fml he's so perfect


OKAY WOW. SORRY THIS IS LATE. JUST GOT WIFI. so my hi-touch expertise was AMAZING and I have so many regrets but it’s OK.
Ok so I walked in and I FREAKING SAW ALL THEIR FACES AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. Tae Tae was first in line and he was like “Hello!~” with a HUGE smile so I shook his hand and said “Thank you so much” he looked so tired but he had the biggest smile of everyone. NEXT WAS YOONGI AHH OK HE WAS PERFECT IN PERSON HOLY SHIT HIS FACE WAS PERFECT. so he just smiled, and didn’t say anything. Which is fine with me cause he’s still perfect regardless. I shook his hand and I knew I was shaking cause he laughed a little omg. next was.. JUNGKOOK. THE BEST REACTION I GOT OMFG MY HEARTEU. ok so this is when I snap. I saw kookie and I was thinking “OH SHIT HE HOT AS HELL” so I got nervous and was said to him “j-j-jungkook-k I…LOVE YOU” omg I regret life. And THEN HE WAS LIKE “I LOVE YOU!!” IM CRYING. But of all the members. He locked eye contact the most. I swear I got like 3 seconds of straight on eye contact with that boy. (I think he’s turning into my bias FML) fuck me now SEOKJIN WAS NEXT. after my freak out with kookie I didn’t k ow what to do with Jin so I was like “uh-uh JIN SARANGHAEYO” FML IM DUMB. and his LIPS WOWOWOWOW SP PLUMP. SO PERFECT. he smiled and shook my hand. Didn’t said anything. BUT ITS OK CAUSE HIS GAZE IS ENOUGH. omfg now it was JIMIN. I was still dazed from everyone else so I was like “Jiminnie I love you!” (I’m dumb) and his face like lit up WOWOWOWOW he smiled so big and looked me right in the eye I fucking cry.
OK NAMJOON WAS NEXT. AND OMG I ALMOST FAINTED. his face and skin were perfect. His body was like perfect. Everything about him was perfect and I can’t. I CANT. so I had a sign that said “Kim Namjoon Fighting!~” and I really wanted him to see it. So when I got to him I said “thank you, you’re a great leader” and held up my sign. He looked into my eyes for a second then looked at my sign and was like “wuah~ amazing! Thanks!!” OMG. I CRY EVERYDAY CAUSE I SHOULD HAVE SAID I LOVE U. BUT OMG HE NOTICED ME. SENPAI NOTICED ME. UGN HE WAS SO PERFWCT I LOVE HIM. fucking HOBI was last and he was like laughing at something the girl before me said so I was like “yUOU ARE MY HOPE” and he started laughing and said “YOU TOO!” And did a fucking aegyo peace sign. FKING HOBI was an angel. Like he was so tired buts managed to interact with fans so well

All in all, the concert was amazing and the hitouch was amazing. I never cried so hard Lol NAMJOON UGH.