Belgian made rifle that is often called the little brother to the FAL. Chambered in 5.56x45mm, it uses standard AR-15 pattern magazines. Very few were imported into the U.S, making them very collectable but also very expensive. The one in the photos has undergone a modification that allows it to use the ACR sdie-folding collapsible stock. There are adapters available for the FAL and SCAR. (GRH)

Korean Entertainment Companies as parents
  • SM - the perfectionist parent; forces kids to go on every single extra curricular activity in school; encourages kids to undergo plastic surgery if they're not pretty enough
  • YG - the über-strict parent; doesn't let kids go out at all which makes them rebel; kids end up drunk-driving and doing drugs and/or leaving them
  • JYP - the weird parent; does a shit-ton strange stuff their kids don't comprehend; clothing style is always an issue; kids suffer from secondhand embarrassment all the time
  • FNC - the family-name-must-remain-clean parent; denies everything that may tarnish the family name even if it's too obvious already
  • CUBE - the parent with a favorite; preferred one kid over other kids; other kids end up leaving
  • STARSHIP - the domino parent; one kid made it out successful; expects other kids to do the same; will send any kid who doesn't do well away to summer camp to "improve"
  • BIG HIT - the supportive parent; lets kids do whatever they want as long as it's legal; may or may not have accidentally spoiled them a bit
  • PLEDIS - the clueless but protective parent; kids are gifted af but doesn't know how to handle them properly; has so much kids; will bitchslap you if you mess with any of them
  • WOOLLIM - the ghost parent; kids feel neglected bc they're always not around; when kids announce they wanna leave the house they're like "why? what did we do wrong?"
  • FANTAGIO - the better parent; gives kids enough breathing space but continuously guides them; gives birth to naturally beautiful children only
  • BRAVE - the smart parent; teaches kids the reality of life at an early age; believes greatly in their kids' abilities