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I just really liked these pages. I mean, we get some Mirai!!! Which I’m real excited about! Then you have Shikamaru smoking, which I’m not as excited about. But also I get it because I just quit 2 months ago so I’m not gonna have a high-horse about it. And then you got my boy Naruto being SO HAPPY ABOUT KONOHAMARU’S TEAM! Which has his son and Sarada. Of course he’s going to be stoked. I just really liked how they were all drawn here. Except that last panel of Shikamaru. It looks kinda wonky but I guess maybe I’m starting to get used to Ikemoto’s style. Now if only he can stop drawing Sarada with such a short skirt.


I’m so in love with Jesse Eisenberg fml

Imagine Buying Peter a lazy outfit, grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt. It was meant to be an innocent night however things ended up getting hot and heavy - you were on top of him, straddling his thigh with only your panties on, you were both breathing heavily, you took the time to admire him, his grey sweat pants outlining his cock perfectly, a wet patch forming on the front of them, his lips were swollen and his hair was messy, his eyes filled with lust and pupils dilated. And he was all yours, no one else gets to see him like this but you.

Timehop shattered me today. Usually it’s okay. Melancholy for the past, but still good. Today was not. Today hit me like a brick wall.

I’ve been talking to the most amazing guy for years now. We met on Omegle.
The year I graduated high school(2011!), a really big tumblr trend was to go on Omegle under the “tumblr” tag and try to find your friends/followers. It was hysterical. It was fun. I was on there so much it started leaking into my real life. My friend and I would have sleepovers and stay up until crazy hours, on Omegle just finding people to talk to. Obviously the cute ones would get more attention, and we’d have to skip a dick or 10(yes literal dicks), and on the rare occasion we’d get a guy’s number and text for 48 hours and then never again.
But one night, it was different. If I remember right, we were dicking around with stuffed animals. We’d hold them on screen and try to get people to interact with them without seeing what we looked like. Accents, whatever. And if they gave us the time of day we revealed our faces after a while. So we connect with this random babe. And he’s got the bluest eyes. And this swoopy brown hair. Squarish jawline. And he says he’s from England and we’re swooning because we’re American and foreign accents are delicious. He’s not talking though, just typing. We eventually show our faces. My friend gets bored and says we should skip him but I don’t want to. He’s so cute and the way he won’t speak is making him a mystery I’m dying to hear. I get his Skype so we can move on and promise to talk to him later. This guy is cute and all but we’ve only just met and I’m hosting a sleepover and my friend is bored. A bit later, I get a Skype message. I let the guy know we’re still on Omegle. What’s he still doing up? It’s like 6am there. He’s nuts. But he wants to Skype me. But I can’t. My friend is there. I can’t just take over the computer. Eventually my friend gets tired. So I close Omegle and Skype the England Boy. I’m begging him to say “love” in the accent I know he has. But he won’t do it. I’m 18 years old and teenage romance novels are my weakness and romcoms are everything and the way Gerard Butler calls his leading lady “love” is all I need in my life. My friend is falling asleep on the couch and I’m busy falling for the biggest fall of my life. We’re Skyping for four hours. He barely speaks. And then gloriously he says to me, “goodnight love,” and I’m dying from head to toe, it’s beautiful and this cute guy said it in his cute accent and even if he didn’t mean it, if he only said it because I begged and persuaded it out of him, it’s still got me in a puddle of emotions. It’s perfect. He’s great. I’ve got him on Skype. I can call him up whenever I want.
That was how it started. It was everything to me. I stayed up Skyping him when I should have been sleeping. I stayed on Skype with him for 6 hours 6 days a week. It was the summer before I went to college. He meant everything to me. He made me laugh. Die laughing. He was adorable and funny and charming and immature and sarcastic in all the right ways. He’s terrified of spiders. Sometimes, he sleep walks. He hates pineapple. He’s got a lesbian sister. More siblings. He’s never owned a car. He doesn’t have a license to drive. He’s getting a 7k inheritance when he turns 21. His dad’s an accountant. He had a brother who passed away. His girlfriend appears to be a massive uncaring bitch. He can do better. Dealing with my feelings and his girlfriend was a rough patch. She’d infuriate me so badly some nights. He’d Skype me from her house. It’s okay, she’s asleep. Why are you talking to me? You should be sleeping next to her. You can’t sleep? That happened more than once.
When he broke up with her I was so happy for him. So proud of him. He didn’t have to date me. Distance. Yuck. But now he could find someone to treat and be treated better. He never really did.
He’d watch American Football. Something I’m not sure he’d ever even thought about before me. He’d say he’d seen a Vikings game. Why would you watch that? We’re terrible. Football sucks.
He Skyped me through the single semester I went through college. He made a tumblr because I used it so much. We had matching links at one point. He Skyped me when I came home from college. I got a job, a good job but I still had time for him. I moved in with friends downtown. I got a new, good job. I was meeting people. I was partying. I was hooking up with people because I had all these feelings for a guy halfway across the world that were becoming hard to deal with outside our computer screen Skype world. It was easier to crash into guys who didn’t really care about me and wouldn’t notice I wasn’t exactly there for them emotionally 100%, even if I pretend or felt like it for fleeting moments in time. It had been three years since we first met. I started fading. I was working 40 hours a week. I hated my job. Loving him and not being with him was suddenly becoming painful. Not talking about it because it was painful and a useless conversation was even more painful. It wasn’t easy to accept anymore. It wasn’t easy to know that everyone around me wasn’t him. That no one could amount to him. That I could harbour so much feeling for a guy I’d never met. Would maybe never meet. These feelings were suffocating. I was drowning in something I couldn’t have. Couldn’t even touch. He was mad at me for becoming more and more unavailable. I tried to explain it. He was killing me. He couldn’t understand. He still wouldn’t.
We Snapchatted. Barely. I found a boy at home who wanted to hook up and also be a friend. Eventually it crashed into a million fucking pieces, but it helped me. At least, I thought it did. I tried so hard to make it work. If I couldn’t have England Boy, maybe this guy would date me. Maybe I’d finally be worthy of “girlfriend.” Well, I wasn’t. I lost the extended fling, and the guy halfway across the world was hurt that I was distant. Because he couldn’t understand. Because I couldn’t understand.

Now we never talk. I don’t remember the last time we had a video chat. Over 6 months ago? He’s back with his girlfriend who never cared enough. He’s got a life and he’s ignoring me.

It’s August 11th, 2015, and four years ago today, I met you. And our relationship killed me.

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(1/2) I'm sorry to dump all this on you and I don't know if you're even the person to talk to, but I got asked out by a guy today, and... I really don't know what to do. I've spent so long trying to figure out my sexuality and I knew I was a lesbian, but I've never actually been asked out before and I'm honestly just really lonely and I'm thinking about saying yes. He's really nice and funny and if I was (am? fml) interested in men I could definitely see myself falling for him.

(2/2) Really the biggest reason I don’t want to say yes is because I’ve come out as a lesbian to a few of my close friends and I don’t want them to think less of me. I’m honestly in tears because I was finally so sure of who I was but a part of me just wants to say yes and I wish things weren’t so complicated. I just moved to a new city and don’t really know anyone yet except for him, maybe I just really want a friend… I don’t know. Not sure what I should do

I know how hard it is to be alone and i know how it feels to just want someone there. but it is so much worse to be with someone you’re not attracted to, or someone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Trying to convince yourself to give this guy (or any guy) a chance when you don’t want him will only end up hurting you. You deserve better than that. If you’re lonely, I’d suggest asking him if you could just hang out as friends. 

That being said, if you do go out with him and your friends think less of you for it, they aren’t good friends.