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Hey guys, I’m making a list of the asks I got drafted, so if you asked a question and you haven’t seen the answer, check this list first please before sending me a message asking if I already answered.

It would be awesome if you could check this list also before asking something you’re curious about and you haven’t seen, but I think that would be asking too much…

[Questions in bold are the ones that I get asked frequently] 

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Questions I need to think about:

  • Freddy and Foxy’s first time
  • Alfred and Foxanne’s first time
  • God tiers for the crew
  • Theme songs for the crew 
  • Worst things someone could say to the crew
  • Freddy’s prettiest childhood memory with his brothers
  • Everyone’s real names
  • What was everyone like in highschool
  • Heritages (like, foreign blood ascendance??)
  • Freddy and Foxy’s wedding
  • Freddy’s favorite opera singer
  • Songs for Bonnica
  • MORE ABOUT BONNICA/ most romantic moment (god I get these a lot)
  • 2.0 gang’s favorite music
  • Everyone’s favorite holiday
  • Do the Chicas have other ships aside Frexy
  • Things Foxy’s done while drunk aside from giving himself a hook
  • The crew’s zodiac signs
  • Freddy and Alfred’s vocal range or singing headcanons
  • Everyone’s romantic orientations
  • Character alignment of “good neutral, chaotic neutral, bad neutral” etc.
  • Something Freddy’s afraid of besides losing someone
  • Everyone’s presents for each other for Christmas
  • Bonnie and Chica’s first kiss
  • 2.0 Gang while drunk
  • Heights of the Guards
  • How would the respective couples propose to each other
  • Dick sizes of the 2.0 gang and the Guards
  • Which Disney movie describes each pairing or character
  • Most awkward thing Chica’s been caught doing
  • Everyone’s MBTI
  • Id, Ego and Superego of either the Fazbears or the guards
  • How would Mike comfort either PG or Jeremy
  • The guard’s pet peeves
  • Tokyo Ghoul question
  • About Chick’s bad luck in love
  • Reaction to receiving a bad haircut
  • Choir/vocal ranges
  • Jeremy’s major
  • The crew’s fav drinks
  • Best men at weddings
  • Guilty pleasures of the crew
  • Freddy’s pet peeves
  • Puppet’s bersek buttons
  • What was everybody good at in school

Questions I need to draw:

  • Nicest thing Freddy has done for Foxy
  • Chica setting up a trap to get Freddy and Foxy together
  • A little girl wanting to touch Foxy
  • The faces Freddy and Alfred give to the foxes when they’re horny
  • Foxanne tackle hugging Foxy
  • Freddy doing stand up comedy
  • Chica and Bonnie’s lovechild 
  • The gang reacting to their animals
  • Frexy’s orgasm faces
  • Foxy with a banjo
  • Foxy magically becomes a child and the reactions of the crew
  • The crew’s fancy wear 
  • The crew’s clothes outside work (street)
  • The crew’s “lazy sunday” clothes
  • The crew’s pajamas
  • Inverted weights (Skinny Freddy and Chica, Chubby Foxy and Bonnie)
  • Chica FMK
  • Foxy FMK
  • The crew reacting to their own game
  • Freddy whispering into Foxy’s ear to call him “Papa Bear”
  • Everyone turned into bears
  • Foxy’s reaction to Foxanne flirting with Freddy
  • Foxy the only human and the rest are animals
  • Chica’s reaction to people shipping her with Foxy
  • AUs crossover: Phone Guy meeting human!Foxy (IT’S A COMIC)
  • My human!crew’s reaction to birdapocalypse’s human!crew
  • Puppet taking care of a sick Foxanne
  • Kid! Phone Guy with Old Foxy at FFD (DONE)
  • PG’s face while taking Foxy to the new location
  • PG with an animatronics tie
  • PG’s reaction to Foxy becoming a lamp

Pending songs (with or without reactions from the crew included)

  • “Eridan’s Theme” for Foxy (i kinda wanted to draw something with that)
  • “In My Head” and “Deja Vu” for Frexy
  • “Blue Eyes” for the crew
  • “Come little children” for FNAF
  • “Strange love” for any one
  • “They don’t know about us” for Foxanne and Alfred
  • “Little Games” for Foxanne
  • I’m just gonna copy this whole message: Psst… song thing for Foxy; ‘Hurricane’ by 30 Seconds to Mars, 'Bukowski’ by Modest Mouse, 'Rugrats Theory (English)’ by Kaito from Vocaloid, 'Run boy Run’ by Woodkid, and possibly 'We Suck Young Blood’ by Radiohead. I also have a few songs for the ship frexy… tho half of the songs are not all that sweet and lovey-dovey, but I think your alright with it and I’m out of space…- well two asks won’t hurt, the songs I have them listed are; 'a Beautiful Lie’ by 30 seconds to mars, 'Beggin’ by Madcon, 'Bleeding Out’ by Imagine Dragon, 'Blind Heart’ by Cazzette, 'Satin in a Coffin’ by Modest Mouse, 'Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance, 'Stay with me’ Sam Smith, and 'Sweater Weather’ The Neighborhood.
  • “Dragon Slayer” for Foxy flirting with someone
  • “Mirror Mirror” for Foxanne
  • “Just the Two of Us” for Bonnica
  • “Meddle” for Alfred and Foxanne
  • “Alone in Heaven” for Phone Guy
  • The songs for everyone (not really a song suggestion but i need to make a compilation)


  • The Bite of 87
  • Phone Guy’s age and probably life and experience with the animatronics when he was younger and shit

Fanfictions/Other stuff I need to read:

  • Alfred x Foxanne
  • Headcanon for Alfred
  • Frexy smut 
  • Suggestion for Freddy and Alfred’s singing voices 


  • Human AU summary
  • Freddy and Foxy’s relationship summary
  • How did Phone Guy and Jeremy meet
  • PG and Jeremy’s relationship summary

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If your ask made it to this list and you don’t see it anymore

Check my DRAFTED tag

All the asks I had drafted and finally answered are going there

(or simply if you asked something a while ago and you never saw the answer, neither you see it on this list) 

Either way I’m gonna try to update this list scratching the ask I answered and adding a link to the answer.