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He Shou Wu and Boosting Dopamine Naturally

He Shou Wu has been classically regarded as one of the greatest anti-aging, rejuvenation, and longevity herbs in Chinese Medicine. He Shou Wu is classified as a tonic to the Kidney Yin Jing as well as to the Blood. It’s also said to have a stabilizing and grounding effect to the heart and nervous system and its for these reasons that many experience a calm sense of upliftedness after consuming this revered tonic herb.

The good news is that modern science has revealed some mechanisms why which this effect may be occurring. One top candidate is he shou wu’s ability to inhibit monoamine oxidase or MAO-B.

Researchers have found that of all herbs studied, he shou wu is the greatest inhibitor of MAO activity.

There was an herbal formula I used that gave me super mental powers. I didnt even feel tired, and I got straight As on my tests for the first time ever after not sleeping all night.

Rhodiola Rosea (1 capsule Gaia Herbs)
Green Tea
Gingko Biloba.
Fo Ti

Thats it. Caffeine constricts arteries in the brain forcing blood to the extremists for fight or flight. Gingko reverses this.

Rhodiola is proven to enhance cognitive function and oxygen efficiency to the brain and muscles.

Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant. Large amounts of strong and quality green tea dont create as much stress as coffee. There are different xanthines besides caffeine, like theobromide, and green tea gives you more mental alertness with less muscular tension, also because of the magnesium….You need more of it to function though. Coffee can be an acceptable substitute.

Fo Ti is an adrenal tonic. It helps your adrenals which are keeping you awake past your deadline.

Also, some idodine rich foods like table salt or seaweed can help your thyroid do its things.