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friday night lights meme ≡ [1/5 male characters]: matt saracen 

i’m just having a moment, i don’t think i’m ok. i hate him. i don’t like hating people, but i just put all my hate on him so i don’t have to hate anyone else so i can be a good person, you know to my grandma, to my friends, to your daughter. that’s all i want to say. i want to tell him to his face that i hate him but he doesn’t even have a face.

FNL Characters: Luke Cafferty

I will, I will get an A in every single class. Every one, I promise you that. I will, I will do anything, I swear to you, anything. I’m begging you. No, I’m okay. I’m okay. Thank you. I’m fine, I’m fine. Thank you very much. Principal Taylor, hey. I’m real sorry for lying to you for the whole time, and for lying to you right now, to your face. I’m real sorry, okay?  

Taylor Kitsch: The New True Detective

With a gritty turn as a cop in the cult crime drama’s second season, the actor returns to the small screen - and his loner-character roots.

By Clark Collis

IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS since Taylor Kitsch ended his run as broody high school football player Tim Riggins on NBC’s Friday Night Lights. Following appearances in movies both successful (Lone Survivor, HBO’s The Normal Heart) and very much not (John Carter, Battleship), the actor heads back to serial TV to play war vet and motorcycle cop Paul Woodrugh, whose discovery of a crime scene triggers a massive investigation in the California-set second season of the HBO drama True Detective. Since his FNL character was a complicated individual (and the cops played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in season 1 of True Detective had more baggage than JFK Airport), would Kitsch say there are parallels between his latest role and the one that made him famous? “They’re both pretty f–ing tragic,” says the Canadian actor, 34, over the phone from his home in Austin. “Paul has more issues. He’s trying to do the right thing, but his past keeps hindering that. There were times I would walk away from a take and go, ‘Man, this is truly tragic.’”

Kitsch is one of four big names in the cast: Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell play detectives Ani Bezzerides and Ray Velcoro, while Vince Vaughn portrays criminal/entrepreneur Frank Semyon. Season 1 was driven by the twisted relationship between Harrelson’s womanizing Marty Hart and McConaughey’s metaphysically inclined Rust Cohle. But Kitsch says Woodrugh spends less time with Bezzerides and Velcoro, and more on his own. “He’s kind of a loner,” says the actor. “Woodrugh has his own path through the case. All of these characters, they keep crossing, but everyone has so much going on besides [the case].”

Kitsch’s reluctance to elaborate is no surprise given how tight-lipped True Detective creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto has been about the details of season 2. “Nic is very careful with it, and rightfully so,” Kitsch says. “But I think I want to be quiet about it as well, because we have something special.”

One thing Kitsch is happy to discuss is how eager he was to join Team True Detective. “When a door was cracked open and Nic was willing to meet a couple of guys, I flew in from Austin and drove up to hang out,” he says. “I basically sat out a whole year, waiting to work on this one. I took that risk, keeping my schedule open. Obviously it was a smart choice.”

But it still haunts him. Kitsch reveals that he’s finding it hard to shake off the role of Woodrugh, for which he lost around 20 pounds from his already slender frame, and that he’s in no hurry to get back on a set. “We’ve only been wrapped a couple of weeks, so I’m kind of kicking into reality now,” he says. “I’m not even clearheaded enough to read a script and be objective.” Sounds like Kitsch needs to take some long walks in the park. “Yeah,” he says. “Just stare into oblivion!” Riggins - and Rust Cohle - would approve.

-Entertainment Weekly

FNL Characters: Brian “Smash” Williams

There’s something else I gotta say. Yeah, I like myself, and I love football. I love it. I love the game. I love the crowds. I love the attention. I love being a star. I can’t help it. It’s a beautiful thing it’s just who I am, it’s how God made me. I like you a lot, Waverly. I mean more than I’ve ever liked any other girl. But if you don’t like me for me then I gotta live with it ‘cause I can’t be nobody but the Smash. Yes, I like talking about myself in the third person.

FNL Characters: Joe McCoy

I deeply apologize for this monstrosity but I recently rewatched a few episodes in season 3, and I hate Joe McCoy with the fire of ten thousand suns. Here you can see him burning in the flames of Hell, after being shot by me, for being the human equivalent of dog waste.