Ugh shit!” Luke yells so loud as he cums inside me. Thank god I took my pill this morning.

After hitting our orgasms, Luke’s eye are shut tightly as his chest heaves up and down. Slight sweat is plastered on his forehead but on mine as well. I grab his face in my hands gently. “Hey I’m here it’s okay” I whisper. He slowly opens his eyes staring down at me. I bring his face down to connect our lips. “I love you” I breath out pulling away after a few seconds. Luke’s face brightens up as he smiles. “I love you so fucking much Princess” he says still trying to catch his breath. We kiss again as he pulls out slowly. He plops down next to me as he grabs the covers pulling them over us. I scooch closer to his warm body lying on his bare chest. One of his fingers rubs up and down my back gently while the other one just sits on his chest. I turn my head up to look at him. He looks down at me with tired eyes as he smiles. “Close those beautiful eyes of yours now baby” he whispers. I do as he says falling asleep in a finger snap. “I love you so much and I’ll see you in the morning my sweet angel” he whispers closing his eyes as well and falling asleep.

ok imagine keith and lance brushing their teeth together and keith is brushing with his mouth closed so toothpaste doesn’t escape but lance has his mouth open and toothpaste is foaming everywhere and he decides keith isn’t brushing his teeth properly bc he isn’t making a mess outta toothpaste so?? he gives?? those cute butterfly kisses (or whatever they’re called) to get foam on keith too and theyre both giggling and tryna get toothpaste all over the other’s face aaa