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Assault rifle FN2000

FN2000 assault rifle with “bull-pup” has the frame behind the trigger, the operation of the drainage of powder gases, rotating bolt in the front position. The weapon is smooth and free of sharp protruding parts, which are designed so as not to interfere with the person who handles arms, and is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed.

FN2000 assault rifle has main parts from plastic, steel are only the most loaded parts: tube, shutter parts, the frame and some other smaller parts. The barrel is tapped, cold forged and chrome. FN2000 allows single and burst fire. FN2000 uses ammo 5.56 x45mm NATO caliber. It feeds from the classic frame like the M16 rifle. FN2000 done eject the empty shells of the pipe. FN2000 made assault rifle is modular and based on the needs it is possible to simply add launcher grenades, batteries, laser marking points and other equipment on the Picatinny rail. Besides classical tombstones FN2000 assault rifle has an optical sighting device from the U.S. company “Trijicon” and reflex sighting device, popular AIMPOINT produced in Sweden.

Principle of operation: removal of powder gases
Caliber: 5.56 x45mm NATO
Ammunition: 5.56 × 45, usually grain SS109, marking L110
Weight: 4.2 kg (empty with optical sight)
Effective use: 500m
TeoreticalFiring speed: 850 shots / min

FN2000 with grenade launchers

Bomb thrower was specifically developed for this gun, which is used as a module. It is possible to mount a bomb thrower without additional tools on the rifle for a very short time. Pitcher bombs is also made of plastic pipe and a steel shutter mechanism. Individualisation gunfire and grenades used caliber 40mm, has a mechanical sight, and the division is in sight at 50m, loading performed with a rotating pipe, the mechanism of double-action trigger pull. Without adequate treatment is equally so for left and for right-handers.

Principle of operation: trip, blocking rotation of pipes, double acting
Caliber: 40mm LV
Ammunition: 40 × 46, the different types of
Weight: 1.2 kg
Length: 720mm (with a gun)
Length 230mm pipes
Efficient use of 350m


Sooooooo its here! An old JLS FN2000 bought as faulty - 10 mintues and a new piston and its working well.

Please excuse the bright green body, hopefully the digital camo vinyl wrap I’ve ordered should arrive tomorrow and i’ll be able to make it look vaugley respectable.

I bought the gun as a spare to lend out to friends as its fairly indestructible and easy to use so I wont have to worry about them constanty.