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Gonna talk about how much I love this.

I love that Hohenheim goes out of his way to praise Rose and validate what she is doing and how important it is.

This is what she’s best at, but she thinks what she’s doing is lesser because it’s not hardcore physical labor, and instead she’s a girl cooking for everyone, which she’s clearly internalized as inherently inferior and easy because “women cook all the time whatever it’s clearly an easy thing” but Hoho is like “no don’t be down on yourself what you are feeding everyone and you are smiling for them and you are the reason everyone can work!”

And her partner just gives her a thumbs up like “yeah girl listen to him you rock major respect here” This entire scenes is making a point to say RESPECT ROSE AND HER CONTRIBUTIONS and it’s so great.

Just like…FMA is so good about reminding us that what’s had been traditionally seen as “feminine work” is NOT lesser, it’s really vital and difficult in it’s own right and NOBODY should be dismissed or looked down upon for doing it or feel dismissed or looked down upon and we really need to respect the people who do it and not dismiss them and let them know how important they are. Women shouldn’t have to feel they do these things- and a lot of FMA ladies choose not to and go into other fields- but the women who do choose to do these things of their own free will shouldn’t feel like they’re any lesser.Everyone contributes in their own way. Rose is incredibly vital and strong and everyone wants to let her know and ugugugugu i love.


Edvolution- manga style!

so we’ve got frowny three year old Ed neglected by daddy, frowny…five? year old Ed seeking mommy’s praise, and here’s nineish year old Ed being determined, armless eleven year old ed turns into long haired twelve year old Ed (and yes that is his house burning down)

he…does not appear to age at all between 12 and 15 in the manga, though he does change shirts, losing the zipper. But he makes up for stunted growth by packin some extra growth in there between losing his automail and meeting lan fan, getting taller, buffer and broader like whoa and he keeps it up and looks fabulously built in the Briggs arc.

it just kind of baffles me when people are like that FMA pushes “don’t kill people” thing too much


lots of characters kill in FMA and aren’t demonized for it. Ed is told it’s fine for him to not kill, but it will end up making things harder for him and could have consequences, much as choosing to kill does. And it does. But plenty of people in the manga kill and are like “yeah, kinda gotta do it to protect my peeps” and they’re all presented as sympathetic

i think if people really want to see “don’t kill” pushed to a ridic level they…need to read DC Comics or even just a Batman comic, where killing mass murderers is presented as an unforgivable sin A SLIPPERY SLOPE YOU MAY NEVER RETURN FROM YOU ARE FOREVER TAINTED and ONCE YOU DO THAT next thing you know YOU WILL BE BLOWING UP CHILDREN, where Wonder Woman is straight up shunned by the entire superhero community for snapping the neck of a dude who was going to kill millions and had the world’s most powerful man under his control.

Ed doesn’t shun or shreik at people who killed, and it’s acknowledged that sometimes you have no choice. It’s absolutely not treated as “HE’S RIGHT AND NO ONE ELSE IS AND ANYONE WHO HAS A DIFFERENT VIEW IS EVIL AND WRONG”

People don’t understand what a REAL extreme stance until they have to listen to Batman yell at police officers for shooting at the Joker, I swear.


haha I’m finding scans for the Lan Fan post and seriously love the little details in the manga like these two pages which show you what it’s like to be an innocent bystander in Amestris

dude’s just going about his business turning a faucet and suddenly  A BUILDING EXPLODES

his response? “UH THAT WASN’T ME”

and then Ling just flies out of nowhere with Lan Fan to land in the middle of a perplexed crowd and is like “oh shit that kind of hurt ow my feet”

and the bystanders are just like “WHAT THE FUCK KID”


ok but Hiromu Arakawa is NOT entirely a “priveliged member of a majority race”

she’s not. She has mixed ancestry, she shares blood with an oppressed minority race and I’m 99% sure that it’s just a few generations back

Even if we don’t quite know the details, we have to remember, mixed ancestry is INCREDIBLY RARE in Japan. Much rarer than over here! It’s RARE not to be 100 percent Japanese all the generations back! Having any mixed ancestry at all in Japan, the context is radically, radically different from over here. It very very much makes her not part of the majority.

And her mixed ancestry is a race that was culturally oppressed and forcibly assimilated and had their heritage erased by the other people she shares blood with!

And what is she doing? She’s talking about their struggle in interviews. She’s including them in manga she writes. She’s pointedly criticizing her own country for how they treated the Ainu, she explores racial opression in all the manga, she is GOING OUT OF HER WAY to educate people about them. She is TALKING about her ancestry, she is drawing attention to something that makes her very much the “other” and would cause people to view her differently, on purpose, because she wants to discuss the oppression.  THAT IS A BIG DEAL.

Being part-Ainu is clearly very much a part of her identity, and while I have no right to speak on anything else, it is clear to me that we should NOT ERASE HIROMU ARAKAWA’S IDENTITY in these discussion. She clearly does not identify as part of the privileged majority and she is actively trying to discuss oppression that happened to people that are part of her bloodline.


I cannot believe i am now having to defend Winry for saving Ed and Al’s lives by distracting Scar -_-

“she doesn’t have combat ability! She shouldn’t have even gotten involved”

fuck y'all she had a right to confront Scar, she was willing to risk her life to do it to protect Ed and Al and that’s her call. Ed and Al take risks to protect all the time and they don’t get shit for it. AND SHE WAS BACKED UP BY MILES WHEN SHE DID THIS HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND HER,SHE BOUGHT HELP THAT HAD COMBAT EXPERIENCE RIGHT THERE WITH HER. SHE WASN’T BEING STUPID AT ALL SHE BOUGHT BACKUP.


Winry can’t fucking win when she stays out of combat situations because she knows its not her area people call her whiny and useless but when she’s proactive, gets involved and saves people they say she’s being stupid LADIES CAN’T WIN.




“Even when things get tough and I’m at my limit, I refuse to give up”

Yes perfect lyrics for Winry, perfectly matching my lovely badass lady, she perseveres no matter what and it tough enough to get through anything 


Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 32 Review

Whenever I watch this show with friends they’re like “WHY DO THEY THINK SHAO MAY IS A CAT!!! SHE’S CLEARLY A PANDA!!!” Well one, if you saw something so small, would you think it was a panda? 2, Ed and Al have literally never seen a panda. They probably don’t know what one is. This isn’t our modern world. Amestris appears to have no knowledge of Xing and to be completely isolated from it. 

Anyway, I love that Ed almost breaks the fourth wall going “WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR STUPID GAGS RIGHT NOW SHOW!!!” 

Blababla Roy and Grumman talk crossdressing happens whatever THE POINT IS 



Selim Bradley! So adorable! Qba’g. or. Sbbyrq. 

Hahaha “YEAH FOR WORLD PEACE” smooth lying Al 


Everything about the Bradleys hurts 

“He was so impolite I gave him a slap across the face. That’s when we started dating” 

Wooow. Mrs. Bradley took on a homunculus and lived. I guess Bradley was attracted to her…WRATH.

TRIVIA FROM THE third official FMA ARTBOOK courtesy of Arakawa herself: Apparently after Bradley got slapped, he was so turned on that he actually went back to his fellow homunculi for advice on how to talk to women. Lust tried to help him out, but Envy intervened and told Bradley to compliment her body and that she would totally love that. BRADLEY TOTALLY BELIEVED ENVY AND WENT TO DO SO while Envy followed him secretly. Bradley got slapped again and Envy watched and laughed. WHAT A LITTLE SHIT. 

Seriously, this artbook trivia makes me think the Homunculi would make for a great wacky sitcom. 

“I have a family too, though it might be different from yours." 




I thought kickpuncher might be interested in this- this is Lan Fan’s chraracter song. They often have voice actor’s singing songs written from the point of view of their chracter and sell them on CDs in Japan. Lan Fan’s has never been translated, but the title is “Softly softly”. Her voice actress (Nana Mizuki) has a nice singing voice. 

Brotherhood only had a few image songs, Ed had one, Al had one, Ed and Al had two together, Winry had one and Ling and Lan Fan had a couple.

miniver-the-depressed-phoenix  asked:

Hey there, I'm not a FMA fan but I'm just curious why people seem to really hate Winry in that fandom. As an outsider to the fandom I think she seems cool! She's skilled at what she does and great emotional support, at least that's my first impression. Is it really because she's a female and a love interest to one of the heroes?

Pretty much, and the fact she doesn’t bash people’s skulls in and therefore isn’t a “strong female character” yet still has the gall to be assertive. There’s also some people who think the typical manga-style slapstick with the wrench makes her abusive, despite the fact Ed and tons of other characters commit cartoon slapstick acts of violence. I’ve seen all kinds of shit, from “the apple pie she wants to bake for Ed and Al is a metaphor for her sexual favors (what) and therefore she is terrible” to “she dresses like a ____” (you can fill in the blank) or she’s “whiny” or they don’t like the fact she *gasp* cries. 

I’d say she has a sizeable fanbase (and she’s certainly popular in Japan, she was ranked fifth in a general character poll by the end of the manga) but yeah, out of all the female characters in FMAB (and by extension all the characters, since the male characters receive less criticism) she recieves the most vitriol in the Western fandom as far as I see. 

strange-and-amazing replied to your post: Hey there, I’m not a FMA fan but I’m just curious why people seem to really hate Winry in that fandom. As an outsider to the fandom I think she seems cool! She’s skilled at what she does and great emotional support, at least that’s my first impression. Is it really because she’s a female and a love interest to one of the heroes?

I’ve seen people criticize that she’s “reduced to the healer” role that many are in shounen. But she’s not “reduced” to that. Her job is always treated with respect. And it’s not like girls in FMA are only shown to be capable of healing.

Also FMA goes out of it’s way to show what she does is just as grueling and heroic as bustin’ heads too, it’s not like typical shonen (or fantasy fiction in general lbr) where being the healer means you get to flit around in the background and maybe get two panels of focus every 800 chapters. Every scene she’s in she’s front and center, using her brain, impacting the plot, developing as a character. getting shit done no one else can do. Not to mention it’s a really unique spin on the occupation, since she’s also a mechanic and surgeon. 

Like I told those dudes i got into that epic brawl with, the problem isn’t when women do “traditional” things, it’s when those things are relegated to the background and it’s also shown as all women can be. Treating traditionally feminine occupations with respect and awe and equating them to be as good as any other work while representing a variety of interests and traits in women is subversive, and it’s simplistic to dismiss that.