fnl: 2x04

A gente nega que tá cansado, nega que tá com medo, nega até o quanto que a gente quer ter sucesso. E, mais importante, a gente nega que estamos em negação. A gente só enxerga o que quer e só acreditamos naquilo que queremos e assim dá certo. Nós mentimos tanto que as mentiras começam a parecer verdade. E negamos tanto, que a gente não consegue reconhecer a verdade quando tá na nossa cara.
—  Grey’s Anatomy

jessie2289  asked:

Has 2x04 been updated recently? I'm mobil😕😓

no its good here’s some more

Reaching for you with trembling fingers by Analinea (1/1 | 4,077 | PG13)

Derek sinks to the bottom of the pool. He blinks. He’s dead, he thinks. How else would you explain standing in front of an unknown coffee shop in a generic busy street, people going in and out of the shop through him.

Faith, Trust and Something like Lust by lunaraindrop (1/1 | 544 | PG13)

Written for the “What If” challenge for Beacon_Hills over on live journal. What if at the end of Abomination, Derek had a change of heart on trust, after Stiles saving him, and Scott’s parting speech?

(alludes to sex)

Nightmares by Captain_Loki (1/1 | 2,393 | G)

“I keep having the same dream over and over,” he says, addressing the opposite side of the train car. “About what happened…at the pool.”

“Oh,” Derek replies. There’s a long pause that passes in silence. “What happens?”

“No one comes.”

it’s alright if you don’t know what you need by melislostinthestars (1/1 | 1,670 | PG13)

Tag to 2x04 Abomination. Stiles can’t sleep after the night in the pool. He’s a little bit scared and actually quite a bit angry. Neither of which are emotions conducive to sleep. So he goes looking for a target.

Oh, My Love, Don’t Forsake Me (Take What the Water Gave Me) by Alpha Ella (Leviarty) (1/1 | 323 | PG13)

Derek’s thoughts as he sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Take Me to the Surface by RemainNameless (1/1 | 2,354 | NC17)

“So, um, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when you said you wanted to repay me,” Stiles says, apprehension coiled in the pit of his stomach. Derek’s wet, well, they both are, but Stiles had been drying off a little before Derek pressed him against the wall with his body. “I was thinking maybe after you gave me a ride, you just wouldn’t kill me later? Ever?”

Jealousy (I Can Smell It On You) by Black_Calliope (1/1 | 1,151 | NC17)

When Stiles enters his own bedroom, Derek barely gives him time to shut the door before crowding him against the wooden surface. “Where have you been?” he barks in Stiles’ direction.

“Good to see you too,” Stiles mutters sarcastically. Because manners? They stand to Alphas the same way pink, furry handcuffs stand to Mr. Argent.