// No one sent me asks for the M!A so I decided to draw mysticbaconslice | ask-appliancealliance ‘s characters. They’ve been in a slump recently, and so have I, so decided to try to cheer them up and draw for them. Feel better, Hun. I hope this helps. Melody is holding Mari because it was cute seeing her hold the Marionette and naturally I had too.

And also, Xavier is hella noice.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Theory

So something has got me thinking. And It makes a lot of sense.

This post contains spoilers to Fnaf3, so if you read on you might learn something that you didn’t want to know about before.

Okay so lets start.

So at the end of Fnaf3, you play a minigame as one of the dead children, and you end up in a room with purple guy and the ghost of the other dead children.

And then you scare Purple guy into running into the suit, and he eventually dies in there. (Or maybe not because he hunts you down)

But if you notice something strange about the area the kids and purple guy are in? Doesn’t it seem weird at all?

The kids and purple guy were in the kitchen. Judging by those objects in the corner, those were the ovens. But here comes the best part. In the first game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the kitchens cameras were off the whole time of the game.

Guys. Springtrap was in the kitchen the whole time. I don’t think it was ever Chica or Freddy making a noise in the kitchen, I think it was Springtrap trying to escape.

But yeah this is what I believe, and it makes sense judging that the 3rd games story comes after the 1st games story.