Bakumatsu Shinsengumi

Release dates (Android)
Japanese: March 12, 2015
English: July 2nd, 2015

“Every day is the same, with no change whatsoever. Suddenly, you are taken away from your peaceful modern world and thrown in the middle of the Bakumatsu era.

In the land of Kyo, a capital shaken by violence and uncertainty, you are fated to meet Bakufu supporters burning with ambition…

You will meet with them in secret, getting to know how committed they are to their cause. In the midst of those tumultuous times, a fatal love story is born.”

This is a free game by SPACEOUT Inc! You can get the Android version here.




Queen at Arms

Release date (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
English: July 2nd, 2015

“As a young girl, Marcus Cordale was rescued from a violent political coup and taken away from the country of her birth. To protect her identity, she was raised as a boy. When she comes of age, she joins the army of Orthera, in search of her elder brother. But when war breaks out, the Ortheran army is thrown into turmoil, and the young recruit is catapulted through the ranks. Can she step up to lead, and wage a battle against the kingdom she called home?”

This is a game by Aqualuft Games! You can download the demo or purchase the full version for USD$9.99 here.





Pairing: Claire Dearing/Owen Grady

Word count: 1,616

Rating: Mature

A/N: For eclairedearing who requested Claire and Owen getting stuck in an elevator (dw it’s not too angsty)

Summary: Two times Owen and Claire got stuck in an elevator. One time’s sexy. One time’s angsty.

There were few thing’s Claire Dearing could do better, than run in heels. However, it was mostly due to the fact one of the few thing’s Claire Dearing was not good at, was being on time.

‘Hold the door!’ she shouted running for the elevator. A muscular arm, that was all too familiar, came shooting out to stop the door.

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The setting is as natural as possible, and that’s the real place as opposed to an artificial movie set so in that way it was the style we were working from. But then we take artistic license in altering things to convey more what it would feel like at that time, using music that gives the emotional quality that I wanted the scene to have as opposed to what actually might be the song [from that period]. A combination to create the impression of what it might have been like. - Sofia Coppola

Eu te amo pelas tuas faltas, pelo teu corpo marcado, pelas tuas cicatrizes, pelas tuas loucuras todas, minha vida… Eu amo as tuas mãos, mesmo que por causa delas eu não saiba o que fazer das minhas. Amo teu jogo triste. As tuas roupas sujas é aqui em casa que eu lavo. Eu amo a tua alegria. Mesmo fora de si, eu te amo pela tua essência. Eu te amo nas horas infernais e na vida sem tempo, quando sozinha bordo mais uma toalha de fim de semana. Eu te amo pelas crianças e futuras rugas. Eu te amo pelas tuas ilusões perdidas e pelos teus sonhos inúteis… Eu te amo pelo que se repete e que nunca é igual. Eu te amo desde os teus pés até o que te escapa… Eu te amo de alma para alma. E mais que as palavras, ainda que seja através delas que eu me defenda, quando digo que te amo mais que o silêncio dos momentos difíceis, quando o próprio amor vacila.
—  Fernando Pessoa.

In ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I played the Simple Minds song three times, with three mixes — the demo, an instrumental and a vocal mix at the end,“ he said. "You had a raw sound on the demo, then it went into a finished instrumental track and then we played it at the end. People get used to music by hearing it repetitively. You play it three times, so by the end of the movie they will get it. And it was a hit, which was really fun for me — to make a hit of a band, that I gave a platform to a band that didn’t have one before. - John Hughes