As my beautiful followers already Know, I have not been posting lately…yes, I have been certainly Very busy… but in light of certain recent events… I feel that I have Lost all hope Of Humanity!!

As you can see…Lt. John Pike, a surely noble and Handsome police officer, has been vilified and Slandered by the left wing media! Here is a Famous picture of him, Doing his noble job and keeping kids safe at a place named “UC Davis.”

What I do Not understand about the Liberals is that they are So “upset” by this! After all, “It’s a food product, essentially,” asserts our lovely Megyn Kelly!

I cannot tell you how Much respect I have for this man… Pizza Pike! He was not only peacefully removing The hooligans, he was Even Feeding them with “nutritious and delicious” food items!

Well frankly I am Outraged! Oh well, at Least here is something positive: how lovely Megyn Kelly looks! Shining like the moon! You Go, Girl!


NOT THE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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