i hate things.

things like vivid dreams that I wake from with cramping muscles
things like having no job or house security
things like friends who flip flop over and over and over

the big things like life and rental applications
and a partner who hates my parents
the little things like writer’s block, like having
to hang out housemates clothes to use my washer

i just want to sleep but there’s too much to do
don’t mind me, i’ll make it through


Yes, you read it right.

As of today, November 17, 2018, any post with links, any links, even to other tumblr posts, just don’t show up anymore in tumblr’s search engine.

I just found out about it after I posted a fic with a link to my masterlist and it got little to no notes (it shouldn’t). I was right - the moment I deleted the links, my post magically appeared in the search again. Wow.

Please spread the word to warn the others.

Originally posted by beyondbrokenvixi

Croissant: dropped

Chickens: looked at

Road: works ahead

Your actions: have consequences

Junior: really handsome

Them: were roommates

Trey: has a basketball game tomorrow

Shavacado: fre

Potato: flying around my room

Me: smells like beef