Farewell My Brightest Fighter

Guys. It’s done. The first episode of the magical girl cartoon I helped create with tarahelfer & a whole bunch of other talented people is finished in all its sparkly, gooey, adorableness.

luv u Marcy baby<3

I’ve mentioned this before but here it is again.

If you ever think gay-erasure doesn’t exist, just remember that Freddie Mercury’s self-proclaimed biographer totally omitted his first male relationship from The Definitive Biography, but dedicated a whole chapter to an invented relationship with one of his female friends. 

This is David Minns.

The guy he’d fallen in love with, the person who he’d been having an affair with behind Mary’s back. The reason he’d stopped sleeping with Mary quite a while before they broke up.

He gets one tiny mention in the biography as ‘a brief fling’.

The Barbara Valentin issue is a rant for another time but anybody who has researched Freddie’s life extensively will know how difficult his struggle with his sexuality was, going right back to his school days. It seems he went through a lot of psychological turmoil and took a long time to come to terms with it. Even when he did, he kept it private except among close friends. I doubt he’d then go back on all that to shag some sweaty ageing porn actress.

For the anon who wanted info on Freddie’s partners:

Here are some photos!

David Minns

Tony Bastin

Peter Morgan:

Bill Reid:


Vince Gioielli:

Joe Fannelli: (there aren’t many pics of them during their relationship but loads of them when they were just friends)

And finally that mystery man

There are more pics of these men in all my books but I’m too lazy to go and look for them all! And everyone knows what Jim looked like so he’s not here.

When Freddie first met David Minns, he said bye and kissed him on the cheek and David was like ‘I had no idea he was gay’ and didn’t expect a rock musician to go around kissing men on the cheek - it just wasn’t done in 1975! And Freddie wasn’t even embarrassed at what he’d done, he was just like hehe you weren’t expecting that, were you bitch? with a grin. Then he gave him his number.