Look at my art. I actually spent about six hours on this if not more O_O @markiplier pls notice this

Tag yourself I am the dancing Mark

July 27th is National Sleepy Head Day in Finland. This tradition has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, when it was believed that the person in the household who slept the latest on this day would be lazy for the rest of the year - so the last one to get up in the morning is awakened either by getting water poured on them, or by being thrown into a lake. Source

Things dan and phil need to do:
  • a pastel edits irl video
  • a video of them doing irl pastel edits
  • each other’s nails
  • while wearing flower crowns
  • and big pastel jumpers
  • in a pastel edits video
  • plz?
  • maybe even hair dye

  • !!!! pastel !!!!