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[ENGTrans] Magazine ‘The FNC’ (Q&A CNBLUE) - Part 2

Q: What if you become a CEO of FNC?
Jonghyun: I don’t suit for being a CEO.

Q: What is Yonghwa to Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Reliable elder brother.

Q: What is Minhyuk to Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Reliable younger brother.

Q: What is Jungshin to Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Stupid younger brother.

Q: What is CNBLUE to Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Myself.
Yonghwa: What is tracksuit to Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: A close friend.
Yonghwa: What is the thing you must throw away right now?
Jonghyun: My tracksuit.
Yonghwa: Who is the fashion terrorist in CNBLUE?
Jonghyun: Who? Not me

Yonghwa: What do you want to do right now?
Jonghyun: I want to go home.
Yonghwa: What do you want to do if you go home?
Jonghyun: I want to wash.
Yonghwa: What do you do as soon as you open your eyes?
Jonghyun: I wash.
Yonghwa: What is the most annoying thing to you?
Jonghyun: To wash in the morning.
Yonghwa: When is the happiest time in one day?
Jonghyun: When I sleep.
Yonghwa: When do you feel Jung Yonghwa is the coolest?
Jonghyun: What is cool? We see each other always, just creepy.
Minhyuk: I have many scars on my body, which I got when I fell off.
What I want to erase from my memory is, when I learned swimming for the first time at 6th grade of elementary school. I challenged harder than my skill. I tried diving, but my swimming pants were taken off. There were a lot of girls behind me, I was so embarrassed.
I am good at almost all kinds of games. Although I meet a new game, I can master it in a few minutes. My members never ask me to play with. I feel thrilled when I master a brand new game.
A person whom I hope to see on the street in front of my eyes? A lady’s back who is wearing a dark navy long coat, black skinny jean. big neat muffler, medium hill, light waved hair.
I like a person who looks at me only. So I will never see my ideal type on the street. But if I see, I would approach and talk to her.

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[ENGTrans] Magazine ‘The FNC’ (Q&A CNBLUE) - Part 3

Q: 3 abilities you want to have?
Minhyuk: Drumming skill, better looking face, Being a good son to my parents.

Q: 33 year-old Kang Minhyuk is still in CNBLUE?
Minhyuk: I will be performing at CNBLUE concert. At audience seat, my wife will be looking at me.

Q: Good points of Kang Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: Mild personality.

Q: The most favorite coffee & cake?
Minhyuk: Americano with syrup added and sweet potato cake.

Q: What is Jungshin to Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: A friend.

Q: What is Yonghwa to Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: Reliable eldest brother.

Q: What is Jonghyun to Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: Reliable second brother.

Q: What is CNBLUE to Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: My everything.
Jungshin: Do you have intention of widening your eyes?
Minhhyuk: No.
Jungshin: Do you have intention of whitening your skin? You’re too yellow.
Minhhyuk: I’m attending dermatology regularly.
Jungshin: What would you do if the company ordered you to shave your hair.
Minhhyuk: No problem (doing it)
Jungshin: What would you do if the company ordered you to raise hair as long as Jungshin?
Minhhyuk: No problem.
Jungshin: Do you follow well like that whoever ordered you?
Minhhyuk: I do after I see who is ordering.
Jungshin: Your butt is too small, don’t you intend to make it bigger doing exercise?
Minhyuk: About exercise, I’m better than you. I’m working on it.

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