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Crowned Tattoo (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Prompt: Hey could you do maybe a Jughead X Reader Soulmate AU? One where Jughead and the reader have a tattoo of a crown on their wrist, and they are best friends but neither of them had ever seen the tattoo on each other. (They were blind, but so where the others) But one day Jughead sees it and knows that they are soulmates, so they meet at pops and he kisses her and after it is really cute. They tell the group and it is really fluffy.

A/N: So I know I posted a different Soulmate!AU yesterday but heres another one! I took my time writing this because I wanted to be confident with it. (Also I’ve written and rewritten it like four times. FML) Let me know if you like it! I did change it a bit but bare with me xxx


Crowned Tattoo (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Everyone’s tattoo is different. All in pairs.

There’s only one other person in the world with your tattoo.

Each one meaning something. Symbolizing something significant.

Some people showed off giant vibrant tattoos that the fates had graced them with.

Others hid theirs from eyes until they find their soulmates.

You knew most of your classmate’s tattoos. They were proud of their elaborate colors and symbols on their skin.

You were fond of yours yet you had no idea what it meant.

A small black crown. Just on the inside of your wrist.

What does a crown have to do with anything? You asked your parents when they explained the reason for the tattoos. But they didn’t know. It was unusual to have an actual symbol on your body.

Most had the colors and beautiful lines on them.

Yet yours was simply and black.

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BTS and First Kisses

aye, new stuff coming out bc i’m a piece of shit that can’t get anything done hah. MY BFF IS FOLLOWING ME WHY AM I POSTING THIS KIND OF SHIT AHH

  • Seokjin

God, poor Seokjin. He’d be nervous and he’d stutter a lot and his ears would get a deep red when you caught him staring at your lips. His confidence would be long gone, only being able to muster tiny ‘uh-huh’s and schoolgirl giggles. If you asked him what is wrong he’d try to brush it off with a dad joke or some stupid pun, but his hands would tremble a bit when he started to gesticulate wildly so that he can get your mind off of it. If you did show signs of you wanting him to kiss you, he’d get a little bit more confident, sighing deeply to get you to stop talking while staring at your face. Then, he’d lean in a bit, cupping your cheeks in his hands, leaning down if he had to, asking you if it’s ok. If you said yes, he’d peck you, no more than three seconds. When he leaned back, his eyes would shine brightly and the widest grin was on his lips, his thumbs stroking your cheeks lovingly. Then he’d tell you a stupid pun and ruin the mood but it’s okay, he’s Seokjin and you love him so. *shrug*

“Hey, Y/N” “Yes, Seokjin?” “Can I borrow another kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.” *wink*

  • Yoongi

MY LOVE He would be so flustered!!! He wouldn’t even plan it, you two would probably just sit down and talk about random stuff and you would get very into it and he looks at you with heart shaped eyes and he’s all soft and he has this tiny trace of a smile on his face and he’d think you looked so cute and precious and kissable when you got excited so he just leaned in a bit. Then he stopped, realizing what he was doing, but you’d probably catch on what he was trying to initiate because he kept on looking at your lips, so you’d stop talking and he wouldn’t even notice this fucker. Then you’d smile sweetly and be like “what’s wrong?” and he’d get all blushy (i’m not joking, his ears get red and his eyes get really really big) and he’d start stuttering, until he’d bite his lip cutely and mutter that he wants to kiss you, not being able to look at you in the eyes. Then, without letting you answer, he’d lean in, cup our cheek with one hand, the other going to hold yours and he’d give you a peck (that was actually at the limit between a peck and a kiss but yoongs cannot differentiate them so…). Then he’d lean back, with pink still dusting his cheeks and open his mouth to say something witty, but the only thing getting out would be a dreamy sigh while he looked you deep in the eyes. Then he’d lean in for another kiss, this one deeper. Way deeper.

“Yoongi, were you nervous~?” “I wasn’t, you dipshit. I was just daydreaming.” “About kissing me?” “Shut up.” *hides his eyes behind his fringe, head low so that you cannot see his blush*

(hah can you see that i’m head over heels for him)

  • Hoseok

Hoseok wouldn’t be any different, maybe a tad bit more silent, but it wouldn’t be a noticeable change, so you wouldn’t suspect a thing. He’d keep on staring at your face, your lips especially, and when you turned to look at him he’d get a light blush on his cheeks, but you would probably be so into your story that you wouldn’t really notice. If you did look at him longer, though, he’d scratch the back of his head and turn it in the other direction while smiling nervously. That’s probably when you would start to think something’s wrong. He’d deny any of your “Are you sick?” questions, but at some point he wouldn’t be able to control himself, so after a tiny whine, he’d grab your face and smash his lips against yours, in a kind of messy kiss, but enjoyable nonetheless. When he’d lean back, he’d smile the brightest smile you’ve ever seen on him and his eyes would conquer the sun and I’M WEAK he’d giggle a little and mutter an “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold back” right before you leaned in for a second kiss, this one tamer.

“Wah, you got flustered!” “I did not, Hoseok.” “Yes, yes! You did, I can see it on your face~” *giggles and stomps his feet in enthusiasm*

  • Namjoon

I feel like crying ok there it go. Namjoon would be SO flustered. Like, he’s flustered in general around you, but when he felt the deep urge to kiss you he’d get so squishy. He’d blush and stutter and laugh nervously and scratch the back of his head and avoid your eyes and. Jesus, someone save him. He’d smile brightly if you’d ask him what’s wrong, and he’d say a soft “I’m fine. I just feel like I have something to do.” You’d be very very confused at first, and he’d chuckle before deciding to be straight forward. He’d lean in way too fast and bump his forehead in yours and he’d mentally curse himself for being such a fool. But not really mentally. “Ah, why am i so dumb” he’d whine while rubbing his forehead, a pout forming on his plump lips, being convinced that the moment was lost and he ruined the mood. But it’s Namjoon, you have to expect this, so you’d just giggle and peck his cheek, whispering “Try again” against his skin. His eyes would widen in shock, but he would recover fast, before leaning in again, this time slower, and pecking you WITH THOSE GOD-LIKE LIPS JESUS FCKIN CHRIST SPARE ME AUSADHKFJ. When he’d lean back, he’d smile sheepishly while his eyes formed tiny eye-smiles and his cheeks would have a pink tint and he’d gigGLE AND ASK YOU FOR ANOTHER KISS.

“Why did you wait so long before kissing me.” “I dunno, I guess I just wanted to be sure you wanted it. And I didn’t want to screw it up like I did the first time” “Don’t beat yourself up for it! It was amazing” *says you while you peck his lips for the third time, leaving him flustered*

  • Jimin

Random, but i just realized just how violent i’ll get when i’ll write the Jungkook one fml. Back to it. Jimin would be so shy omf. I know I already said that all of them would be shy, but really, all are flustered. Besides Taehyung. But he’s next so we don’t talk about him. So Jimin. He wouldn’t know how to bring up the topic of kissing, so he would just sit there awkwardly, trying to avoid your gaze without making you worry too much. So he would just be a shy bun. I think you would have to kiss him, though, because he doesn’t seem like one to initiate it. However, if you do not want to/can’t initiate it, there are times when he gets all cheesy and confident, so your first kiss would be the cheesiest out of all of them. He wouldn’t want to make such a big fuss, but it would mean a lot for him and he knows that the only way to make himself do it is to do it big. I mean, go big or go home, am i right? It would happen somewhere in a park, or on the street, when you two would go on a walk, but suddenly it starts raining and Jimin is like “thiS IS MY CHANCE THE ONLY ONE” and he gets super excited and giddy but you get confused so he tried to tone it down. Then, he whips an umbrella out of nowhere, pulls you really close so you two can fit under it and looks deeply in your eyes, before his eyes start scanning over your features, stopping at your lips. He’d lick his lips instinctively and lean a little bit down, giving you the chance to stop him. If you don’t refuse him, he’d lightly, gently rub his lips over yours, acting like such a light action could break you, then pulling away, smiling brightly when you pout, whining that “This wasn’t a proper kiss, Park Jimin!”. He’d laugh, leaning over once again to give you a real kiss, in the middle of it putting the umbrella down so you two can kiss while the rain pours over you. So cheesy, Jesus Christ.

“Jimin why are you so cheesy?” “Ah, don’t act like you don’t like it~” “I do, but not when I’m soaking wet!” “Oh… sorry.” *giggles nervously while lifting the umbrella once again*

  • Taehyung

So this one right here would be the chillest. He wouldn’t plan it at all and it would be completely random. It could be while you two were playing video games, or when you watched an anime, or when you were shopping, cuddling or talking. He would look at you, keep his gaze on you, then his eyes would slip from your eyes to your lips and be like ‘Huh. I love this person so much. How come I’ve never kissed them?”. Then he’d lean down, tenderly touch your cheek and look deeply in your eyes. In that moment, Taehyung would be serious, something he isn’t always, and when he gently pressed his lips on yours, he’d make sure to show you what he feels through that kiss. When he pulls away, rubbing your cheek and grabbing your hand, he’d chuckle nervously, showing you his boxy smile while his eyes glistened.

“I know I’m not always talking about how I feel, but I hope that after this you’ll remember how much I love you, alright?”

  • Jungkook

I’m suing. I feel like crying and I just started. Jungkook would be a blushy, quiet, sweating mess, the room getting hotter each second, his eyes never once leaving your lips, unless you teased him about it. Then he’d look everywhere else but you, his eyes scanning the entire room, before focusing on one vague object, spacing out. When you asked him if he was listening, he’d nod his head slowly, and honestly, he looked on the verge of tears because boy was confused and scared and flustered at the same time because he didn’t know what to do. You were standing there, looking ethereal, but extremely worried because of him and he didn’t know what to do because he desperately wanted to kiss you but he didn’t know if you wanted to do it too and he didn’t know if you’d enjoy it and he didn’t know if he’d do it right. He was so shy and alarmed so he muttered “I want to kiss you” before he could contain himself. Then, an awkward silence took over the room and Jungkook aggressively face palmed himself multiple times mentally because how could he possibly fuck up the easiest thing in a relationship. It took him long enough to hold your hand, and the world didn’t explode when he did. But now? Now everything was falling and he was falling too, until he felt your hands cupping his cheeks. That’s when he went back to reality, a reality in which you were sitting in front of him, with your hands on his cheeks, your eyes looking lovingly at him as you stuttered out a “Then why don’t you… uh… do it?”. That was the cue. That was when Jungkook grabbed your waist with one hand, the other holding gently the back of your head, trying to hold you in place as he pressed his lips against yours, a relieved sigh escaping him as he closed his eyes. I feel like he’d be the member who’d hold the kiss the longest, probably only pulling apart when you pushed him because you needed air, and when your breathless form pressed closer to his body, our hands clawing at his t-shirt, above his shoulders and your knees nearly bucking under you, he felt like the world was again how it should be, but this time sitting in his hand, not leaving soon.

“Oh my god you look like you’re going to explode.” *giggle* “Y/N, STOP, I’M NOT” “you are and, jesus, your neck is flaming up too! Why are you so nervous?” “Because you are very important to me and I didn’t want to disappoint you- STOP CUDDLING UP INTO ME YOU’RE NOT HELPING.”

Jungkook’s is literally so long i’m laughing sorry.

Some of them are longer, while the others are shorter. I’m sorry for that, but I couldn’t bring myself to rewrite them or try to make them longer. It would only make them seem fake.

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Title: None

Pairing: CobyLu ( Coby x Monkey D. Luffy )

Pages: 11

Rate: PG-13 ??

Summary: Ever since Coby has found out he’s in love with Luffy he’s been visiting him in secret whenever he hears about Luffy’s whereabouts. In this comic there’s been some battle and Coby hasn’t been able to protect everyone.

Artist’s notes: I wonder if shipping CoByLu is just a phase or if it’s for life istg why do I like so underrated couples fml also the comic makes no sense tbh I just wanted a reason to make them kiss HAHA now I should just go back to ZoLu

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Yuri!!! on Ice ep.8

Have a tasty preview of what’s to come before I go to bed (Because it’s actually 4am here in Japan, I’m dead, fml).
The Image is below the cut because I’m nice like that and don’t wanna spoil it if you don’t wanna see it.  But trust me on this… You want to see it. ;P

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