I wonder if my parents are aware of what they are doing to me. They probably think that it motivates me when they say stuff like, 

“If you stay on the computer too long, you’re eye sight is going be bad”

“Why are you so dumb?”

“Why can’t you be like the next door neighbor’s kid?”

“why can’t you be skinnier? You’re getting fat”

“You’re so lazy!”

But in reality, they are driving me away. Like their first and second child. The reason why they are barely home, or locked in their bedroom, is because of them. They make us enjoy LEAVING the house.

I feel that my HOME is NOT here at this house. I feel that my HOME is at my aunt’s place. They know how to make me feel part of the family, to feel wanted, appreciated… My family makes me feel like a pile of crap. A good for nothing. Your parents aren’t supposed to do that… They are supposed to be loving and caring.

Sure, my parents think that what they are lecturing me about is the best way, but I honestly can’t handle it anymore. I can’t be that perfect asian daughter, who gets all A’s, wants to become a doctor, looks like a model, and be a brilliant chef. I am just ME. If they can’t accept that, then… I’m sorry. Maybe you got the wrong child at the hospital.