fml im alone


We had talked about Meredith, Nia absolutely didn’t care that she was dead. She told me it was best that troublesome people were out of my life. I really didn’t like the way she or Kali acted about all of this.

Sleep was beginning to creep up on me and I felt my eyes getting heavy when I heard the front door slam open.
I heard Julie gasp and then groan.
It was Nia and she was coming straight for me.

I dropped the remote and didn’t really register that she was even here. She plopped herself down next to me and stared.
“Uh…hi?” I turned towards Julie, “Julie, why didn’t you lock the door?!”
“You were the last one in!”

“I missed you.” She was still staring at me with such a goofy face.
“Yeah, well not enough apparently.”
“I do though.”
“Ar-are you drunk?”
She started kissing me before I had a chance to say another word. Instead of fighting her I leaned in. I heard the bang of a pot and pulled away. Julie hated when we got too affectionate with each other.