The Cave - Saskatoon, SK, Canada - This place has me in awe of what is possible in a restaurant.  Part Yoda’s dagoba hut and part endless hobbit hole of tavernously comfortable dining, my Dawn of the Dead fantasy destination is real!  I am counting seven different “areas” inside this carved out food playground, one of them is functionally a “goblins den”.  Its too bad the facade stops at the food, its mostly bulletproof bar food and pizza.  Where’s the Lemnas bread, the feasts of wild game?   

Weirs Bar and Restaurant - Multyfarnham, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland - Going through a few irish menus now there’s a couple dishes that are popping up that I had never heard of before.  Goujons is essentially fish sticks and I can only imagine more refined than frozen foods.  Roasties are basically roasted potatoes somewhat like steak fries.  I am keeping a running list and will point em out if i find anything especially different.
The Art of the Menu - podcast

Ben Schott examines the graphic and gastronomic tricks of the menu.

Here’s a great piece on the art of menus and what goes into making them.  The piece all takes place in New York and is a great slice into the design and considerations of describing food on paper.  I love that there are individuals and groups taking notice of the prevalence and history of menus and putting these pieces out there.  

Of course, menus do exist outside of New York, the USA and North America.  This menu below could be from any city in america but its actually from a place called Shorty’s Diner in the Falkland Islands.  It’s surprisingly remote and extremely familiar at the same time.  

Radio silence

Huge amount of space right here,  I simply didn’t have time to update fmnu though I am starting to put ideas back together for this blog as I really do love the idea of working on this blog.  Finding the time is a bit of a fight against work and social life.  anyways…  more menus coming your way in perfectly random places.

Can't Find Menus!

Damn!  theres so many places that I just can’t find a menu for in southern Illinois.  Please send a pic my way or message me to figure out how to mail me some.

Up and down the 57 between Cairo and West Frankfurt:

Triple E Barbque
Lunch Box
Afton Diner
Chris Cafe
Nu Diner
Michael’s Family Ristorante
Casa Vieja Mexican Restaurant

So many more -  a breadcrumb of proof to that america is not as internet friendly as the rest of the world may think.  Im batting about a hundred right now and I want that to be closer to .750.  

Walt’s Restaurant, Marion IL

This is the first visual cocktail menu I have seen.  Colorful.  Kinda takes up a ton of space, also don’t be a dick and price your drinks ending with 9 cents.  Is there any possible reason to charge 5.29 for a skinny cosmo?  It is not tooth paste, charge 5.50 or 6 bucks and call it a day.  I feel nickel and dimed looking at it and oddly would pay more to not experience that.

Pops Chuck Wagon, Marion IL,

This town has every fast food option, at the moment i’m looking for local and lovely joints.  If I get really desperate I might have to just mark up a Quiznos.

Some very satisfying looking options on this online menu.  Fried Bologna, Pork Fritters and all the standards.  

Ballinalacken Castle - Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland : Heres the castle digs, everything on google maps is a bed and breakfast or at least those are the top hits when you search for dinner or restaurant.  I am gonna get nitty gritty with street view and see if i can scope some more homely finds,  less uber comfort food with french attitudes. 

I picked up another food term here, Dodine.  Similar to galantine its like a deboned fowl that has been reformed into a casing or mold.


The Temple Bar Pub - Dublin, Ireland - The issue with reviewing a pub and bar food in another country is I have no idea what the vibe at this place is like.  Could be a tourist snare or douche a la bouche.  What I do know is this place has upwards of 100 SANDWHICHES!!  I will go anywhere that has devoted so much effort to the medium of bread bordered semi flat food stuffs.


Mr Wang Chinese Imperial Restaurant - Ulan bator city, Tokyo street, Mongolia : Ulan Bator is an independent municipality inside Mongolia and holds no provincial relation to it.  It has a very interesting history and worth reading about.

I wasn’t able to get the Korean to properly translate so this menu is a mystery.  Thoroughly complicating the enigma is the weirdness of it’s menu being in Korean.  Further on that point it is on Tokyo street and is clearly a Chinese restaurant.  Sometimes not knowing why is the thing that brings me in for a long stare.