foam board


Gambol shroud progress and finished product. Made over the course of three days entirely out of foam board, cardboard and so so SO much tape and paper mâchè. I wish I had more time so that I could make the cover for it too, but the con is in one day and I have other stuff to do.

First cosplay VS. My newest cosplay

Dark Link from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Dark Link was something I threw together cause my friend asked me to since she was going to be Link. It was my first cosplay and convention, the shield was made from craft foam and poster board and the sword was just some foam sword. No wig and the face paint was from Party city, unsealed unfortunately cause I had no idea what that even meant then. I did actually make the hat, boot covers and arm..thing LOL. All hand sewn cause I didn’t know how to sew back then. The rest is just dress shoes, an oversized shirt and a black long sleeve undershirt. Don’t ask me why I had so many different belts, I guess I thought I was a Square Enix character. Which is ironic seeing how my latest cosplay is a Square Enix character. Everything on Vanitas was made by me, including the keyblade. Anyone can improve over time, just don’t give up!


Prop: Crescent Rose // RWBY (2014)


  • Craft foam board
  • PVC pipe
  • Spray paint/primer
  • Tears

Write up

I made this prop in the week before Sakura-Con. It was 3 days of solid 12 hour periods (thank god I was done exams) and getting it across the border was a nightmare BUT it’s definitely been well received at every con since.

It’s light (despite being 6′2) and the head detaches. A lot of people ask me how heavy it is and it just isn’t, I can definitely hold it in one hand. It’s definitely shown some wear and tear over the last year (moving it between cons, provinces, and countries has hurt it ): )

But for my first REAL BIG GIRL prop I’m incredibly proud of it!


FoamCore! project

I hate it with a passion. 3-D is NOT my forte. but i gave it a shot anyway.  I’m not going to let this assignment weed me out with the other puny wanna-be graphic design students.

so we had to make anything…but could not cut any part of the foam board away. it has to stay intact! WTH? Meet Dill. :)

I’m so glad this part of the crazy journey will be over at 6pm tonight. no more impossible foamcore project! on to the next psycho assignment…will post when I have something.