fn tps



The Tactical Police Shotgun from FN was based on the Winchester Model 1300. To help ease with training the TPS has AR-15 style iron sights, pistol grip, trigger guard and stock, all of which aide with familiarizing with the platform if you already have an AR. This particular example is an early model that has the “defective” rear sight. It sits too low to co-witness with the front sight. Later generation TPS’s have a higher rail and rear sight. (GRH)



The Tactical Police Shotgun was a 12 gauge pump-action based on the Winchester Model 1300. If you’re looking to add a side-saddle for extra shells, then anything that will fit a Model 1300 will work on the FN TPS. The shotgun was built to mimic the AR-15 in terms of ergonomics; the front and rear sight are nearly identical to an AR’s. The collapsible stock and pistol grip are also straight from an AR. It was supposed to make training and use more familiar due to muscle memory. No longer in production, they are solid, reliable shotguns and worth looking into if you want something besides an 870. GRH)

FN FNX-45 Tactical

As it’s name suggests, the FNX-45 Tactical has several key features that differ from the standard model. The major differences are the threaded barrel, raised front and rear sights and a slide cut for mounting optics. One of the more popular tactical handgun options on the market; usually you can find them online for around $1,000~ new, sometimes less. I might pick one up since I already have an FN TPS and FN FS2000, would make for a little FN 3-Gun trio. (GRH)


Minor update / upgrade on my FN TPS shotgun. Installed a TacStar Side Saddle.

Installed in less than 5 minutes and pretty happy with it. I guess I could do a “mini-review” of it later when I have more free time.

Eventually going to swap out the stock and pistol grip for something more ergonomic and comfortable.


12 gauge pump-action shotgun that incorporates several AR-15 components. The one in the photos is an early model with the defective top rail. Due to how low the rail is, the rear sight does not align with the front sight. Later models have an elevated rail which raised the rear sight high enough. (GRH)