With the release of the latest Five Nights at Freddy’s game, I figured it’d be fitting to do a whiteboard drawing. I hope you enjoy it! 

Why do a lot of people seem to hate Scott Cawthon? To my knowledge, he has done absolutely nothing wrong, and yet people are still sending and directing hate his way.

I’ve also seen people getting REALLY salty about that steam message he wrote a few days ago, but in that message he was literally telling everyone that they shouldn’t let people get in the way of their dreams, and that he believes people can do whatever they put their mind to. What reason is there to be upset about that?

Do a bunch of people just hate him because he made a successful game series? Or, do people hate him because of the more intolerable parts of the FNAF fanbase? Because, if so, there really isn’t anything he can do about that, and it’s not his fault in the first place.

I think he is a fantastic inspiration, and when it comes to FNAF, he worked really hard to make the fans happy, and to create something they would love.

He liked making these games, and I don’t think any of them were “rushed” or “beating a dead horse”. I mean, if the games are finished, both mechanical and story wise, you really can’t call them “rushed”, can you? I think the story he told was great, the way he told it was great, and that FNAF is a wonderful horror game series that took a lot of new routes.

We’ve got some confirmed info on the movie, in case you didn’t see it yet.

- Director is Gil Kenan.

- It will include real animatronics.

- Will take place in more than one location.

- Scott is being heavily involved in production.

- Movie will involve the bite story.

- Will include/explain the lore, and is also set in canon.

- Possibly focuses on a story we haven’t seen before.

- More phone guy.

- Will possibly release in 2017, on the anniversary. (Not sure if confirmed.)