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29.5.2017. // 10:00am

PSA, sort of.

I’m not doing well, more like okay-ish. Sounds worse that it is, really. Since April a lot of things (mental and physical) wen’t donwhill. I keep waking up not knowing who or where I am - it only lasts a few seconds but it happened more often than I’d like. Usually, when that passes and I get to work, I start feeling a dull pain above my eye socket, which I assume is caused by my sinuses, and I have a hard time keeping that eye open. Not to mention I don’t feel present at any time of the day, looks like I’m on auto-pilot and barely conscious. Idk. I’ll be visiting the doctor this Wednesday, maybe address the mental part as well. (No, I’ll probably chicken out lol)

I won’t be doing weekly progress updates anymore because of the reasons stated above. At least until I get better. Personal updates might be put on hold, too, for the same reason. Or not, not sure yet because it really depends on the day. But I lurk anyway so messages will always be answered, with a slight delay tho.


I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?


What’re you going to do to me? If you can’t kill, then what are you good for, Dalek? What’s the point of you? You’re nothing. What the hell are you here for? Your race is dead. You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire, the entire Dalek race wiped out in one second. I watched it happen. I made it happen. | favourite nu who episodes    dalek