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the first selfie is from yesterday it’s me + my diploma and the second one is from this morning 

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Looking on my timehop and Men in Black was released in theatres, 18 years ago. I was like nah that ain’t right it couldn’t have been 18 years ago I ain’t that old. But it actually was and then I had a 30 second mid-life twenties crisis. But then I started making homemade perogies and life was good again.


Front, side, and back views of my latest FO, “Diane” by Rosemary Hill (”Romi”). The yarn is Madeline Tosh’s “Merino Light” in the “Cove” colorway, a harmonious mix of sea and sand colors (aquas and taupes). Romi herself described the design of the shawlette as “ traditional Feather and Fan pattern in a slightly quirky way.” 

The feather and fan pattern (aka “old shale”) has been regarded as a good introduction to lace knitting. If you are an experienced lace knitter who would like a quick but not overtly easy project, “Diane” should keep you from being too bored!