Conventional year, 1897

Record of Briggs National Guard

In the beginning of this year in the mountain area neighboring Drachma, cases of soldiers being attacked by a woman repeatedly occurred. Assumed to be committed by the same person, the surprise robberies suddenly stopped after one month. Since that time,  no one in the Mt. Briggs area to the north has seen that mysterious woman again. 


Roy Mustang runs over to you as the battle commences “What are you waiting for?! Join the battle! You’re supposed to be some Prodigy right!?” He yells out as Sloth wraps her water like self around the Flame Alchemist. He struggles to break free as he looks back over at you, trying to break free, but failing miserably.

“Use the Ring I gave you. Show us what you got! Hurry!” You put your hand out into the air slowly and focusing your energy as best as you can when a green circle of arrays show up in the air as if you’ve already drawn the transmutation circles. It glows bright green and even you are in awe of the power that you are about to unleash.

Mustang sees just what you are capable of and is in awe himself. “No way..” He whispered. Everyone who was fighting each other stop in mid silence watching the scene before them unfold surprised and not sure what is going to happen next.

Alex Louis Armstrong is in awe and in silence for a moment before he realized that this isn’t gonna end well.

“You overdid it….” He whispered as then the whole place ends up exploding, and everyone ends up either badly bruised, wounded, or who knows maybe even dead.

This is what they asked for, wasn’t it? You saved the day after all.