so yeah i’ve never done one of these before but i really want to now that i hit my next thousand and because i just wanted to say thank you to so many of you

if you follow me (i don’t know why y'all do but you do so yeah) then i’m eternally grateful because it means so so so much to me. just the occasional nice anon really can does make my day and you’re all amazing so keep it up and NEVER change!!

but to all the people i follow i can’t explain how much i love you, without you my dash would resemble the remains of a blown up district 12 so thanks

there’s so many of you that i want to thank so i thought doing one of these would be the best way to do so

here’s a list of accounts which i will follow till the ends of time because they’re all so perfect (if you’re in bold then it means i love you even more than is humanly possible okay) :

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if you’re not in the above then you’re still so amazing but i just can’t fit you all on

thanks again

- Liam aka perksofbeingafanboy :)

lady-arryn replied to your post: About B Katz in Hannibal (02x04 and 02…

I agree with you. Beverly was my fav character (after Will) and I hate what happened to her, but this is certainly not like Teen Wolf situation and I feel like people are comparing those two too much.

theladyasha replied to your post: About B Katz in Hannibal (02x04 and 02…

Agree with you so hard on this. I find it a little ridiculous how people take these things so personally, especially, like you said, on a show about a freaking cannibal serial killer :p

fnnickodeir replied to your post: About B Katz in Hannibal (02x04 and 02…

i totally agree even tho i’m so mad that they killed her, but this show is so great and well written i can’t wait to see what happens next (as long they won’t touch alana i’m fine)

we-wait-for-love replied to your post: About B Katz in Hannibal (02x04 and 02…

very well said! i just don’t get why so many people see this as an act against women..

Thank you so much guys, you don’t know how i’m relieved to know that i’m not the only one to think this way :) i was actually prepared to get hate because on tumblr you never know I agree so much with every of your messages, this is exactly how i feel too. It’s just tumblr overreacting to everything like usual. Some people are angry because they think her death is only there to serve Will’s storyline, but the show is about Will/Hannibal and it’s normal that everything seems to resolve around them, so i don’t think it’s something to be too angry about. There’s nothing to be angry about actually - just to be sad because we liked her (and indeed if they touch Alana… i’ll be a mess ;_;)