Wild Fire the Foalsitter

Wild Fire is a confident, detemined, hard working, energetic pegazus who knows no impossible, especially not in her work. She is striving to complate all her assignments, but her colleagues can’t keep up with her energy, therefore they sometimes hold her back doing her own job. Because of this, Wild Fire sometimes lose her temper, and get’s angry at her colleagues.
But one day she get’s an unusual and weird assignment. She has to foolsit a little foal, who is even more energetic then she is. For the first time in her life Wild Fire realises that she is the one who can’t keep up with somepony and that somepony is just a little foal.
Is Wild Fire be able to cope with the challenging situation, or will she fail this time?
You will find the answer in the upcoming comic series.
And if I will get the permissions to do it. :)

I already drawed a comic of Wild Fire, but since then I realised who much I like to draw her. And in that comic, I came up with that idea: What would Wild Fire do, if she has to foalsit a little foal? It would be a good opportunity to me, to show what I really thing about her. I mean, most of you think about her as a short tempered, “wild”, serious character, but in this comic, I could show her care taker, nice, and motherly side of Wild Fire. :) But of course I can only draw it if Sibsy, and Mandopony give me the permission to make this comic series.

Wild Fire the Foalitter - Sneak Peek

Just a little Sneak Peek :)

I’m working really fast to finish it at the end of January, what will be not so easy. (After 3 years working at my workplace, this is the first time, when I have to go in the morning [3 a.m.], and I’m not quite use to this ><)

Wild Fire © Sabrina ‘Sibsy’ Alberghetti
MandoPony © Andrew Stein


Rapper Pinkie WIP (2)
Foalsitter Cadance (Worn to Geek Out Promenade)
PS Sorry for the lack of cosplay lately. I’m going back to school and while I’m looking for a place to live all of my cosplay stuff is in storage. 


Galata was going to be late if they didn’t show up soon. And she couldn’t afford that; she was working a variety of odd jobs as it was, and she couldn’t miss one because the foalsitter was late. Money was scarce, and she needed to make sure she had enough to take care of herself and Ariel.

The little filly was being especially clingy around this time, knowing that her mother was going to leave soon. She didn’t like being left alone, but she also didn’t like being left with a stranger. Galatea didn’t like it, either, but she had little choice in the matter. Just as soon as the foalsitter the mare had hired arrived, she would be out the door.