fmf 2012

I worked a music festival this past weekend in which Kevin Lyman was the Keynote speaker. I had hopes of getting at least 5 minutes to talk to him and making some sort of impression, but lo and behold not only did I get to meet him but I got to speak almost the entire day with him. I got to tag-a-long on a lunch meeting and an interview at the radio station. During this time listening to everything he had to say just left me speechless. Sitting across from a man who has had such great success in the music industry and hearing his opinions and how he goes about doing things was incredible. Later in the day I had the honor of being his tour guide in which I showed him around the city and all the venues that artists/bands would be playing at that night. We saw many great acts, even got an awesome kid named Palmer Reed onto a few dates of Warped Tour. I spent numerous hours just picking his brain and trying to build a connection with such an amazing man. He was one of the nicest people I have had the honor of meeting and I’m sad I didn’t get much more time with him. I’m just glad to have much such an inspiring man and hopefully having left an impression big enough that he will remember me. He even gave me a twitter shout out! Who knows, maybe one day I will get the honor of working for this awesome dude.