I picked up my Glock 26 off of layaway yesterday. It is a Gen 4 similar to the one pictured above.  The Gen 4 comes with changeable grip back straps to suit any hand size. I was happy with the grip as is so I left them off. I modified the ten round magazines with the Pearce Plus 3 extender which gave my pinkie finger a place to be and increased magazine capacity to a respectable 13 rounds. The floor plate change-out was easy with the Glock tool despite dire warning of difficulty from the gun shop owner. Oh, a 3/32 flat point punch will work just as well.  

The spring is pretty stiff in these magazines so I used the Glock loader after getting in nine rounds with my manly thumbs alone. 

I took the little Glock to the range yesterday afternoon and ran 100 rounds through it with absolutely no problems at all, I intentionally mixed the rounds in each magazine and FMJ, JHP, and the Winchester practice rounds all fed and fired without a hiccup.  Accuracy was damn good even with the short barrel and recoil was no issue, it is a 9MM after all.

As a 1911 man from way back it kills me to say that this ugly little weapon shoots damn well. 

fac3palm1337 asked:

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, I wish him a speedy recovery and hope justice is served.

Thanks brother. Far as I know hell be fine in the long term. He got jumped by two dudes, he tried to draw and defend himself but they got in close, turned his M&P towards himself and during the struggle a round discharged into his chest nicking a lung. They took off after that and he stumbled to his car and dialed 911. Dumbass thankfully loaded an FMJ in the tube with hollow points back down the mag. There’s more to the story but that’s the gist.

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