fo:e heroes

Holy Smokes Bubbleman new Ehero cards!

Elemental Heroes are my favorite yugioh deck hands down and heroes in general are really my thing. Now we are seeing some more support coming there way. I’ll most likely make a separate post trying to show off combos but until we have all the new support revealed from the structure deck it will be a bit hard to do. 

I guess I should mention this card does burn if two heroes attack each other, unless cyber dragons or heroes become meta this won’t really be worth running.

Another sadly disappointing card flash fusion is a weaker super poly that has no cost. I am considering running it as a one of for more OTKS since it is a quick play but being limited to fusing from the field is ehh. It’s worth noting that this and the previous card are not in the structure deck but since they were announced at the same time why not mention them. 

I love this card lets just copy and paste it’s effect. 

“You can only use 1 “Elemental HERO Shadow Mist” effect per turn, and only once that turn.

① If this card is Special Summoned: You can add 1 “Change” Quick-Play Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.
② If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 “HERO” monster from your Deck to your hand, except for “Elemental HERO Shadow Mist”.’”

It’s a shame you can’t use both her effects in the same turn but I really like this card. Set it and when it dies add an hero, we still need statos back but the more searchers the better.  If this card had better ways to be special summoned id love it’s first effect even more. I’m hoping this set gives the deck an easy way to special summon heroes (out side of pendulum summons) so that this girl can actually really live up to her potential. I could also just hope this is mistranslated and it’s on her normal summon that could be cool too. Also it’s when it’s sent so you can send it from the deck to the grave then add a hero, poly it then add a hero, it has plenty of options. 

You take an Hero monster and switch it (placing the hero back in the extra deck) for a masked hero with a different name but the same original level as the monster. This card actually has a lot of potential for heroes. Mask changing Zero into Acid was already strong but the OTK potential has increased rurther when you can then mask change Acid into Dian for another 28 damage. Or you could go Gaia kill something strong, Mask change Dian kill their other monster special summon it, attack directly other monster, Form Change Acid. It’s worth noting that as of now the only levels masked heroes are is 6 and 8 and the only competitive level 6 hero is Gaia. Still the Rank 8 possibilities are endless  

Opening up with multiples of this card isn’t even bad lets say I open up bubble man, Mask change, 3 form change, and mst.  Activate MST oh look I popped the warning, now Summon bubble man activate mask change Vapor pop the rest of the backrow attack 26, form change Dian add 28, form change 26, form change 28 good game. There are plenty of other ways to manipulate stuff like that too I was just showing a bad hand. 

Chaos Hero Chaos and Masked Hero Kouga are the names of these two unrevealed cards. While we can only speculate the details of the cards we do know for sure their levels and types. Masked Hero Kouga is a level 8 light giving it the power to be mask and form changed. Being light also opens up more combos allowing Shinning and Neos Alias to contribute. I’m having a hard time counting the stars on Chaos but It seems like 9 although i’m hoping for 8. For Chaos I hope it’s effect let’s it be treated as any kind of hero while in the extra deck that way it’s not limited weaker fusion cards to be summoned. We know this deck will be 45 cards but only know three of the extra deck cards meaning we could see another two hero fusions added to the mix. Id love to see a wind  and Masked hero to give them the full spectrum. The cyber dragon deck had 5 brand new cards so we should see at lest one more new card in my mind. 

Even More Hero Cards!

First off we have Mask Change Second  This card is more for splashing into other decks to let them play masked heroes although this could see some use in a main masked hero deck. It’s effect costs a discard but it brings a masked hero of the same attribute. 

We have E hero Core who we really don’t know much about.  It’s a level 9 earth monster. This monster should be a power house given that we are seeing it as a final card for the GX manga.  

Here is the most amazing new card announced in this issue. I found a mock up of the card so thank you to eagleone984 for making this. This card is amazing, it causes just your opponent to have no grave which shuts down a ton of decks on it’s own plus keeps the players deck in check. Beyond that being able to just banish a random card when they add a card is great as well more so if you already have them in top decking mode. Really I could see mask change second being ran in decks with darks just so this guy can come out. Sure she is only 2400 attack but if the grave is shut down some decks won’t have an answer for even that much attack, beyond that safe zone is a thing. In the proper hero deck this also gives level 6’s a good combo ender with form changes if the OTK didn’t go off as well as gives shadow mist a mask change target.

Mask Change Charge and the Wind Masked hero are getting revealed in the next issue but this time they didn’t reveal the two cards they said they would so ehh.  Still any new hero news is amazing news to me. I’m very excited for what the future of heroes holds. 

Decks and arch types Id like to see support from

One of my amazing followers asked me what deck/arch type would I like to see more support for so I figured Id name a few. 

E-heroes are my first answer obviously since there my main deck. I feel like heroes aren’t broken enough and need some of the unreleased cards I’ve been blogging about to become broken enough to be called a meta deck then get hit by the ban list. 

I think skull servants are a very underrated deck but if they had a spell or trap that helped them out with name I think it would bring light to the deck and let a new zombie deck  be around. 

Crystal beasts are a great deck but if they were given an XYZ they would be a force to be recognized again though this destruction heavy meta does make it hard for CB’s to keep a back row. 

I want to see the dark pladin deck get a buff with more buster blader support XD. He is one of my favorite cards and id like to be able to use him. 

Also I want more neo spican support. They already have a lot I feel like they could use cards that don’t suck. They already have draw power I just wish they had a bit more going for them other then janky anime gimmicks.