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it’s been awhile since i’ve looked at the dwarf fortress bug tracker. here’s some recent highlights:

  • Some animal people have extra fingers
  • Multiple biomes in air above surface; leads to odd weather like raining blood above “good” biome
  • Giant desert scorpions still do not exist
  • Elf-made instruments have nonsensical materials
  • Jumping into a stationary minecart counts as being run over by it
  • Dwarf giving birth on cage trap triggers it 
  • People/creatures dying of old age die on exactly the first of the year
  • Dwarves no longer grieve for friends and family
  • Aquatic creatures are scared of ‘dangerous terrain’ of deep water, and cannot swim.
  • Combat reports show donkey foal as 'donkey child’, puppy as 'dog child’, etc.
  • Historical Figure Necks Severed In Worldgen Aren’t Fatal Until Rendered During Play
  • Vampire horrified after seeing own victim die
  • Dwarves too happy about dining room

This was my first time drawing Flurry Heart! She’s the cutest baby in the show, by far!


Twilight and Spike have a big day planned in the form of visiting and entertaining sick foals at the Ponyville Hospital. But when exhausted parents Shining Armor and Princess Cadance stop by with Flurry Heart, Twilight is eager to spend the day with her beloved niece. Determined to prove she can be the Best Aunt Ever while keeping to her packed schedule, Twilight agrees to watch over Flurry, despite Spike’s apprehension.

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Foals ripped through a high voltage set Tuesday evening (9.27.16) at The Hollywood Palladium amidst their North American autumn tour for What Went Down. Yannis, Jack, Jimmy, Walter and Edwin kept the thousands of attendees jumping and singing throughout the memorable set. Philippakis exclaimed that it was the best Los Angeles crowd they had ever played for. 
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