Omg what have I gotten myself into
Mr Wan said ask questions ok I whatsapped him and then he spam me with questions I don’t know what he’s trying to direct me into.
Fucking dumb la why did I even ask him so stupid omgomg and I asked a stupid question
See that’s why I don’t dare ask cos I’m fucking not confident of myself cos I’m always afraid that I’ll ask stupid questions

Fuck sia don’t they know why I don’t ask because I freaking lack confidence. So retarded just asking questions already making me so scared shit I have terrible self confidence issue Oi Mr Wan where did you fly to very scary leh take so long to reply me zzzz my chem U la for As Wah kns so I realised I couldn’t do the question cos got missing Ksp value. I DIDN’T KNOW IT GOT SENT IN RED SKY SINCE IT ALWAYS SPAM RIGHT SO I MISSED IT THEN I ASKED MR WAN IS IT GOT MISSING INFO FML I SO STUPID LOLOL

fuuuuuck i just want a job. why wont any hire me?! my last interview the lady who interviewed me said that i did perfectly and if she was the one making the final decision she would have chosen me. like wtf happened? what did i do wrong :(.

fml i just want to work. and now robs sick and i just want to hold him but hes afraid he may be contagious so even if he wanted to see me today really bad he cant because hes afraid i’ll get sick. tbh i think he may have food poisoning. ughghhghgh why does life suck