fnl: 2x14

So, my theory for Lucifer2x14 onward…

Lucifer WILL marry Candy as an act of defiance (refusing the gf Dad picked for him etc.) but some kind of threat to her will bring him back into contact with Chloe who is going to be really hurt as she has absolutely NO IDEA why he ran since nobody told her that she was a pawn in Gods game, but being the good person she is will help save her life – cue case of the week!

I think Candy will actually turn out to be a really nice person and will spend time with Chloe and will be able to see just how much she and Lucifer really mean to each other. Once the threat passes she will be the one to go to Lucifer and tell thank him for the fun ride, but that he needs to pull his head out of his arse and see that he and Chloe are OTP. She will then head off back to Vagas with a hug and a hefty divorce settlement.

Since this is coming from someone outside the little celestial family, Lucifer will actually pay attention and run back to Chloe to try and pick things up again (because even if he can’t believe it’s real yet he’s just miserable without her). Chloe however will tell him that he really hurt her, not just by running off, but right into the bed of someone else so while she trusts him to have her back during a case, she doesn’t trust him with her heart anymore and we will be screaming at Lucifer to just tell her WHY he ran and Dad’s manipulations and INSERT WEEPING HERE!!!

Then follows episode 2x15 of painful Deckerstar angst where they awkwardly try to work together while pretending they don’t really love each other and all their friends are like MAKE UP ALREADY because you know Ella & Linda & Trixie at the very least are crewing the good ship Deckerstar.

God Johnson (2x16) shows up and FINALLY clues Chloe into the fact that yes, Lucifer really is the devil and convinces Lucifer that of course she bloody loves you, you big booby! The episode will end with the “We really need to talk” line.

Before the actually manage to work things out, Mamma Morningstar will throw a spanner in the works and 2x17 will be Lucifer trying to sort out problems with Mum and Maze (that fight scene we’ve been teased with) while desperately trying to make time to just TALK with Chloe.

I suspect 2x17 & 2x18 will be a double header as they have said 19-22 will be stand alone episode, so in 2x18 (probably right at the bloody end) they will finally be together.  If not, I think my little shipper heart will truly break.

If we’re REALLY lucky, one of the stand alone episodes will be Lucifer explaining things to Chloe – how he fell and came to earth etc because wouldn’t a scene were she’s comforting while he relives past pain be the sweetest thing ever??!? (Other than Trixie/Amenadiel hugs that is!)

What do you guys think?

Shout out to @qqueenofhades for the inspiration – I’m sure I’ve unintentionally stolen some ideas from her because she is totally amazing an the oracle of Deckestar (in my humble opinion)