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Daily Klance Fic Recommendation 10/18

Follow My Lead | By: klancekorner | Completed | 114,261 words | Mature

Becoming “hook-up buddies” with Lance Sanchez was just supposed to be a small, insignificant fraction of Keith’s life. But of course, things don’t work out that way at all.  

aka a Friends w/ Benefits AU that nobody asked for where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own. They go home with each other and don’t expect it to matter until it totally does.

Keith POV and Lance POV


I CAN FINALLY RECOMMED THIS SINCE ITS FINISHED. I love this fic so much. Its essential porn with plot and you know how the plot can suck, THIS ONE IS GREAT. The smut is beautiful and the plot is really really fuckin good. If you have not read this, holy lord, go read this. It is sooooo worth it. 

Dissociating is a lot like being high or drunk, except you get none of the happy giddy feelings, but all of the “what the fuck is going on” and “where the fuck am I” feelings. And you don’t get to decide when it happens, or when it starts, or when it stops, and you get no say in how intense it’ll be. You could be at work, or doing homework, or driving, and you it will just hit you and won’t go away, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Spoilers for the One Punch Man Maji CD Vol. 1 drama tracks are all over Twitter, and I translated a few tweets that explains the basic gist of the Middle School Alternate Universe drama track (it’s basically about Genos being over the top and crazy for Saitama LOL). I will translate the entire drama once I get my copy too! Enjoy~


“The One Punch Man Maji CD Middle School Drama is basically a shojo manga about first love [for Genos]”

“The middle school drama has Genos eating lunch with Saitama at school everyday, buying food together, sitting in the bus together, and baking cookies for Saitama to give him as presents.”

“The middle school drama is exactly what I imagined- a love story about Genos’ first love…basically a love comedy.”

“The main drama track is also a rom com about the daily lives of a married couple (Saitama and Genos) lol. Natural borne crazy disciple Genos is the best!”