Farewell My Brightest Fighter

Guys. It’s done. The first episode of the magical girl cartoon I helped create with tarahelfer & a whole bunch of other talented people is finished in all its sparkly, gooey, adorableness.

luv u Marcy baby<3


The first episode of Farewell, My Brightest Fighter is live! 

Marcy, a bitter and jaded art school freshman, has no idea where her life is going or what she wants out of it. She has enough on her plate without food poisoning, a sick cat, nagging friends, constant failure, and…now what…crazy huge magical girl responsibilities?? How will she make it to class in time?

This was a fun collaboration with my talented painter friend Lisa Sterle and Rad Fortress. She brought the magical girl and I brought the grime! We’ve already started part 2 so stay tuned for FIGHTING, glowy costume changes, impractical cake-like dresses and sicky slimy madness.


Watch Farewell My Brightest Fighter cartoon

One of the backgrounds I painted for Farewell My Brightest Fighter, this one’s my favorite. Marcy’s dirty, dirty car. Might make prints of it. 

Alot of the little plushie and clothing designs that you see are done by thekayleedavis, and she did such a good job. I personally love the lil Sailor Moon boxers and I wish they were real.  


We’re doing a Google Hangout tomorrow to talk about our magical girl cartoon! It’ll be hosted at Toonocracy tomorrow (10/9) at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST.

I’ll be there, as will co-creator tarahelfer, writer Matthew Erman passivevoice and Maria Maggio (the voice of Marcy).