foam core


FoamCore! project

I hate it with a passion. 3-D is NOT my forte. but i gave it a shot anyway.  I’m not going to let this assignment weed me out with the other puny wanna-be graphic design students.

so we had to make anything…but could not cut any part of the foam board away. it has to stay intact! WTH? Meet Dill. :)

I’m so glad this part of the crazy journey will be over at 6pm tonight. no more impossible foamcore project! on to the next psycho assignment…will post when I have something.


My third design project. Objective: cut foam core and make a sculpture with intersecting planes.

I hated this project with a passion. Foam core is the most God awful material I have ever used in my life. It is flimsy, fussy, and frustrating. I got to the point that I literally just started gluing shit together, and as you can see there is a point were I should have just stopped. I literally laughed till I was crying when I took the final gander at this project. I lost my mind. I spent so long on it to make a huge piece of crap which is what made it so funny. Oh, the irony!

I titled it “frustration to the core”. In the end my final thought was “Fvck this. I no longer care. This is it. Done!” I restarted and recut pieces so many times it was ridiculous. I never want to touch a piece of foam core again in my life. When I get it back I think I am going to smash it was a hammer or baseball bat and then stomp it into pieces and then as a final note of hatred, set it on fire. :D If I get a good grade on this I am going to laugh.

This is the scenerio I imagine when I look at it: Stay at home mom watching Martha Stewart’s christmas special and here is Martha making this badass sculpture thats perfect and the stay at home mom is like “Yeah, I can do this. Easy!”, grabs some hot glue and foam core and goes to town, then half way through is like “this sucks”, gets frustrated and says a bunch of dirty words that she would never say in front of her family, drinks a few glasses of wine to calm the nerves, says “fvck this” and starts gluing on more and more sh!t and then wraps it to give to her mother-in-law for christmas, who will then put on a fake smile and say “oh its beautiful, how sweet…what do you do with it?”, display it as a kind gesture and then later laugh at it with her husband, and then throw it in the trash or use it for firewood. The end. :D


Some of the things I made in my 3D Design class this year including a paper mache dragon, foam core abstract art, a pointe shoe made of tape and cardboard, a rabbit pinewood derby car with Das clay, a “broken mirror” made of cut up CDs, and a personal shrine (yes, that is an old pointe shoe of mine). I ended up missing a lot of projects because I worked on the dragon for two and a half to three months, but I still made a lot of stuff.

Craft Your Own Geometric Christmas Tree

If your like me and live in a small 1/1 apartment, a full size christmas tree can be a little overwhelming.  However, I still wanted to get in the holiday spirit so crafting my very own Xmas tree just seemed like the perfect solution.  I started by hand drawing 2 tree profiles on black foam core.  My next step was to glue neutral tone magazine clipings (black, white, grey) to the tree profile.  I overlapped over the outline a little to ensure no black was exposed.  For the leaves I glued down a patch of monotone red clippings and a patch of monotone green clipppings which I then cut leaves from.  I then cut one of the tree profiles in half and glued them to the other tree profile.  I then cut out H shaped connector pieces to attach the leaves to the branches.