Son of a bitch

So as like 96% of you know I write Zootopia fanfictions write? Write? Alright but in case I haven’t said this in the past my most of my fics take place during a song and by that I mean I listen to a certain song and i imagine a scenario during that song so my fics include: fall of a king, true love, the hunt (not completed but uploaded anyway) and the hit are all fics that I wrote that take place during a song at least in terms like FOAK and TL the first chapter is

Anyway I have at least 2,500 songs on my iPod so it’s safe to say that I have “a couple” of ideas for ONE SHOT fics TL was originally supposed to be a one shot but nooooooo you guys just haaaaad to have a sequel whatever

“Alright haloman we get it so is that the point to this?” I hear you ask either now or…. Shut up my point to this post is so I can explain to you when I say:

I’ve been working hard on the next chapter on fall of a king and my editor is almost done with true love ch2 but recently (and by “recently” I mean the past week) there’s been a particular song I’ve been listening to some of you have seen me mention it maybe a couple times idk my memory is worse than a newborn child but that song is called “omen” and not only have I had a scene for this song since first hearing it since putting Zootopia in there I’m just dying to write it but before I refused because I wanted to focus on a king fic because it’s been so long since I updated that story but recently I’ve been more and more tempted to write it

So long ass post for something so short: if you see me post a story that not fall of a king next plz don’t hate me too much