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Double Standards

Riza knew once she opened the door that there was no going back.

Rebecca stood in the corridor, hands on her hips and eyebrow raised.

“Rebecca? What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you play coy.” Rebecca waggled her finger, and she pushed her way into the apartment. “You have been avoiding me.”

Black Hayate shared none of his mistress’ apprehension. Tail wagging, he barked happily at their visitor, who bent down to pet him.

Riza sighed and shut the door. “I was just released from hospital. How could I possibly be avoiding you?”

Rebecca straightened up, then rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Rumour has it that a certain sharpshooter was sharing a room in the hospital with her superior officer.”

“Is that so? How scandalous.”

“Ah, Riza, don’t play dumb now.”

Riza pulled up her shoulders, chin out. “It was entirely above board, I assure you.”

Rebecca’s eyes gleamed. “Grumman really likes you two, huh? I don’t think he would let fraternisation slide for just anyone.”

“The Colonel needed a pair of eyes. I’m his aide and bodyguard. We were both injured, it made sense.”

“Sure, you help him out with lots of things.” Rebecca leaned forward, waggling her eyebrows. “What would you have done if he accidentally climbed into your bed?”

“Wipe that smirk off your face and get your head out of the gutter.”

“Who me?”

“Yes - you are incorrigible.” Riza tried not to smile. “As I usually accompanied the Colonel when he left the room, there is no way he could accidentally climb into my bed.”

“Hmm - are you saying he would do it on purpose.” Rebecca faked a gasp and put her hand to her heart. “And did you accompany him to the restroom? Very interesting.”

“Remind me why we’re friends again. I think I hate you.”

Rebecca threw her arms around her. “Shut up, I’m a delight.”

Riza returned the embrace. One of the great things about Rebecca was how she could always cheer her up no matter how down she felt.

“Please don’t frighten me like that again,” Rebecca whispered. “Try not to get yourself killed.” Her voice cracked as she continued, “No matter how much you want to impress Colonel Matchstick. He’s hot, but not that hot.”

Riza pulled back. “Please don’t cry, Becca. I’m fine!”

Rebecca wiped her eyes. “I’m not crying.”

“Of course, you’re not.” Riza swallowed the lump that had formed in her own throat and hugged her friend again, harder this time. “I love you too even if you drive me mad most of the time.”

Rebecca let out a watery chuckle. “You can be such a bitch, sometimes.”

When they pulled apart, they both felt a lot better.

“How about you make me a cup of tea?” Rebecca suggested. “And then you can tell all about the Colonel’s hot bod! I’ve always wondered what’s under that uniform.”

“You know maybe you wouldn’t be so obsessed with my relationship with the Colonel, if you would took up Havoc on one of his offers of a date.”

The other woman froze before shaking her head. “I’m not interested in Mr Ashtray.”

Black Hayate barked.

“Hmm - I believe you, but I’m not sure Black Hayate does.”


So I’m on episode 59 of FMA:B and…. they ACTUALLY did my boy like that!!!!! My baby boy Roy Mustang!!!!!! I’m actually screaming…. I’m dying…. how dare they do him like this…. I’m so MAD I cannot handle this…… please talk to me right now because I cannot handle this………