Sorry, recap will not be up today. That was totally overambitious for some reasons, such as- Eighteen took tons and tons of great pictures, and it will take them a bit to get them uploaded to Flickr so they can be used. Also, because I’d really like to do a very thorough recap. And, IMO, the most important reason- self care. The last month has been really stressful for me, and this weekend was great, but really overwhelming.

Also- as one of the Midwest Coordinators for the POC Zine Project I’ll be blogging about FMZF for the POCZP tumblr over the next several days, and reblogging it here.

Here’s the outline of what I plan to discuss, in no particular order:
1) FMZF safer space policy, implementation, and issues raised at FMZF.
2) Funding, how FMZF was able to get such great people to come (spoiler alert, they were paid!); advisory role of POC Zine Project
3) How a need/desire for a local zine fest was identified, a recap of FMZF, and analysis of if/how that need was fulfilled.

-Joyce Hatton, FMZF Founder, POCZP Midwest Coordinator