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Dear Merlin, I am telling you now, because I’m afraid that it might be too late one day if I don’t: This was the most fun I’ve ever had. You’re next to me in my life. You’re the best person in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Please remember me, even when I’m not there anymore one day to pick on you, and laugh at you, and call you names. You said I made you feel special. Well, you are special. And I would spend centuries with you if I could. I fear that the universe would rip in half if we went further apart than this, but I don’t think we have a choice. It’s not fair, but none of it ever was. Whatever the future holds, though, I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you. Let’s make it the best life we can. Love, Arthur. 

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Ever since I can remember, it’s been me and Daddy. I have no memories of my mother. She passed away when I was half a year old but from what everyone has told me, she loved me more than life itself. 

Shortly after Momma’s death, Daddy packed what he could into two suitcases and left Little Forsyth behind with me in tow. He needed to get as far away from the town as possible. Momma’s family founded Little Forsyth so her fingerprints were everywhere and it was just too much for Daddy’s heart. 

Daddy ended up driving all the way to Atlanta from south Georgia with me howling in the backseat. He got a job working as a maintenance man in a small apartment building close to Freedom Park. In exchange for his work, the landlord gave him half off rent. Fixing things has kept him busy for the past seventeen years but it’s not terribly hard to see that there’s a hunger for more than just this. To have a real purpose in life other than fixing busted a/c units and leaky roofs. I plan to help him find it.


my hair is fading again x.x

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.