I was so determined to finish this piece that I spent all day yesterday putting it together
And by all day I like, seriously mean all day
So from the sketch, to the lines, to the colors, I would estimate that the time for this one would be 24+ hours at the very, very least
Am I proud of it?
Yeah, I’m pretty proud haha
It’s not perfect, but I’m generally happy with how this turned out
It was a heck ton of fun creating this :>>> I seriously hope the gif comes out in good quality-
And since of not using proper software, firealpaca almost crashed a few times 8^
I seriously hope you guys enjoy this little piece as much as I do. I really put my everything into this one :“>
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                “Batim and Fnaf in: a nightmare???”

oooohh it seems that an individual is not welcome in Bendy’s room

I just wanted to do that, it’s an opportunity to make them together ♥

fhghgjfjdh yay Alice


So, like… I might post some icons in another post so you can use them as profile pics or something…
You can also say which one do you want! 

This was so hard to draw especially because it was the first time I drew some of these characters and and
I’m hella tired now :P

h-he bites

I know that I’ve made a foxy with his curtain animation before….but honestly, he’s kinda fun to animate! this isn’t super perfect and it’s very rough, so hopefully I can fix it up more in the future :D


                     “Batim and Fnaf in: the kitchen”

what a bazaar in the kitchen fhghghd drunken bunny

I just wanted to do that ♥ I like to do funny things hohoho