so far the day6 timeline goes like

congrats you’re a bitch i hate you

i’m letting you go now

i wait.. but i’m getting over you now

you were pretty, our memories were nice

how can i say… i don’t care fo you anymore

I’m serious

Things I really, really, really, really, really want for my 40th birthday
  1. A divorce. 
  2. To start my sleeve. I dream about my tattoo every day and I know exactly what I want, but to honest I would settle for a black bar across my ex husbands name because that was seriously the worst decision I ever made. (ya know…besides marrying him to begin with)
  3. New running shoes. I almost bought a pair last month, but felt guilty trying to justify spending $90 on sneakers when it’s so close to back to school shopping.
  4. New firm as fuck pillows for my bed. Seriously…my pillows suck monkey balls and I’m pretty sure they’re part of the reason I am forever in agony during the day because of how twisted I get sleeping at night.
  5. My nose pierced. I don’t know if it’s a mid life crisis or me just wanting to get in touch with my former inner bad ass…but either way, I want one. Oh, and my belly button too.
  6. Green contacts…like fo’ serious. How hot would I be with green eyes? 
  7. A fucking ruck sack bag. Is this too much to ask? I have wanted one for 15 years…can a bitch live?
  8. The galaxy Note 3…oh pretty please, Samsung gods…hear my prayer. I really want a shiny new device.
  9. A bike. Like…for realsies, I fell in love with riding a bike when we were on vacation and now I can think of doing nothing else.
  10. To have a birthday with no stress. No heart ache. No guilt. No worries. Last year, (even though my friends went above and beyond to make it special), kind of sucked…and I just want to kick off my 40th year on a high note because for the first half of my life I did nothing but beat myself up trying to make other people happy….for the remainder of my time on earth I’d just like for to be about me for a little while. 

(◡‿◡✿) Can we all just remember that Juvia was not loved wherever she went until she met Fairy Tail? Therefore, she doesn’t know how to love properly and that justifies her awkward fangirling?

Seriously guys, no one liked Juvia in the orphanage she was raised in, Bora broke up with her because of the rain, no one wanted to talk to her because it rained wherever she went, and she has never seen the clear blue sky. If you’ve never been loved properly, how can you expect her to love someone properly?

Juvia is a wonderful girl, and if you can’t see past how much she loves her Gray-Sama and what he had done for her, then I’m afraid that you might not be seeing straight.