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Family was an important concept in Roc’s life. That meant his brother, and for better or worse, it meant their parents too. The very mother and father who the Hijohshiki brothers kept a well-guarded secret between each other; the world had no claim to their troubled history, not even their Lord Devil knew the full details.

The past was the past, and they had removed themselves carefully from it. Of course, there would always be days when wounds of old came back to haunt the present, and how fitting it was that the person to see for that ailment was a doctor.

Roc was sure Lec knew the moment he arrived to his clinic his mood was foul. His usual cheer was muted and he glared off into space all too often as they sat down to talk. Lec’s presence always soothed the officer’s more destructive tendencies and now was no different. Still, memories of beatings, of the sounds of his own screams played out in a young voice… today they seemed impossible to shake. He did not like being set on edge.

Roc was never one to suffer quietly, however, and the last hour of grouchy venting was testament to that.

“Ya know Lec, sometimes I wish the bastard was still alive just so I could get my hands around his neck. Heh, fuckin’ pisses me off he’s got me moping all day. ‘Bet that would make the old man pleased as punch.”

He growls, a clawed hand raking through his hair, mussing it with little care. He’s halfway through the tea his brother graciously brewed for him, and he’s just now feeling the calming effects set in. He slouches in his chair, chin propped up in his free hand. Even through this lull threatening to drop over him, the hatred and pain boil over.

“…I wish I could forget sometimes, brother.”

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What kind of exercises did you do with Cyclops to keep her from getting all "saggy" after her foals? My mom is letting my mare out on a breeding lease while I'm at school and I really don't want to come back home to my pretty little show horse all sway backed and flabby 😭

That sucks! To be honest most of Cyclops’s sagged belly got raised back up just running around after her foal in the big paddock and lifting it for him to nurse, there is still some overstreched belly flab and laxness to her hindquarters which I’m hoping will go away eventually with cavaletti work, but she’s still gaining weight back so mostly she’s just working on her ground work skills while my trainer and I work out the best strategy for managing a mostly blind horse.
But serious no fucking around talk here; see if it’s possible for your mare to be leased out as a riding horse instead of a breeding horse (you can make the arrangements yourself by putting out a listing); that way she can continue her education. Besides that though I can’t help but think your mom’s being an utter thundercunt to do something that risky to your mare’s health. There is a very real risk of death when birthing (a prolapsed uterus is just one of the many horrifying ways foaling can go wrong) and even best case scenario a “normal” delivery can permanently alter your horse (I still don’t know if Mirrormere’s muscles will ever fully recover, certainly the majority of her vision won’t). And what happens if something goes wrong mid pregnancy and you can’t take the mare back? In my own “my mother bred my horse against my will or any common decency” experience my mare got moved to a property while pregnant which I didn’t feel was safe. I was barred from moving her and she wound up falling in a sinkhole and almost dying and being permanently disabled. And now I’m left dealing for the rest of her long lifespan (15+ years) with a horse who is disabled and now dangerous enough to handle that I got trampled and wound up luckily *just* getting hella bruises and mild brain trauma earlier this year. Not to mention maybe you decide to leave school and want your horse back? ~70% of students don’t finish the first course of study they start. Horses might take months or years to get pregnant and if they do it’s 18 months before you could get her back. So my best advice to you is to either A) give your mother this written testimony that not letting you choose what happens to your horse is incredibly shitty parenting and B) make a lease arrangement for your horse yourself. Plenty of people like my friend @crash-test-rider had to sell on their horses while they were going through school so you may be able to find a recent graduate keen to get back into riding who could lease your mare. They’d likely be able to empathise with your situation and give you regular updates to brighten up your time away. Either way best of luck regardless.

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1. Favorite colour: green/blue

2. Favorite songs: let’s not go down that long winding road

3. Favorite bands: lower than Atlantis, green day, foals, too many others tbh

4. Fictional place in which I would reside: I kinda wanna fight supernaturals in beacon hills BC I’d fail in hogwarts being as dumb as I am lmao

5. Gender: Female

6. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff (I’ve had both in tests whoops)

8. Birthday: Oct 8

9. Places I want to go: Pretty much wherever my internet friends live :) [why are Abigail’s answers mine]

10. Places I’ve been to: this is where my privilege comes off; Hungary, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain/Mallorca, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (northern and Republic), Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Australia (all but west) (to be fair many of these were road trips and we stopped off t look around or we were there for ages and looked around)

11. Currently studying/working: studying at sixth form (final year starting in September), and I think I’m gonna change working as a waitress to something else, idk what yet

12. Shows I really like: Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, Tattoo Fixers (happy El?) and I just started How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn-99 and also gonna hunt down New Girl

13. Current lockscreen/wallpaper: lock screen says ‘anybody remotely interesting is mad in one way or another’ and my home screen says ‘you’re just someone to the world, but you’re the world to someone else’ both are on plain, simple, one colour backgrounds

14. Why did I choose my URL: Needed a teen wolf one and also just a warning (I thought I was kinda funny)

16. Salty or Sweet: This is a vague question. Salty popcorn, for example, but I’m not sure what you mean otherwise…

17. Last book I read: I mean I’m currently reading The Book Thief (it’s for English) but I guess the last I read was The Great Gatsby?

18. Favorite online shopping site: I shop a lot on Amazon?

19. Favorite movie: There are too many omfg… School of Rock, The Internship, and Fight Club and Snatch of course

20. What did I want to be when I grew up: Too many things, but screenplay writer was my most prominent one I think, as well as marine biologist/dolphin trainer (I suck at bio) and world traveller (I’m not adventurous or spontaneous enough tbh)

I tag: well they’ve all been tagged, so anyone who is up for it :)


So one of the many questions I’m asked is whether or not I’d do “Next Gen” stuff and to be honest, I personally don’t have that much interest in doing it. That said though, I DO like designing characters, so for fun I decided to try my hand at next gen designs if I were to actually do it based on my favorite ships. The next gen designs featured are the “what if” offspring of my favorite ships:


Due to how large the file is though, I’ll be providing links to the individual characters’ refs below. :3

1) Appledash
The fraternal twin spawn of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I don’t have names for the two of them, but I had a very good idea as to how I’d handle their designs. The male I made to look like my version of AJ’s father (‘cause I wanted AJ to look at her son and think “he looks just like Pa” 'cause I though that’d be kinda cute), and the female I made to look more like a mix between AJ and RD, color-wise and facial structure wise. The mare has a prosthetic wing for her right side due to her losing the real limb in a terrible accident a few years ago.

2) Pinkieshy
The son of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I wanted him big and round and fluffy with long hair, but he’s also the most simple in terms of design. Still no name, although I’m kinda thinking Berry Punch for this fella. The blond comes from Fluttershy’s side of the family though. x3

3) Raritwi
The daughter of my all-time favorite ship: RariTwi! I had a blast designing her, especially her coat color; really wanted to have a paint pony to the roster, and Twi’s and Rarity’s colors go pretty well together. I debated giving her wings too, but ultimately I decided against it. But that might change at some point… I dunno. >.>

4) Dislestia
The cub of Discord and Celestia, one of the ships I actually include in my headcanon. As such, this character might actually become… err, “canon”, to my headcanon. I wanted something that was kinda chaotic like Discord yet still keeping some sort of uniform and pristine-ness like Celestia, and they’re what I came up with. I was originally gonna not have them have a lion’s mane, but due to both genders of lions being able to grow them, I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. I’m glad I did! :3 This character is Agender, or they don’t generally identify with a gender. I’m highly considering naming them “Vega”, but I dunno yet. :/

5) Sweetiespike
The son of Sweetie Belle and Spike; I’m on the fence as to whether make this one “canon” or not to my headcanon. That’s mostly because I personally don’t care for Sparity (and have headcanoned Spike growing out of his crush on Rarebear) and partly because I think Spike and Sweetie are pretty cute together. I wanted this character to look more dragon than pony, and despite my initial thought that Sweetie’s and Spike’s coloring may not work too well…. I think it actually came out okay. Still no ideas for a name for this fella though. :C


Soooooo yup. They don’t have any cutie marks because I don’t know what they should be, so suggestions are more than welcome. The same goes for names; name suggestions will be much appreciated! O:

Other than that, feel free to ask questions if you have any; I think I’ll probably elaborate on their personalities and such later. But until then, I hope you all enjoy! ^.^


So I had so much fun with the Nextgen doodles I did that I did a poll on DA to see if anyone would be interested in seeing more of it from me. It seemed the answer was yes. o3o

Sooooo that’s exactly what I did. The siblings of the previous batch of NextGen designs! I didn’t include Spike and Sweetie Belle’s kid mainly because I haven’t designed the character yet, so this will be updated when I do. Until then, the ships featured once again are as follows:


And now for some info on these fellows:

1) Raritwi2
The second daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, my favorite ship! I think it’s because they’re my favorite ship that their kids are the easiest for me to design; this little gal ended up being quick to design and just as fun as her sister. I’ve actually already have a name for her too: Andromeda,; she got the name because the darker part of her pelt has white dots that look a lot like stars. She’s also made to look more like Twilight than her sister, who looks like a rough 50/50 mix of their parents. I think I’m actually gonna make Andromeda the older of the two, although only by like 4 years or so.

2) Appledash2
The second pair of fraternal twins of Applejack and Rainbow Dash! Did you know that while identical twins are not genetic, Fraternal twins are? Rainbow Dash is the one who’d carried the pair’s first two broods, and while she herself doesn’t have any siblings, fraternal twins actually run in her family. She was just super lucky to have two pairs in two separate occasions. These two are named as well! The blue one (a colt) is named Spring Blossom while his twin sister is named Summer Harvest (although he calls her “fox-foot” sometimes). Their current age is their younger versions and they’re at least 8-10 years younger than their elder siblings. The scar on Spring’s face in the older version of him is the result of the same accident that Winter Gale lost her wing in. He’s blind in that eye and often wears an eyepatch to keep it hidden, but will eventually take to simply leaving it off.

3) Pinkieshy2
The daughter of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy! This little lady has herself a name too: Primrose! Whereas Pinkie was the one to carry Custard Pie, Fluttershy’s the one who carried Primrose to term. I wanted her to take more to the “deer-like” body-type than even Fluttershy did, hence the large ears, slender muzzle and head, and cloven hooves (that comes from Pinkie’s side of the family). I’d imagine Pinkie and Fluttershy wanting a large family, so these two are only the start of their ever-growing brood. A little fun fact: Pinkie calls her “Sweet Pea” and Fluttershy calls her “Sweet Nose” because of her little marking on her snout. ^.^

4) Dislestia2
The son of Discord and Celestia: his name is Aelius, which roughly means “sun”. With his design I still kept “when order meets chaos” in mind but I wanted it to be a little ironic, I guess. Whereas Vega looks like a hybrid through and through, Aelius looks like a pony who has the body structure of a draconequus. He’s a very sweet lad: his family loves him to death but Vega’s the one who spoils him rotton. They call him “their little Sunshine” while he likes to call his favorite big sibling “Fluffy” due to all of their hair. x3 He is currently a cub, so he’ll be at least 12 years younger than Vega.

Aaand yup, those are the second batch! I’m having fun with these; I’ll definitely be doing more of other ships I actually like. :3 But first order of business: giving the elder ones cutie marks (if applicable at least) and a solid personality. As soon as I figure some of that out I’ll be uploading their individual bios and such in the gallery, but until then, feel free to ask questions and as always, thank you guys so much for your imput as well as taking a look! ^.^

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if blood will flow when flesh and steel are one // drying in the colour of the evening sun // tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away // but something in our minds will always stay
1. foals: total life forever - 2. george ezra: stand by your gun - 3. sting: fragile - 4. jake bugg: simple as this - 5. mikky ekko: place for us - 6. sharon van etten: you know me well - 7. elvis presley: can’t help falling in love - 8. antony & the johnsons: knocking on heaven’s door - 9. pink floyd: wish you were here

♥ for the lovely @arcanebarrage because her fic “hang the fool” slayed my entire existence ♥

♥ art © @mangalho

“Th… t-the… l-i-o-n… lion, was so t… ti… uh…”

“Spell it out.”

“T-i-c-k-l-e-d…. That’s tickled.”

“Yeah, you’re right! Keep going?”

“T-the lion was so t…tickled, by… ugh!”

Vega let out a harsh breath and nearly slammed the book down with a short angry burst of magic.

“Hey!” Aelius grunted, indignant as he snatched the book back up in his hooves. As best as his position allowed, he peered up at his sibling with a pout. “Why'dya stop? The best part was coming!”

Vega looked down at the cub in their arms and pulled a frustrated pout of their own. “I feel… ridiculous. Silly. What has possessed you to even ask me to read this anyway?”

“It’s my favorite story! You know that!” The young prince glared at his sibling as he attempted to push the book in their face. The elder simply pushed it back down with a paw.

“Yes, I do indeed know that. What I’m asking is why me? Why not ask mother or father? In fact, why don’t you read it to me?”

“Momma and Papa are good at reading, but you always tell them best.” Aelius paused before sitting up to fully turn and look in Vega’s eyes, gold boring into red.  Vega visibly struggled before finally looking away, at which a frown pulled at the young prince’s lips.


“You keep asking me to read you stories and I try. I try so hard but I can’t. Not like I used to, and I…” Vega turned further, frustrated tears welling in their eyes. “I-I-I’m so slow at it, I have a hard time recognizing even simple words and I feel like a failure-”

“But you’re not!” Aelius squawked in anger as he fluffed himself up, utterly appalled. “You’re not! So what if you read slow? So what if simple words are hard? You’re still reading, aren’t ya? You’re getting better at it, aren’t ya?”

“But I’m not-”

Yes you are. You’re reading faster that you did before and you don’t need to spell words as much anymore. How come you think that isn’t getting better?”

Vega said nothing even as they turned to look at their brother, unshed tears still shining in wide red eyes. Aelius simply tilted his head with a large smile, booping his sibling on the nose with a gentle hoof.

“You’re the smartest pony I know, Fluffy. You’re getting better; you’ll be reading like you used to in no-time!” His smile softened into something more hopeful as he held the book back up for Vega to take. “So can you please keep reading? Please, for me? You really do tell stories best.”

Vega stared for a long moment before coughing a wet, watery laugh and gently taking the book out of their brother’s hooves with the glow of their magic. The elder pressed a quick, thankful kiss to the crown of Aelius’ head, earning a pleased giggle in turn.

“Thank you, Sunshine.”

“Love you too. Please keep going? This is my favorite part!”

I’m trying to get back into writing and this is the first actual full drabble-thing I’ve written in….. years, probably. So it’s gonna need some work, but I’m just happy I actually did it. ;_; ANYWAY, more NextGen!verse stuff, and the first one that features a short story. The characters are Vega (the older one) and their younger brother Aelius, the children of Discord and Celestia! So to give you guys some context here:

Vega is dyslexic. To be precise, they have an acquired dyslexia called Pure Alexia. To put it simply, Pure Alexia makes it hard to read full words (and sometimes even some letters) while all other language-related skills remain intact. So Vega can write, name, and fully comprehend the word (i.e: they recognize words spelled out to them), the problem lies in that it’s hard for them to read written words (that includes things they’ve written themselves). Vega gained this difficulty when they received nasty trauma to their head (someone attempted to assassinate them), and while they’ve recovered mostly from the incident, it’s left a huge dent to their already fragile confidence.

Aelius, being who he is, has vowed to help Vega regain their reading ability once more, and that’s usually accomplished by him asking Vega to read him his favorite books and stories while offering help by sharing the methods that help him read better, or providing a letter that’s a little harder for Vega to process when spelling a word out. He learned how Vega was instructed to practice their reading and turned it into a bonding/storytime session to make it a little less stressful for his favorite sibling.

Fun Facts!

-Vega’s nickname for Aelius is “sunshine”, partly because his name roughly means “sun” and mostly because he’s just as warm and sweet as a beam of sunlight.

-When Aelius was younger the first thing he called Vega was “fluffy”. The nickname sorta remained since then.