151025 Chanyeol @ Lotte Fanmeeting


02/04/2016 - ‘Hate’ @ Park Ji Yoon’s FM Date


160204 4minute on Park Jiyoon’s FM date Radio live

Punny kids? I don’t know.

Okay so like… 2 weeks ago I just found out that Parappa has a mom in canon?  Which kind of messes with my plans of giving him my own version of a mom but whatever. More importantly I found out at the same time that Rodney Greenblat had drawn concepts of what Parappa and Sunny Funny’s children would look like…they looked horrifying.  

So I decided to take a stab at it myself. I made them look 90s and they look like pokemon. No names for them yet.

In case someone is curious, the font I used is DK Prince Frog

Music I listened to as I colored :  (Everything on Soundshock 2: FM Funk Terror!! sounds amazing. I command everyone listen to it)