Eagle Summers FMBF101 pt2 - Being a Femboy?  

Part two is finally here! 

Discussing what it is to be a femboy, dealing with the public and coming out? 

i apologise if i ramble, the idea of being a femboy is all sorts of contradictions wrapped up in a paradox. A tad hard to explain at best.  

Eagle ~


Eagle Summers - Eyeliner  

A short video explaining how i do my make up. 


“Hello again. I came up with this outfit after an especially shitty week. I don’t need to get into details but I’ll just say that I attend a catholic school that has an atrocious uniform and dress code. So after five typical days of feeling pissed off and “modest”, I decided I should kick modesty in the groin. I wanted something that purveyed angry attitude but managed to be mildly seductive. Naturally I went Goth. Nothing says I’m pissed better than giant zippery combat boots and a nice spiked choker and chain. The sheer shirt allowed me to layer to keep warm, expose some shoulder, and indirectly show off my arms. Same with the super skinny jeans with the patches of the same material.
PS. I would have put on more makeup and nail polish but I had a thespians meeting and they too demand modesty. FML. :P
Altogether, I really hope you like it. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

B. Muffins " 

We Have a Winner! 

This outfit is elegant, punk rock and just down right stylish! Stay Rad dude! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted, it was a hard deliberation but Muffin’s here really excelled. there will be another chance to submit at the end of the month. 

Stay classy out thee guys and girls! 

Eagle Summers ~