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                          ヽ(´ー`) AND ONE MORE THING DUDES;

Reasons a Nico di Angelo spin off series is 4567282372 % necessary:

1. Solangelo
3. Nico finally accepting himself and becoming friends with people???
5. The dynamic of Nico and Percy’s friendship after Nico had told Percy about his crush on him
6. omg the pluto/hades sibling bonding!!! WITH HAZEL.
7. Seeing Percabeth again!! And them possibly going off to college together??
8. Hades being a good dad!!
9. Did I mention S O L A N G E L O????!!?!


‘So, how come you have found yourself up here on parent’s weekend?’

‘My story is better than yours,’ I slurred, preparing to tell my story in as dramatic a fashion as possible.

Elijah laughed. ‘I found out that the person who has raised me for 22 years as his son isn’t my Dad. I dare you to top it.’

‘I met my boyfriend’s parents and they basically told me I was scum and wasn’t good enough date him. And my boyfriend didn’t defend me, because he’s an ass.’

Elijah blinked. ‘You think that beats my story?’

‘It totally does! You just gained an additional Dad, that’s awesome!’

Elijah laughed another of his hearty laughs. I liked Elijah. He had a quick wit and I was pretty sure he had it all the time, not just when he was drunk. His laugh was deep, which sounded a bit weird considering he was quite short. But I liked it. I liked him.

‘You’re weird. I’ve noticed you in class.’

‘Being weird?’

‘No … I’ve just … noticed you.’

‘Please don’t tell me I’ve been turning up every day with my skirt tucked in my underwear or anything, because I quite often do that-’

‘No! You’re pretty, that’s all.’

I looked at Elijah properly for the first time. As I looked at him, my vision started to clear a little. He had dark hair and features and was quite stocky, the complete opposite of Onyx. At the thought of Onyx there was a stab of pain in my chest. I was still so pissed at him. 

‘This is pretty awkward now.’

‘What is?’

‘Well I just told you I think you’re pretty and in return you stared at me with quite a menacing look for 5 minutes straight.’

‘Oh, sorry. I have a tendency to do that. Part of the whole being weird thing. Thank you, for saying I’m pretty.’

‘You must hear it all the time.’

‘You may be surprised to hear that I honestly don’t. Only one person has ever told me I was beautiful.’

‘And he’s an ass?’

‘All men are, apart from my Dad.’

‘What about me?’

I looked again at the boy sitting in front of me. He had a cute smile, kind of lop sided. The stabbing pain in my chest came back briefly. 

I picked up one of the bottles on the table and raised it in the air. ‘This ones for you, Elijah, for being the only guy who is not a complete and total dick.’ 

And with that I downed the bottle, lost my balance and fell in a heap on the floor.


As soon as I touched the floor Elijah’s arm was around me, picking me back up. I fell against his side, finding, as I had expected, a warm shoulder. Elijah lent his forehead on mine, helping to keep me from swaying in my drunken state.

‘I like you, Elijah.’ I thought I may as well tell him as I kept thinking it.

I felt Elijah smile against my hair.

‘How come I’ve never noticed you before?’

‘You’ve always got your head in your work. You block out everything else around you.’

‘Is that a me being weird thing again?’

‘No! I admire it. I wish I could be as focused as you.’

‘Why can’t you?’

Elijah didn’t reply, he just stroked my arm with his thumb. As I lay against Elijah’s shoulder, the world stopped spinning quite so much. As my thoughts came back into focus, I started to become more aware of the boy who I was nestled against. Elijah smelt of clean - like talcum powder or something similar. It was a really nice smell, totally different to Onyx who always smelt of … boy. A smell I had found endearing until today. I wondered where Onyx was now, while I sat on the sticky floor of a club with some guy I didn’t really know. It suddenly occurred to me that Onyx hadn’t come looking for me. Was he even worried about me? 


c: onyx, darling, how have you been?
o: fine, thank you, mother. 
c: no more spontaneous trips around the world?
o: no, my feet are firmly planted on the ground now-
c: because you know you caused me absolute distress-
o: mom, meet my girlfriend, flo.
c: *mild disgust* what sort of name is flo?
f: it’s short for florence. *laughing* weird, your son had a problem with that too.
c: *raises eyebrow* did he?
f: *kissing tom on the cheek* hey, daddy.
t: *restricted* hi baby … um … florence.
c: onyx, sit opposite your father.
f: where should i sit?
c: can’t you decide that for yourself? somewhere at the end of the table.


*several glasses of wine and hours later*
f: *encouraged by the several glasses of pino* so, professor, as we are here at dinner i thought maybe you could tell me what i got on my last assessment? i worked really hard on it-
d: i can’t discuss student’s grades outside of university hours, miss barrett.
f: of course, i just thought-
d: you just thought that because you are dating my son that i would give you special treatment. not happening, miss barrett.
f: i don’t want special treatment, i just thought maybe as we were here-
c: are you always this rude?
f: *muttering* coming from you.
d: watch your tone, miss barrett. i will not tell you your grade, but i don’t think you will be impressed with the one you have received.
f: *disappointed* why? i worked so hard on that dress-
c: i can’t say i’m surprised.
t: don’t talk to my daughter like that, ma'am-
c: have you seen what she’s wearing today? onyx informed her i would like to see a new creation-
f: i designed this specifically for you-
c: -because i am an influential person and could put her forward for work with professional designers. *looks flo up and down* but clearly she has no talent. and she is certainly not marriage material for my son.
t: no one is getting married, you hear me?
f: how dare you speak to me like this! onyx, don’t you have anything to say? *onyx stays quiet. flo, annoyed, turns to mrs carrigan* fine, you know what, screw you, you rude cow. *flo runs out of the restaurant*

More quickly than my brain could function, I had laid down on the sticky club floor and pulled Elijah on top of me. His eyes looked at me with lust and hunger, but he was cautious too, lifting his body up from mine, leaving a space between us.

‘Flo, what are you doing?’

In the rush of lying down the world had started to spin again. I wanted to be with Elijah - he made me feel safe, and he stopped the stupid ceiling from spinning in circles. I pulled on his jumper, bringing his face to mine. I kissed him gently, my lips parting his. 

‘Flo, I don’t know if we should-’

I interrupted him, desperate to feel close to someone, and kissed him harder.

‘Where do you live?’

‘A few blocks away, not too far.’

I lifted my lips to his ear and whispered mischievously, ‘Then take me home with you.’

He didn’t need telling twice.