I am sorry for “changing”,
I am sorry for “not being happy” with you,
I am sorry for “rushing into things”,
I am sorry that we were “too serious”
I am sorry that what we had “wasn’t real love”,
I am sorry you don’t feel anything “in real life” anymore,
I am sorry that I held on to you too tight,
I am sorry I still love you
But I don’t want anyone else.
And I wish you felt the same way.


To my first love (b)

I’m a forgetful person. But I remember many of the things you told me and how you always write with a pen. If you made a mistake you crumpled the paper.

I’m a very anxious person. You understood that and held me during my panic attacks. We avoided pep rallies.

I’m a very “look at the moon!!” type of person. You saved all the flowers I gave you and shared my excitement of the rain.

But…you’d break up with me, drop my heart and come running back. And I’d cry, lift my heart up from the ground, and take you back. Until I didn’t. Until my eyes were tired of being rimmed with red. Until my heart pleaded for no more punches.

I cannot take you back. You wrote a poem, you wrote a song, you gave me a rose. I cannot take you back. I cried, I miss you… I will miss you. I am sorry.

I do not understand the things you did and neither do you. I think it was the stars or maybe the moon. Thank you for the memories.

From…well me.. C

Patterns in the killing games

Someone asked a question about this because of something I said, and there are actually lot of patterns in the killing games I’ve come across so it’ll be interesting to see if these hold true for NDR3

The first murder is always someone important getting stabbed in a strange place:

- Sayaka (in Naegi’s bathroom)

- Togami (at the party under the table)

- Chisa (through the chandelier) 

Then there’s an Unofficial killing immediately after to prove a point:

- Mukuro (scare students into obeying Monokuma)

- Monumi (show Monokuma’s power)

- Bandai (prove power of NG codes)

The second is supposed to reveal the presence of a serial killer among the group, and has red herrings and/or the victim hiding something:

- Chihiro, hiding their true gender; the main suspects cycled through Toko and Byakuya before Mondo slipped up, then also reveals Genocider Sho’s presence

- Mahiru, who’d covered up a murder; the suspects also went from Hiyoko to Fuyuhiko, and finally to Peko who was revealed as a serial killer 

- Gozu, who was hiding his face/identity because he’s a wrestler. Asahina was the red herring, but as a victim instead of a suspect, then Monaca’s presence was revealed just after his death (Monca started a mass killing of adults in dr:ae)

The third is two killings that happen in succession but where the order is vague:

- Hifumi and Ishimaru

- Ibuki and Hiyoko

- Seiko and Izayoi (we knew the order for this but the characters didn’t)

The fourth killing is a sacrifice:

- Sakura (suicide)

- Nekomaru (dueled to the death to save the others)

- Kizakura (saved Kirigiri) 

Also the gender of the murder victim swaps over each game:

DR: Girl, Boy, 2 Boys, Girl, Girl

SDR2: Boy, Girl, 2 Girls, Boy, Boy

(then it get’s a little messy in DR3 because there are no class trials lol)

That’s about all I know but let me know if I missed anything!