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I need major help! I need a stormtrooper first order helmet for wondercon but I don't know any reliable sources nor do I want to attempt pepakura while handling full-time school and full-time work. Dies from scandalous experience with eBay.


Okay well, they do sell the mask in various big chains. This is kinda expensive but its a full helmet for cheaper than the deluxe price. 

Target sells a cheap half mask that you could totally MOUNT on top of a football/motorcycle type helmet for a shortcut. 

And of course, straight from the RPF theres a way to do it with toilet rolls and paper mache!

Lastly if your going just for kicks, shits and giggles, this printable papercraft is cute and awesome.

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Plot Twist: Deacon is really Vulpes Inculta

i am POSITIVE that deacon is somewhere in either nv or 3. particularly 3 because he talks about being in capital wasteland. i’m just WAITINGG for bethesda to give us one more piece of the puzzle that is Deacon™ and everything will click and god’s light will shine upon all of us

tbh deacon would approve of vulpes inculta’s style

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