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Seventeen reaction to you kissing them then running away Hip hop unit

I don’t own any gifs. Most of them would question you tbh

S.coups: This puppy would love it and hate it. He would love it because you kissed him and who wouldn’t love their partner kissing them?! Anyways he would hate it because bruh you kissed him them ran away he wants more kisses. In the end though he would question what just happened then pout then go after more kisses.

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Mingyu: Another puppy. Tbh He would either smile then continue what he was doing or chase you (sorry for different lengths I’m trying to be fair).

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Vernon: So yes he is young ,But he also got them hormones so yeah. He is gonna grab onto you and you guys are gone’ do the making outs. Or possibly if you guys are in front of the members He’ll look down in embarrassment.

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Wonwoo: He’s gonna hate it, but he’s shy so he ain’t gonna do anything. He’s going to be embarrassed. I honestly wouldn’t do this if I were you though Because he is a shy baby and will want more or better kisses but won’t do anything because he is shy.

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