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“are you scared? imagine how scared she must’ve been. not that it’s any of my business…

you never had a happy past anyway. you were ridiculed and bullied all your life… and now you’ve escaped that life because for the first time, you did something for yourself.

congrats, mr. murderer.” - oh sangwoo

okay but consider

the losers at the movies:

-bill drives himself, stan, ben and bev

-there wasn’t enough space for stan but he refused to get in richie’s car

-richie drives mike and eddie

-everyone argues over what to see so bill makes the decision

-richie buys eddie’s ticket while eddie protests loudly

-and bev buys ben’s because he forgot his wallet

-mike gets everyone snacks, including a giant family sized popcorn for them to share

-richie fucks around and spills the popcorn before they get to their seats

-they argue over where to sit because everyone wants to sit next to bill

-stan WILL NOT sit by richie

-they finally sit: ben, bev, mike, bill, stan, eddie, richie

-richie finishes all his snacks during the previews

-eddie buys him more as payback for buying his ticket

-bev laughs hysterically at the sad/scary parts of the movie but silent during the actually funny parts

-eddie gets up to pee like 4 times and makes bev come stand outside the bathroom door

-richie talks/asks eddie questions through the whole damn movie

-eddie happily answers his questions

-stan shushes richie every 30 seconds

-mike is very amused by this

-ben grabs bev/hides his face in her shoulder during scary parts

-stan and ben are the only ones that clap when the movie ends

-eddie lost his fanny pack

-mike runs to check the bathroom and corridors for it

-everyone searches for it long after the credits are over

-after an hour of searching they give up and walk to the cars

-eddie left his fanny pack in richie’s car

-also richie left his headlights on so bill has to jumpstart his car

-they all go the diner afterwards and talk about how great the movie was

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

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Matt Murdock for the 5 cute things? Thanks xx

This took me so long because I’ve been so busy, fml. Also I’m SUPER rusty at writing so this isn’t my best…I’M SORRY. :( But here ya go!

Matt Murdock + 5 cute things

1. Whenever the both of you are just lying in bed together, his arm around you and fingers caressly running through your back, Matt often starts to slowly tap letters in braille form through your skin. It first started off in a playful way when you were trying to get ahold of the alphabet for him and he did it just so you could practice but now that you’re fairly good at it, he’s always writing little words and messages that makes your chest warm up everytime.

2. Matt absolutely loves to have his hair petted. There’s times you’re mindlessly reading a book on his couch when he arrives from work, immediately toeing his shoes off and plopping his body beside you with his head purposefuly resting on your lap. As soon as your fingers start carding through his locks, a sigh always escapes from his lips and his whole body just relaxes. There’s times you walk together to work and just when you’re about to drop him off at his office, you press a kiss to his lips and run a hand through his hair to fix it. His face melts in delight and he actually leans his head towards your hand for a moment before he notices it. And it also goes beyond that with a little of hair-pulling…but nobody but you need to know that.

3. You don’t know why or how he’s picked up the habit but Matt always presses a kiss to your temple or forehead. No matter what you’re doing or where you are. When he wakes up a bit later than usual and finds you in the kitchen doing breakfast, he’ll step up behind you with an arm around your waist and press a soft kiss to your temple. When you’re both sitting with Karen and Foggy in a dark booth at Josie’s, it’s mandatory of him to have his lips at your forehead while you finish the rest of his drink. When he arrives beaten up with blood in the corner of his mouth after a night of fighting, he does it a little more carefully and usually paired up with a sigh of relief. You don’t complain (or question) in neither times.

4. He has a lot of fuzzy socks. You make fun of him sometimes because honestly, it’s an entire drawer and they’re all ridiculously soft and warm. But you can’t deny that you steal them sometimes, giving Matt his own turn to mock you over how cute you must look wearing grey mid-calf length fuzzy socks. And it’s not different from the times you steal his hoodies…or one pair or two of sweatpants that are way too big for you…that are also all surprisingly comfortable too…

5. Nobody would ever guess when looking at him but Matt is actually super cheesy when it comes to music and low-key love declarations. He’s got some rock vinyls in the back of his closet and when the mood calls for it (thing that doesn’t happen as often as you’d like), he takes them out and let the songs fill up the apartment’s usual silence. It’s cute to see him drumming his fingers through the beat and sometimes singing the songs to you. You swear that the times he sang Shadowplay by Joy Division and Temptation by New Order you’d blushed so hard that he’d definitely feel it even without his habilities.

I literally wasn’t going to upload this but my soul literally died in this moment like come on Spotify I’m just trying to have a nICE LIFE AND U JUST ,,, 😭😭👏👏

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So tweek and Clyde are hanging out for his birthday didn't Craig say nobody's seen him since graduation

((craig doesn’t know everything! he’s also been away from south park since roughly august, and it’s possible he doesn’t look at every text he gets.))

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I DEMAND (politely request) MORE SOFT JOTAKAK PLEASE. (If you're still doing these.)

Your wish is my command~
Thanks for the request!! 
(slowly but surely working through ship requests!!!)