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Do you know the setlist since they added SKH?

uuuuuu I don’t but check the tour at

[TRANS] 150803 Sungwoon @ SBS Power FM ‘VIXX N KPOP’

N: That drama or VIXX N KPOP?
Sungwoon: I’ll choose VIXX N KPOP!

N: Does our Sungwoon drive?
Sungwoon: Yes but…
N: You don’t drive well?
Dahye: He’s a kid
Sungwoon: A kid?! I’m an actor!

N: Let’s do yaja time for 10 seconds
Sungwoon: Hakyeon-ah~ Let’s work hard~ (informally) 

N: Sungwoon is really cute
Sungwoon: I’m cool though?
N: No you’re the cutest in the world
Sungwoon: I want to be cool!

Trans cr: hotshotsg


The setting is as natural as possible, and that’s the real place as opposed to an artificial movie set so in that way it was the style we were working from. But then we take artistic license in altering things to convey more what it would feel like at that time, using music that gives the emotional quality that I wanted the scene to have as opposed to what actually might be the song [from that period]. A combination to create the impression of what it might have been like. - Sofia Coppola


In ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I played the Simple Minds song three times, with three mixes — the demo, an instrumental and a vocal mix at the end,“ he said. "You had a raw sound on the demo, then it went into a finished instrumental track and then we played it at the end. People get used to music by hearing it repetitively. You play it three times, so by the end of the movie they will get it. And it was a hit, which was really fun for me — to make a hit of a band, that I gave a platform to a band that didn’t have one before. - John Hughes